Brain dead…

…is obviously the condition of the idiotic SMT that have come up with an idea that allows the “I’ve never seen a copper in this road for 35-years…“ brigade to track their local officer…
The West Midlands police obviously fed up of this cry at meetings, have decided to use Twitter to show on a map where the beat bobbies are…

I wonder if anyone has given any thought to the fact that the only people that really are interested in where we are are burglars?

You couldn’t make it up…

I remember a time when tracking officers for their safety was deemed “too expensive” or “not possible”…

I suppose it depends on who wants to see where we are eh?


20 responses to “Brain dead…

  1. So the next bunch of Islamonutters will be able to track their police targets?

    Good going, WMP… /golfclap

  2. Furor Teutonicus

    Wonder which idiot got “promoted out of harms way” for that one then?

    Except nowdays, all those that WERE promoted out of harms way, are doing the promoting.

    Self fulfilling prophecy.

  3. My SMT’s latest brainstorm now that we are no longer measured by targets, is to measure us by how many ‘twitter’ likes we get.
    Pcso’s and cops in city centre tasked with updating (usually incorrectly) arrest/charges.

    Not only can you now tell how few of us are left, but also how long we’ll be tied up for……… #didImentionthejobwasfooked.

  4. Furor Teutonicus

    Waveydavey. Not getting a link to that address. Twatter, I presume?

    More info? Like HOW? 🙂

    • my # address are made up for comedy value
      a bit like the ‘goodnews’ on the official twatter sites of my farce.

  5. Was it really a cop that came up with this one or a drone that acquiesced to a pcc or community council, how short the memory is of these morons , the likes of DALE CREGGAN being the very real danger of this stupidity and your average halfwit being the lesser . Organized crime groups already throw ‘ distractors’ if plod is uncomfortably close ( through sheer luck rather than judgement) now we are going to make it easier .I wonder what will be said if anybody bothers to check the dots after 3am they may be mighty surprised , nay horrified.

  6. scarletpimple

    This has great potential, well done WMP.
    So with most of the criminal element wearing electronic tags, and police tracked by ‘Twatter’ we could introduce an electronic datum board with different coloured lights. The local SMT could then sit in an Ops Room, moving personnel around . Add to this all the closed circuit cameras and we could have the answer to policing. There would be the obvious advanage of bringing in at Superintendent level, direct entry, Monopoly, Scrabble and Draughts Champions all well versed in board games.
    Why not also equip all Neighbourhood Police with motorised roller skates, this would save on vehicular transport. Response could have Skate Boards
    and ARV’s (armed with Paint Guns and Butterfly Nets).
    Might I also bring forward a suggestion I made in nineteen fifty two, which was turned down at that time. All police helmets should be fitted with a flashing blue lamp instead of the metal boss which currently surmounts the helmet. This will make officers visible at a distance and fit in well with the use of the motorised roller skates.
    I am currently working on new search techniques which employ specially trained flourescent mice and echo sounding pogo sticks, this is in it’s early stages but shows great promise. I will keep you advised on progress.

  7. I’d love to be tagged. The public could see how long I queue up in custody,how long I spend on the scummy estates sorting out Sharon and Waynes domestics,and how long I spend on the phone to the CPS asking permission to wipe my arse.

  8. Brief Encounter

    Might be useful to see where the SMT are, no it wouldnt you’d think the machine was broken or the screen frozen. Will DPS be monitored? Seriously though, this really is the silliest think I have heard in years.

  9. My theory on visibility is simple: old people want to see a bobby on the beat, just like they did in 1936. Nobody from SMT ever tells them the job has changed so much they can’t really have that any more. They are badly misinformed.
    Young people don’t really want to see the police until they call for help. They just want to know the police will come when needed. And they don’t care what our uniform looks like, either. Nor do they complain incessantly about dog fouling. Unlike the badly informed older people.

    • 10 miserable years to go

      And no one gives a rats @rse if I have a visible tattoo if I catch the scum that robbed their kids phone.

  10. The tracking is a few hours behind and not live. It’s just so that the moaning MOP’s can see on the map where the bobbies have been on that day, so that they can’t then stand up at the neighbourhood meeting and say ” I never see a copper in my street”. So I’m told anyway.

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