Go ye into the wilderness to see? (A multiple choice question)

I see Bristol gallery put on an exhibition about nudity and sexual voyeurism…One display had a porno film on a loop… One man that took his niece (an art student) and was so upset he…

A) spoke to the management and suggested signs be put up in case children saw the porn…
B) did nothing…I mean it’s an exhibition about nudity and sexual voyeurism..WTF do you think will be in it?

Yup…C… the cops turned up and said…”err..
There are no offences…you may put up a sign to warm parents…”

Ffs… get a life mate…

Ps…the Fed are saying we are likely to have to pay £15 toward to the cost of the sarge/info exam…



25 responses to “Go ye into the wilderness to see? (A multiple choice question)

  1. First stop for everything. I bet he got properly upset and whined that, “the police didn’t do anything.”
    Of course, that call has gone through a call taker, control room staff, supervisors, possibly a Sgt and Insp and then to the attending officer. None of whom have said, ” We are not going to this”.

  2. The thing that winds me up the most about this is the bit where you said ‘The Cops turned up’. When are we going to grow the balls to tell these people we’re not coming?

    • Unfortunately you are so right. I regularly challenge such calls only to be hit back by the control room with “duty of care”. What?! I recently heard bobbies locate a wastrel that had allegedly taken an overdose and, having been to hospital discharge himself some four hours earlier. The bobbies on the ground then said that they were going to take him to hospital in their car. I challenged this asking why, if he discharged himself four hours ago, they were taking him, only to be informed that they were concerned for him and had a duty of care. I replied that they were either concerned enough that an ambulance should be called or they were not concerned enough and that he could make his own way to hospital (a ten minute walk from his location). Needless to say I heard no more until they booked available about 20 minutes later. If bobbies on the ground havent the balls we have no chance of the control room having any.

  3. Brief Encounter

    Yeah I know the answer to this, is it when a lawyer has done the enquiries and traced his stolen property to an address? He went there asked for it back civilly and got it back. I suppose that makes it a civil matter?

    If this parent was shocked at what he saw why is it not a potential s5?

    • Can an organisation commit sec5?

    • Just because the parent was shocked, doesn’t make it a sec 5. And in any case, can any person who willingly goes into an exhibition about nudity and sexual voyeurism really be ‘likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress’?

      • I agree… besides…I don’t think an organisation can be done for sec 5… it’s a person only…

        • Brief Encounter

          Someone made a decision to display it. Okay Dave how about if the parent had been caused harrasment alarm or distress?

          Civil matter I gues, palm him off, well done another disgruntled MOP.

          • It’s not a civil matter… however, it’s not really very nice to show porno movies in a public place…But BE…it’s not a public place… the public have access but I guess they have to pay… so not really public… I think we need more data… more on what signs were up like “may cause offence” or “contains nudity” …

            Anyway…I don’t care because it’s not a police matter… 🙂

            • David Smith

              Unfortunately, there are plenty of people around, QED Mr Encounter above, who won’t be told ‘it’s not a Police matter’. They seem to think that the Police should be at their beck and call to deal with whatever they find annoying, offensive or interfering with their unfettered journey through their own little life.
              BE, you can be as disgruntled as you like, it won’t change the fact that there is no criminal offence in showing a pornographic movie in an exhibition about sex and pornography. What on earth would make a person think otherwise? I would no more say there is than if a vegetarian called the Police to say they’d been in a butchers shop and been offended by the sight of a pork chop.
              The problem is, the ‘Community’ aspect of Policing has embedded the false belief in a lot of peoples minds that the Police are there to do whatever they want, and if they don’t get the result they want, even if that result is not possible, they see that as a failure and something to complain about. They think that because they’ve had a lovely cup of tea and a biscuit at a meeting with their local officer recently, that a) entitles them to anything they want, and b) excuses them from being dealt with for offences.
              The Police are only here for one reason. To deal with people who break the law.
              If the law hasn’t been broken, we aren’t interested.

            • Brief Encounter

              What is the definition of a public place?

            • David Smith

              For the purpose of sec 5, any place other than a dwelling, but that doesn’t rectify any of the other missing points to prove.

            • Brief Encounter

              Also in response to David Smith, I am not as yet convinced that this is not a police matter. But either way I do not need to be patronised about the role of police in society. The right course of action in my mind, given the current investigations into sexual crimes involving high profile individuals, wold be to investigate whatever allegation was being made by the informant. A report could then be sent to the CPS for advice. Besides if you look at the Peelian Pronciples the police role is not mere investigation of offences. I trust that you will be told Sir?

            • Mmmm where to start…

              CPS advise for a sec 5? lol…

              My header says it all I think… if you see a sign saying…”nudity” then you cannot really claim to be offended by two naked people having sex…

              It’s a natural process…

            • ‘…public have access… on payment or otherwise…’ or something like that. You’re right, of course. Still shouldn’t be a police matter, there will always be more pressing matters for us to attend to than that.

              It’d take some writing up, but a ‘Common Sense Act’ would be very welcome sometimes.

            • BE, I didn’t see David’s comments as being patronising, if I’m honest. Quite sensible, and accurate, really. Surely you’re not suggesting that the police should investigate any allegation made by any informant, no matter what the complaint is, and submit it to CPS for their consideration?

            • Brief Encounter

              Actually i dont care either, its definitely not a lawyer matter although if it becomes one I am free!

          • Furor Teutonicus

            XX Brief Encounter | May 29, 2013 at 5:57 pm | Reply

            Someone made a decision to display it. Okay Dave how about if the parent had been caused harrasment alarm or distress? XX

            Then they need to be told to bloody grow up, ang get a life.

            XX Brief Encounter | May 29, 2013 at 9:00 pm |

            Also in response to David Smith, I am not as yet convinced that this is not a police matter. XX

            What is it with “Not an offence” that you find hard to understand?

            • Brief Encounter

              Well unless you have seen the display then you can’t say if it is an offence or not assuming that is, that you have the requisite knowledge to be able to do so if you had all the facts.

              I am sure that those members of the public who you suggest are told to “bloody grow up and get a life” will be strong supporters of the police service and that they will disgaree with what the reformers are trying to do – NOT.

  4. BE, you advocate this as a good use of resources? Officers go, complete a file, send it to CPS who then review it and make a decision? Good lord, we are tied in enough knots already but to do that with EVERYTHING?
    Trust me, you’d see a copper very rarely indeed.

    • Brief Encounter

      Dont see them particularly frequently as it is although I always make a point of saying how nice it is to see them when I do. Fact of the matter is, here was a guy offended by something and he called the police. He may never have called police before in which case he is an important entity (oh FT here are some XX XX XX so that you can use them instead of ” ” ” ” to quote me, but thats a matter for you) maybe he was satisfied with police response but if he wasn’t then that is one less supporter. If I was him and if I remained unhappy about the display I would go to the local authority maybe he was referred there.

    • Brief Encounter

      Yes I do advocate.

  5. Brief Encounter

    Still apart from that, it is nice to here from you all!

  6. Well, I see your point, I just don’t agree on this occasion.

  7. Brief Encounter

    Fine whatever, dont really care either way.

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