This IS something that couldn’t be made up….

“Call me Dave” had a bit of a moment when he reached the airport before he was due to have a little holiday to the pleb destination Ibiza…he had forgot to pack his passport…

Never mind though…Eh? I mean a multi millionaire could easily arrange a way around it…I mean it’s a mistake but he owned the error eh?

I suspect we’ve all done it…

I bet his first thought was “I know, I will get some of those people I have reduced by 16000, cut their pay by 3k or so, froze their pay and then instructed my pet media Rottweiler the DM to attack at every opportunity to get it for me. .

I mean, what are they for eh?

What sickens me most about this disgusting incident is….we made it happen.

We should have just said…..”no….”


13 responses to “This IS something that couldn’t be made up….

  1. Robert Pangborn

    That’s a bit harsh, after all “we’re all in it together”…..Oh wait, I forgot that some are in ‘it’ deeper than others, arent’ we…….

  2. Wasting Police Time…….FPN £80……..Sign Here!

  3. Eastlondonmet

    Would be a brave protection officer that refused the request as they would find therm selves walking the beat in the worst possible station as far away from home as possible!!! The higher ups wouldn’t back him when was the last time they stood up for their Pcs as that wont get them promotion!!!!

  4. Sorry but this is small minded rubbish. He is the PM of Great Britain, and there is only one of him. No money was wasted, as all of those involved were already on duty. The tabloids have slagged him off for taking a holiday, too. How sad can we get?

    • Brief Encounter

      No it isn’t, it is a disgraceful waste of police resources. If a police officer used a police car to ferry a passport to his relative, he might well end up gripping the rail. Besides checking that you have your passport is a simple task, if you can’t get that right, should you be running GBPLC? This creates a precedent.

    • No money wasted? Those officers couldn’t do something else whilst they were farting about looking for the PM’s passport… if I had decided to get my mate to do the same when I forgot my passport some years ago we would both have been in serious trouble …

  5. That, essentially ↑

  6. 10 miserable years to go

    Download the idr on the vehicle and if the blues and twos were used stick on the supervisor who told the driver to make the run then summons Cameron for aiding and abetting.

  7. Thats his wife?

    Not bad. Teeth a bit large, but HEJ, I LIKE horses.

  8. Or should that be “Hay”?

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