The enemy within?

…not the Islamic one…I mean the government…most Muslims I know are lovely, friendly types that wouldn’t hurt a fly… the things that murdered our soldier are no more good Muslims than Adolph Eichmann was a good Methodist.

My prediction that the police or the security services would be blamed is I suppose, completely predictable…as is my ongoing one that nothing will change…

They will just leave the media to get bored and move on to Kim Kardashian or Suri Cruise’s latest dress/shoes/hair etc and put out some twaddle that this was an ‘isolated incident’ that was dealt with and that we don’t need more armed police etc…

Remember, we are dealing with a mindset that took YEARS of hand-wringing to give us body armour…and still haven’t given us TASER… despite the evidence that TASER is a major leap forward in officer and suspect safety.

A mindset that stopped pilots in the Great War from wearing parachutes because it was ‘bad for morale’…

I love ‘Call me Dave’s’ comment that we must not have a ‘knee jerk reaction’…

Oh, really? So the decision to ban rifles after Hungerford and handguns from private ownership following the Dunblane murders were carefully considered decisions?

They can do it if they want to… but cops are seen as disposable tools…expensive tools too…

Once more, we saw the sickening spectacle of uniformed officers FORCED to hide like rabbits while they waited for either the ARV to arrive or the murderers to find them… all the time members of the public- the ones we are sworn to protect- stand in harms way…indeed…some of them were even talking to the murderers…

I know it seems likely that they were relatively safe as they were intent on attacking uniformed men/women only…but…at the time, that was only a supposition…their priorities could have changed at any time.

We will, no doubt,  get the usual briefing and NCALT packages about ‘calming the public fears’, extra patrols will be put on to help with ‘community reassurance’, OT galore for the few firearms officers we have got…minutes away when seconds count…

We will be told that we won’t get TASER courses as ‘we have reached the force prescribed limit for TASER crews’ and even if they were available you have to be at minimum of a ‘grade 3’ driver to have one!!! lol… What? When will I ever get a driving course as a walking beat officer??? Why do I need to have a driving grade to use a taser? Just another way of stopping us from having them.

The real reason we won’t get TASER or firearms is cost…Training…abstractions…and the cartridges for  TASER cost £25 quid a pop…  the powers just don’t want to spend the money…we are simply seen as not worth it… the Fed are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard…demonstrated by their sickening applause for Imelda at the Nuremberg rally sorry Fed conference…

Still…the anti-police people like Chamois et al have gone awfully quiet…I guess the reduction in 16000 officers may seem a little silly now? What Chamois? No comment about how we might have used a non-lethal option? Heh… they make me puke.

No…these people are not like us. They don’t see things on the same level as us…they will just let it blow over as it always does and continue reducing us, cutting our pay and pensions, not giving us the weapons to protect you with…

That is the real tragedy…


60 responses to “The enemy within?

  1. Well said, Shijuro.

    • Brief Encounter


      But what do you expect? The Boys from Eton don’t want to be troubled by the likes of you common folk. Just get on and do your jobs and shut up.

  2. scarletpimple

    There you go……………….
    That seems a fair and balanced resume of the current situation.
    But as you say, soon enough the lumbering locomotive that is the police, will be back on the prescribed track, puffing smoke, dripping oil, covered in grime and rattling along until another diversion occurs. Until another mentally deranged fanatic decides to right the wrongs of society by derailing the whole creaking machine. Then in a cloud of steam and gritty smoke someone elses son or daughter will become the cause of a delay, will be the current victim.
    Then once again the platitudes, the words like ‘community ‘ and ‘partners’ and ‘robust’ will be liberally applied and with a sad blast on the whistle, and a wave of the flag off we will lumber again. The Fat Controller will strut his stuff, whilst he eyes that ‘Prime’ position which he covets. The Ginger Planner will revise the timetables as he intended and dream of his Knighthood. The Lady Director will give her rictus grin and use alternative transport.
    Lessons will have been learned.

  3. One Time Special

    I suppose it is a small, and welcome change, that the IPCC is said to have annou nced that they will not be getting involved in this one. Having seen today’s video of the suspects charging the ARV officers I suppose even Ann Owers’ mob knew when to make a tactical withdrawal.

    Another welcome sight in my bit of Metroland – seen the other day on the belt of a response officer – a Taser! Now there’s progress, hope it continues.

    • I work in a war zone… and we are not getting them…period. it disgusts me…

      • 10 miserable years to go

        I work for a government and a commissioner that don’t give a sh!t about me. That disgust me…

    • politics4fools

      The IPCC know that if they came up with one negative comment it would back fire and cause problems in the future. It could even change the way they work.

      Liberals like terrorists pick battles with an easy course. Both can not stand up to real force.

      I have to wonder as most probably have, is did the 2 murders expect an easy win of killing a response officer or 2 before surrendering to armed officers? If so they got a nasty and from my view, welcome shock.

      • Yep the IPCC should investigate and be made to look like the self serving pricks they are.
        It is by luck not judgement that no unarmed cop stumbled and became an unwilling victim of this atrocity and that this didn’t turn into a Dunblane/Mumbai massacre.
        ACPOO, HMIC , and the rest should come clean and tell it how it is.
        It was a miracle that those two animals didn’t rampage against the public present and that it was no accident that the first unit on scene ,SEVERAL minutes later was an armed response unit and not a single crewed clocking on/clocking off blue collar over paid ,golden pension response cop, armed with a tin of self gas spray and an extendable toothpick.

        In The sense that we are all expendable, Cameron was Right,
        ………….we are all in it together .

  4. When you’ve directly/indirectly employed 40 staff, changed all logo’s, letterheads, stationary, given out pens,bags etc to your partners on the gravy train, I guess their isn’t much time or money for policing.
    Cheers Mr Pcc.

    The way the vile act in London was portrayed and salivated over by the popular press and even the BBC is what truly disgusted me.
    This scum deserved nothing but condemnation, I don’t want to hear their message or know why they did what they did.
    They are scum, an insult to muslims, and the human race and I’m glad they didn’t get martyred , as now they can live out the rest of their sad pathetic lives in pokey.
    Unfortunately they’ll probably have sky tv, gym and partake in beanbag sessions to get to know their inner jihadist.

    I truly hate godbotherers of all denomination.

    • Last sentence is a bit blanket, isn’t it? Coming from someone charged with keeping the law without fear or favour, it is just a little worrying.

      • Not really – he’s allowed to hate who he wants, as long as it doesn’t affect how he does his job. Did he say it did?

        Jumping to conclusions – yep, that’ll be a MoP then. And a foolish one at that.

        • Smart enough to be behind the police. And how is reacting to a bigoted comment jumping to a conclusion?

          • Brief Encounter

            I agree with you.

          • Behind… yeah, but how FAR behind?

            Reacting to a bigoted (your view) comment? No – I meant your assumption he’d let that influence how he deals with people.

            But then again – I’m not going to argue with you.

        • Brief Encounter

          Cor! Hate is a very corrosive thing. I guess that he doesn’t like evangelicals, well I share that view. As a Christian I sign up to the Be quiet and low that I am Lord method. I also believe in doing good works opposed to just talking about them. But I am not afraid to nail my colours to the mast.

          • BE – I don’t necessarily share his views, although I am an atheist. My views on relioion generally, I prefer to keep private.

            I just don’t like people ASSUMING we are subject to mind-control of our opinions rather than our actions. It seems to me the comment suggested these were inappropriate (that word again!) opinions for a poice officer.

            • Brief Encounter

              It was a bit of a loaded sentence though. What I meant to say despite my typos is that if someone has a religion then fine but do it quietly. Sometimes it is appropriate to show out but not in a noisy way. Still I think we have done this one. Cameron in the mean time has announced a task force on radicalisation, I should be impressed but somehow………..

            • waveydavey

              My/ immediate family embrace all 3 Abrahamic faiths.
              For me religion is and always has and will be a personal matter.
              I don’t and will never impose my views on others, nor would I expect others to show deference to my beliefs…. If the do ,well thats how it should be in a civilised multifaith society.

              I have and am happy to pray in a church, mosque or synagogue and if after 2000 years of godbothering we can’t get our heads round the fact we all believe in pretty much the same thing and share the same core values, then YES ,I’m happy to say I hate god botherers.

              Off to bed after a delightful night of dealing with godbothering edl supporters and the rest of the great unwashed.

              no favouritism, Jesus may love you ,but everyone else thinks your a …. 🙂


    Dear Telegraph and MP Keith Vaz, please share your expertise with these cowardly unarmed officers and show them exactly how you would have ‘intervened’ against maniacs you know are laying in wait for you with machetes and a gun. Show them those superduper cartoon ninja moves you would have performed with your magical extendable stick and set of handcuffs….No? Thought not. Either arm them all or shut up.

    Shameful article, and even more shameful to suggest that in future unarmed officers should be ordered in to deal with armed suspects. And do what exactly?! Make a pretend gun with their fingers and shout POW!? We’d have police funerals every week. I expect my loved ones to risk their lives, not throw them away needlessly. No further proof needed that we’re all nothing but cannon fodder to these pampered, desk driving so called ‘Honourable’ Members. Disgusting.

    • I totally agree with Keith and I will be right behind him when we next tackle some deranged knife wealding maniac. Funny that OST trainers suggest we don’t tackle knifemen unless we have no choice but to fight for our lives. Give me the tools to tackle them and I’ll be first in line. Otherwise FRO.

  6. People seem to be moaning about the responce time but no one I have seen has yet thought what would have happened outside of London?. The Met has the largest Armed Response Unit in the country so it if took them 14 mins to get there ( and I have no doubt the driver was breaking his/ her neck to get there) what would have happened in another area. There are far far less ARVs covering a larger all be it less built up area. Military bases are all over the country so what would have happened if this attack had been at one of those?. I am positive that every unarmed officer waiting at the RVP in Woolwich that day was desperate to help but knew they couldn’t.
    Instead of moaning about responce times maybe the powers that be should start considering what if, after all that is the first responsibility of any government protecting the people.

  7. southernbobby

    Response times are already worse than they used to be due to the cut in available response officers while crime continues to rise( don’t believe the lies and statistics spouted by are glorious leaders that it’s dropping). Add to that the latest hobby of photographing “illegally” parked Police cars it will only get worse. Unless I am on an emergency I have to park 100% legally or personally pay the fine or listen to the spouting of the 9o’clock jury. This means that I can now be minutes away from my car when a call comes in before I even start heading towards. No one would intentionally park dangerously, but the governers need to start supporting the front line a bit more and the moaning and ungrateful aspects of the public a bit less!

    • Brief Encounter

      The thing is that if the job gets done for the 16 hrs each day when the business folk aren’t pontificating from their desks then they are largely superfluous. That would be the test I would adopt, is your task essential in terms of responding to calls and processing prisoners? Anticipating clever responses around the meaning of essential, the next question, do you answer calls or process prisoners?

      There is a lot of money to be saved by making redundant those who are redundant. That is where I would have started and ploughed the savings back into frontline policing.

      Also I would not provide parking for anyone who was not doing essential tasks. For them there is public transport and public car parks.

  8. Since weds as an armed officer ive had many people cone up and say the first arv did a good job and the only thing that they tginks bad is that the suspects survived,a view echoed by bob stewart mp amongst others. THATS why the likes of keith vaz and telegraph are crawling out of the woodwork to have a pop,they hate ANY kind of positive police story/public praise and do their damnest to smear after the fact. Take it as a backhanded compliment i do,the thought of any of my/our efforts annoying an mp or even better a daily mail reader gives me the warm fuzzies

  9. Brief Encounter

    I am not sure that you are right about Keith Vaz. I think that he might be a useful alli. Whatever one’s views of politicians we are stuck with them so we need some of them on our side. The name Michael Meacher comes to mind he was the MP who looked after police. Who does that now?

  10. Brief Encounter

    Then you need to find one who will although I suspect that once Tom has done some tinkering, you will all emerge re-branded and better than ever before, not a touch on those awful officers from the 70s. No you’ll have been winsorised new timetables and all services running on time.

  11. I see Imelda is doing a fine job of throwing petrol on the fire
    So glad to see our leadership,inspiring confidance and offering reassurance in these troubled times.
    Thousands of people are potentially at risk of being radicalised in the UK, Home Secretary Theresa May has said

    Potentially ………….thousands of people will now go out and commit hate crime.
    Yoy Ma’am are a F£cking arse.

    but crimes falling

  12. Don’t worry
    The PCC’s with their extensive knowledge of policing, community tension indicators and jobsfortheboys will no doubt appoint antijihadhi Tsars at £50K a pop and increase pcso patrols to call copss already runningaroundlikebluearseflies to more ballsofshi#t neighbour disputes or yoofs playing football.

    Happy days.
    Oh look the suns come out, it’s getting warmer,shorter nights, cheap beer, no jobs, economy onitsarse and an ethnic minority to blame for all our woes………. what could possibly go wrong?

    Yep crime is falling , Still not like all our resources will be elsewhere this summer, oh apart from the G8 – still we’re all in it together.right?

  13. As an aside, I’ve ‘found’ F eR Al.

    Should I invite her along?

  14. Not usually a Daily Wail fan, the recent article by Simon Heffer said it all for me.
    As the link and the article reflects, the two barbarians are clearly guilty of treason.
    Its continued existence assumes that citizens have a legal duty to preserve the state that confers citizenship upon them, in return for the protection and support the state gives them.
    One crime that constitutes treason is ‘levying war against the sovereign in the realm’. Another is ‘adhering to the sovereign’s enemies, giving them aid and comfort, in the realm or elsewhere’.
    Furthermore, a law passed in 1848 defines the separate offence of treason felony as proceeding ‘to levy war against the sovereign in order by force or constraint to compel her to change her measures or counsels, or in order to put any force or constraint upon or in order to intimidate or overawe both houses or either House of Parliament’.
    With this definition in mind, consider the words spoken by one of Drummer Lee Rigby’s assassins in Woolwich: ‘You people will never be safe. Remove your governments, they don’t care about you . . . get rid of them. Tell them to bring our troops back so all can live in peace. So leave our lands and we can all live in peace.’
    This would mean that they are Britons waging war on other Britons, and on the British state. It is, quite obviously, an act of treason.
    Such people are the self-appointed, and self-declared, enemies of the sovereign. They are levying war against her, hoping to force her to change her measures and counsel.
    One of the alleged assailants was born British. The other is a naturalised Briton.
    Thus, in recognition of the enormity of their crime and in seeking to force the government of their own country to change its policies, they should be put on trial not just for murder, but for treason.
    In terms of their sentence, this would make no difference. The death penalty for treason is in abeyance under the terms of the 1998 Human Rights Act, yet it can be reinstated ‘in time of war or of imminent threat of war’.
    Charging the pair with treason would be a wise way of sending two important messages at a time when this country has arguably become complacently tolerant of extremists in its midst.

    Unfortunately, banning religion is not feasible. However, moving forward, what we as Britons should demand, is that any community or religion that contains violent extremists, prepared to injure kill or otherwise hurt others, should stand up and be counted. They must take responsibility for their own extremist minorities.

    Through the ages, the majority within communities that have stood by whilst their extremists wage war and hatred. The Nazi’s are an obvious example, there are many many more. Al Qaeda is merely the latest, and perhaps most barbaric of them all.

    The majority ought to be held accounbtable for the actions of the minority. Why should it be totally down to the law and justice officials to ensure peace in our time? If religious commununities are aware of the violent radicals in their midst, they should “out” them and not stand by hoping they will reform.

    We have been liberal to the point of ridicule in this country. It is time these communities did more that offer apologetic words that achieve little or nothing.

    When our citizens are threatened by extremist groups like these animals, the onus should be placed upon the communities to put it right. If they fail to do so, how are we ever to know that we are safe in our oown land?

    As is stands, they are British, in theory only in my view. As such, they are guilty of treason and should be dealt with accordingly. Having seen so many pathetic examples of British Justice over the years, I won’t hold my breath.

  15. I just don’t see how putting someone to death, makes you better than them?

    would rather they broke rocks for the rest of their lives…….it’s the bollocks around them being denied sky tv, gym membership, access to interweb, visits etc that winds me up.
    prison=punishment, not a vacation away from society and its responsibilities.

    • Brief Encounter

      Yeah but the punishment is being locked up and being denied normal family contact.

    • It’s not about being better than them, but achieving some sort of appropriate justice. Those who murdered Bdmn Rigby are nothing more than blood-lust animals. When a Pit Bull kills a child in cold blood, we put the dog down. What difference those guilty of murdering Bdsm Rigby? If I thought they’d be subject to ‘breaking rocks’ for the rest of their lives then maybe I’d agree with you, but they won’t.

      So hang them. If nothing else, it’d be the quickest and most cost-effective option.

  16. Brief Encounter

    Me too.

    But that would make them martyrs to their cause.

    In the meantime this country faces possibly the most serious threat to soverienty that it has seen in many years with a Sicilian style ‘hit’ in broad daylight against a member of the security forces.

    If one thing should have caused our Prime Minister to forego his holiday, it is surely this. But no, there he is on holiday in the Med at a time when many Brits are having to take their holidays in the UK because of the economic crisis.

    There is one clear message to be learned from this event, all uniformed police staff must be armed as soon as possible, delaying that sensible decision any longer demonstrates a reckless disregard for the people who the police are summonsed to protect.

  17. scarletpimple

    I think that the only reasons the powers that be have to counter any call for police to be armed, is purely political and that of cost, and even that is very dubious taken the vast amounts of finance that are regularly wasted on ill conceived schemes and overseas aid . They can hardly state that arming police would result in an increase in accidental or wrongful use of firearms. If that were the case surely we would see the results of such action in Ulster. Are officers of PSNI rampaging through the streets discharging their weapons at an innocent populace. I regularly carried a revolver in the fifties as did any officer engaged on protection posts. We would be posted off the Relief to such duties without any formal police firearm training. It was a fact that we had all served in HM Forces and knew how to handle firearms. In two years during the Cyprus problems, on such duties, I cannot recall any accidental discharge or misuse of firearms occurring.
    It has to be faced, that times have changed, my generation was probably the last one to police and be policed ‘Dixon Style’, the age of innocence is
    long over. it’s getting very dangerous out there and if the public require police to protect them instantly, not wait for armed aid to arrive from halfway across the county or Met Division, then all uniformed officers should be trained and armed.
    This time a year ago my view was different, but no one can deny the lesson of Woolwich, to have to wait fifteen minutes or even ten, is too long.
    The thought occurs, all the funds currently being expended on the PCC scheme might have been better used in providing for armed police.

    • I agree with everything you have said…

      but…I know my enemy…

      and I know we will never be armed.

      It doesn’t matter how many people die…how many officers die…how often or in what manner.

      It won’t happen because…we simply do not matter enough…they just don’t care, I’m afraid…

      We are being reduced in number; having to work longer; have less pension; take a £3000 pay cut…

      We STILL do not have taser…

      Adding all those things together-what makes you think they will give you more protection?

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