Another isolated incident…

So many…isolated incidents…

This story is truly shocking… two men appeared to have murdered a third man by cutting his head off with a machete…they ran into a police firearms team that shot them both dead…

Just as well it was a firearms team eh? Or we would be reading about the two officers added to the death toll… since a tin of pepper and a stick is not much use against a man with a machete… a taser and a firearm are… QED…

Still while the powers that be are safe next to their armed close protection officers, we will never be armed…

On this occasion…we were lucky.


This may be a terrorist attack… cobra have been set in motion…

Thing is… it was only a matter of time before terrorists did this: police and army carry no firearms…are easy targets…we are wife open to this kind of thing…especially now with single manning as a default position…

More to come…

We, the police and now the army, will pay the price for the ridiculous image of the 1950s copper walking the 21st century streets…

Yes…it’s terrorist…they were filming it…shouting “God is great” …

Well…I wonder what will come from this? Nothing I guess…

++++ stop press ++++

Sky news have started the blame game already pointing out that police waited for fourteen minutes before challenging the murderers… the reporter repeated this at least 10-times… clearly making the point we did nothing…

He is right of course…

But when you insist on having an unarmed police…

Now I am listening to the PM saying how wonderful the police are…

The same police he is cutting…sends out unarmed and single manned to deal with armed threats… cheers.

I love the way he slams the door on the arming question before it’s even raised by saying he doesn’t like knee jerk reactions…

Oh…so gun control introduced after Dunblane was a carefully measured reaction was it?


46 responses to “Another isolated incident…

  1. shaftedbluepleb

    How long before the first person lays the blame for some aspect of this at our feet? Starter for ten… Tomorrow morning’s papers. Any advance?

  2. This incident sounds horrendous and I hope those responsible suffer unimaginably.

  3. Just saw shocking footage on the news. Anyone see that fcking animal covered in blood justifying what he had done. Fcking evil prick I hope he suffers. If he had an issue with this country why didn’t he fck off to his “lands” he refers to. For any do-gooders reading this that’s not racist it’s reality. If you don’t like this country, what it has to offer or it’s foreign affairs then do one and go to wherever it is you feel you belong.

    • Even if he survives…we won’t deport him…Lol what a joke…

      • I only briefly saw the footage but I do believe he had a London accent so they couldn’t/wouldn’t deport him.
        If he survives he should never see the light of day again, he should suffer every minute for the rest of his life.
        If he were to ever be released I couldn’t give a damn if he is a British citizen just send the twat off to where he thinks he belongs.

  4. Brief Encounter

    If ever there was a case which thoroughly underpins the need for all police to be armed it is this. Not that we need anymore examples of the need. Also all street officers need to be doubled up lest some idiot decides to do a copy cat on a police officer.

  5. Utterly horrendous, poor poor man. And the blame or criticising has begun on Sky News. Apparently it took us 20 to get an ARV there, but the local bobbies were there hiding behind hedges…Well so what if they were? If we were given side arms or at least a taser maybe we wouldnt have to.

    • On Sept 11, 2001, the passengers on Flight 93 were unarmed. Did they sit passively, filming, while women remonstrated with the killers? No.

      I despise our so-called men in this country. And yes, that goes for the police too. Christ! Even when the two scum were down, no-one was bothering to secure the crime scene!

      Sickening scenes. And I don’t JUST mean the terrorism

      • I think you will find that on that flight those passengers had no option but to fight as their own lives were in danger. It was fight and risk being killed or sit back and die anyway so don’t compare the two incidents you brain dead cow.
        So you want unarmed police officers to risk their lives in this current climate? Go fck yourself.
        Our duty is to protect life yes but not by sacrificing our own. We also have families we want to go home to. How do unarmed officers deal with two evil lunatics armed with bladed weapons and intent on killing when those officers only have a small stick and some crap spray.
        Have you ever had to fight and disarm someone with a knife? I have, there was six of us all kitted up in protective equipment and it was hard then and very dangerous.
        Now get back to your online role playing games you sad loser.

      • It’s easy to be brave from your kitchen Jules…

        I would think twice before taking on a person with a firearm armed with my baton and silly string…

        Perhaps you think the army should use nerf guns instead of sa80s ? Safer eh?

      • What I didn’t know before is that one of the attackers had a firearm, according to a news report. So how do unarmed officers deal with this Julia?
        I see you have put up a post about this and made reference to the lone female who challenged the attackers. Well I must say that was a foolish, possibly brave but still foolish thing to do. Now how do you think they would react to someone in uniform turning up to take away their liberty? Something tells me they wouldn’t say “it’s a fair cop guv you got me” and willingly put their hands out to be cuffed. Maybe you should apply to join the police if you think you have what it takes or would you struggle in the real world without your online wizard powers.

      • Julia M – I despise YOU.

      • Just seen this so I’m going to have to end my lurking and bite…

        How we would like to act isn’t always how we do eg. intervening turns into:
        a) pooping pants whilst running the opposite way as fast as possible
        b) freezing and staring (mostly through phone)
        Until it’s happened you don’t know how you are going to react so can not judge/criticise with any credibility. Same goes for what order things were dealt with in at the scene when you have no experience of the job. If you want some become a special/ join up.

        re: the bobby bashing
        Whilst officers are human so they could run/freeze, they typically run towards the trouble. It they had, they would be dead. Doesn’t mean they were happy about having to stay back, though this stopped officers dying and maybe mops too if it had escalated when they got involved. Incidentally they may have if they had started killing people again; but they were waiting for police and weren’t continuing.

        Btw that article referenced is absolutely disgraceful, suggesting that we should expect u/o to go on suicide missions is shameful. Officers are not trained and paid to kill themselves, as you suggested, they are trained and paid to take calculated risks. They either need to be armed or wait for back up, can’t have it both ways.

        Sorry about this turning into an essay!
        Anyways, hats off to those ladies and thoughts with his family and friends
        RIP Drummer Rigby

        • MP givinga lesson in moral judgments..Lol

          • an mp?! an MP???!!!! =O no where near baskstabbing/ BS spewing enough and don’t have an affinity for being sneaky about expenses. Hell I can’t ever see myself even getting them! (d/w know you meant mop 😉 well I hope lol and yes i know that not every MP is like that)

            Seriously though that was completely out of order, although looking back at it, the red mist and unnaturally high blood pressure might have lead me to be a bit ott with it.
            Do the same party trick in person when fellow mops seem to think it’s acceptable to come out with the whole ” i pay your wages… blah blah blah… waste of money you having a break yada yada yada” when bobbies try to grab some food.

            Not sure its morals just more some common sense. From what I’ve read must be a bit of a change for police not having to do it =D

  6. It desperately needs a senior officer out in front of the cameras explaining exactley why unarmed officers are not equipped to deal with this type of incident, why there are so few armed officers and that all this means that on occasions it will take time for armed units to arrive. It then needs the Home Sec or PM stood next to the senior officer explaining why they want police to remain unarmed.
    It’s not the officers desicion so they shouldn’t have to keep justifying it.
    This however is a debate for another time right now it should be all a out the family of the victim nothing else.

    • They won’t…they don’t give a shit… we could ALL be killed and nothing would change…if Bird/Moat/Creggan et al do not even dent their resolve to keep us unarmed and vulnerable then…what makes you think this will? As to two-dads going on tv… more chance of a zepplin raid…

  7. scarletpimple

    I have been obliged to listen to a ‘neighbour’ holding forth to others about police hiding behind hedges whilst women braved a confrontation with armed murderers. He then digressed a little and began quoting from the inquest on a lawyer shot by police in his own flat despite it being known he was mentally ill. Also the victim of police that was only drunk and carrying a chair leg. Why he chose me to confront with his opinions, despite the fact I am eighty and ceased being a police officer over thirty years ago, does not surprise me. He considered me an easy target obviously. He then went into his full anti police mode, quoting an incident that happened in the nineties where he alleges he was assaulted by an officer when he was only trying to assist at a street incident. I reminded him of officers who had died helping others, he said I was typically mentioning isolated incidents and was closing ranks like all coppers do when confronted with the truth. He continued his tirade and pressed home more of his venom as I tried to walk away.
    I never knew in the twenty or so years he had lived near me, that he held such hatred for police.
    Meanwhile I was obliged to listen to our ‘Saviour’ Tom Winsor giving evidence to the Select Committee, pushing his pet theories on direct entry,
    of diversity, and of the College of Policing. He showed his colours when commenting on the fact that his suggestions for reorganising police and their pay had been and were being held up by current discussions, whereas he had hoped for them to be adopted immediately.
    For my part I can only think about that poor bastard who was so horrifically killed by the scum calling out God is Great. I hurt for his family and I feel sad and dispair for the rest of us.
    Now we are going to have weeks of discussion and comment from the arm chair pundits and as always, a liberal amount of blame will be piled upon ‘Police’ and no senior officer will have the balls to stand up and defend the Very Thin Blue Line.
    Take care brothers and sisters and do not expect support from above, they are too busy covering their own rears.

    • Thank you for that sp…one off your best… as to your neighbor…a simple “go fuck yourself…” would have been my ‘retort’…

      • 10 miserable years to go

        Hopefully, one day when your neighbour is getting a good shoe’ing it’ll take longer than 20 mins for us to get to him.

      • scarletpimple

        I decided to walk away, there is little point in trying to discuss the issues with a bigot, and resorting to Anglo Saxon would only bring me down to his level.
        What shocked me was the fact that he had never shown such feelings in the twenty years I have known him, then for it to come to the fore, ignited by the events in Woolwich seemed a bit strange.
        Obviously he had been nurturing his feelings ever since the alleged assault.
        There’s nowt so strange as folk !

  8. Juliam the met is heavily recruiting over next # years to keep boris pledge of numbers of “bobbies”.you seemingly have the knowledge foresight and intuition to deal with ANY situation better than officers themselves.i suggest you join up and show us firsthand where we’ve been going wrong.even perhaps on the fast track scheme so you can be a supernintendo in 3 years boldly bravely leading your troops from the front.

    Hmmm?no?dont wanna do Anything But Snipe From Your Armchair? Then go Fuck Yourself

  9. politics4fools

    Still remember the quote on IG’s site

    “When faced with a gun and seconds count, armed response is just minutes away.”

  10. Brief Encounter

    “………………oh hand me that draft legislation………..places an A after Police Officer to include Murder of a Soldier getting same life sentence arrangements………”

  11. Yeah, yeah, yeah – the same lazy responses from the same idiots that infested IG’s blog. How unsurprising.

    And no-one had an answer for the ‘securing the crime scene’ question. Gosh. Shocker…

    • Securing the scene! Lol…it’s got to be safe first you Looney…

    • Er I notice you’ve not described how to deal with the above incident.
      Have you any experience of dealing with crime scenes such as this?
      Thought not but I’m sure your warlock goblin wizard may know how

    • I also notice you don’t have an answer for our comments on the initial arrival of the officers. Gosh. Shocker.. It’s probably because you don’t have a clue.
      I think I know why you’re so defensive. You are very outspoken on the issue of police officers being routinely armed and you have argued against this, usually very craply, for some time. Now this incident has happened you have probably started to realise police officers need to be armed to deal with such incidents and that must really get to you so you try and use crap arguments to criticise what the officers did at the time.
      As for securing crime scenes you don’t know what you’re talking about. I do as I’ve managed many crime scenes, you have not and therefore you are not qualified to speak about such matters but from what I saw that scene was locked down secured as best as it good be given the circumstances. You are clearly thick as pig shit and need to fck off somewhere you can’t infect the rest of humanity with your idiocy. May I suggest Pluto.

  12. Brief Encounter

    The village isn’t complete without the village idiot.

  13. And I quote;
    ‘This country will be absolutely resolute in its stand against violent extremism and terror. We will never give in to terror or terrorism in any of its forms’
    Prime Minister David Cameron
    Isn’t it ironic that this ponce is dribbling his meaningless verbiage from a position deep within a group of Diplomatic Protection – all armed to the teeth…

  14. “Infested igs blog”.what that blog you would come along to spout crap and then when others showed you up to be the fool you are sloped off. Populaf blog wasnt it eh many are on your blog now?5,6? And half of them are feral and all her split personalities.jog on

    Oh Yeah Securing The Crime Scene!saving Life and Limb Comes Before Securing Evidence Which Is Why First Aid Was Given To The Shot Suspects,that Was Priorrity Not Stringing Up Crime Scene Tape You Mad Mad Harridan You.

  15. scarletpimple

    Might I suggest that those of you who have not seen the BBC2 Newsnight programme on TV last night, watch the recording of Kirsty Wark interviewing Anjem Choudary and others which is available on line.
    How far are such people, the EDL at one extreme and the likes of Choudray at the other, to be allowed to spew out their hatred and spleen, using the hard earned freedoms and rights of this country to protect themselves. They hide safely behind freedom of speech, whilst using it like a protective shield. The ‘organisations’ which they support and follow, do not themselves allow such freedoms for the individual.
    I hope that Mr Cameron’s speech carries some meaning and resolve, or will it be that certain persons will be allowed to undermine all our values because the powers that be are afraid to draw a line which should not be crossed. So many are afraid of being accused of racist actions, and ignore obvious breaches of law in an effort to appear even handed.
    We should not tolerate extremists , political, racial or religious.
    I fear however that the line has already been crossed and before us extends mayhem.

  16. I’m mad me. Wibble.

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