An unsuitable investigation…

I see the ipcc has concluded that the officers that arrested Sean Rigg used ‘unsuitable’ force…

What the hell is that?

Let me be clear: this should never have happened…this poor chap was mentally ill. He was walking down the road doing martial art moves…the poor bloke should have been in a hospital…yes. However, he wasn’t because they LET HIM OUT!

Now it was down to us to sort him out…the 24 hour mental health team…that are expected to deal with everything from a slight headache to dangerous chaps like this.

One taser could have stopped him…but since we aren’t issued with taser we had to pile on…

Unsuitable? Yes… unnecessary? No…

Let’s look at the impact factors:
1. He had assaulted someone…
2. He had a know mental illness that made him dangerous…
3.he was having an episode…
4. He was using martial art moves…

Strong words of advise won’t work with such mindsets…

They are investigating again apparently…

They will just keep going until some poor copper trying to keep us all safe from a potentially dangerous man with a bit of aluminum and a can of pepper…


16 responses to “An unsuitable investigation…

  1. The IPCC should be hauled over the coals for bullshit wording and pandering like this.
    I want a body that applies itself without fear or favouritism.
    Either the force used was proportionate, reasonable (in the circumstances) and necessary or it wasn’t. Either the officers acted lawfully and in the best interests of their colleagues and the public or they didn’t.
    Really am sick of this lack of support/understanding and oversight from all including our own leadership and federation who are happy for selective cctv, sound bites and hearsay to be used to make us all out to be mindless thugs.
    I threaten to hit people everyday(usually this works-especially when there’s a few fucks in there), I occasionally hit people, but I don’t carry on and I don’t take pleasure out of it. if I hit someone, it tends to be as hard as I can, so I only have to hit them once or run away/pile on.

    if I do wrong, I expect to be punished, but I expect to be subject to the same rules and standards of the rest of society.
    Could the IPCC please publish a list of things it considers proportionate/acceptable and a ‘how it’s done’ guide or just shutthefuckup and do the job they are actually paid to do, so we all know exactly where we stand

  2. ‘ too often the met treat people with mental illness like criminals,’ , with respect to mr Riggs family , reading the passage ( appreciatively a shortened account) the police had been called to his hostel regards his behavior and he had just assaulted someone and was in the middle of the street with his top off ( breach of the peace perhaps) the police maybe could be excused for thinking that he was indeed a criminal , with no crystal ball they could also have made th assumption that he was out of his face on one of the many narcotics out there .it also reads that the independent review didn’t like the answers the ipcc got , and seems to be intent on pursuing the answers it wants .none of this will change a dire set of circumstance for mr rigg or the officers now caught up in the witch hunt , more politically correct posturing by those that really don’t know yet are driven to preach .it really is getting annoying .

  3. 10 miserable years to go

    Perhaps they should have put Mr Rigg in the van and dropped him off at the offices of the IPCC and let them deal with him. Be interested to see how they think you should deal with a violent aggressive martial arts expert. Or watch them shit their pants, which is more likely.
    Oh and is that a 1st for me again….

  4. Eastlondonmet

    Yet again police pick up the pieces of the failings of the mental health provision! Police aren’t trained or equipped to deal with MH ! Like social services they can’t work outside office hours and when patients/ clients abscond or go missing the call the police making it their problem along with the associated guilt!

  5. So those officers are now being investigated a second time.

    This incident is tragic and if this man had the help and care he needed from the mental health teams this probably would not have happened. Instead the police had to deal with him in a public place and the only way to deal with dangerous people is to get hands on. How about we never restrain anyone ever again. Will that make everyone out there happy?

  6. I wonder why the question is not being asked that if the tech knowledge already exited ie Taser why the officers where not equipped with it. The powers that be are and have been for a while, fully aware of the dangers of positional affixia and the likes yet THEY made the choice to risk it. Why is there lack of planning not being brought up after all planning is what they are supposed to do.
    Surely any similar type incident should be looked at from the point of view that if one force has and uses the tech why aren’t all officers issued with the gear.

  7. Slightly Tarnished

    In other words, they couldn’t find a suitable scapegoat from the federated ranks so they’re having another crack at it.

    And they wonder why we hate professional (double) standards/the IPCC…

  8. Perhaps they will keep holding investigations until the IPCC get the answer they want.

  9. So now, as well as NEVER doing more with a fail to stop than turning off my blue lights and turning the car round to go the other way, I will never restrain anybody on the ground. Ever. Just in case.
    I have started a seperate list of offences I won’t make any more arrests for since the perpetrators were found not guilty, despite the offence being complete and totally proved, whilst the CPS prosecutor apparently allowed it to happen.
    Officers who feel unable to exercise their powers because of these sort of things.
    Sad. But very true.

  10. shaftedbluepleb

    Interesting to see that the IPCC also now have powers of arrest according to one of the last paragraphs in that piece…

  11. The review carried out which criticised the IPCC investigation exonerating the officers involved of wrongdoing, included a mental health professional.

    Where, exactly, was said mental health professional (and more importantly his/her colleagues) when Mr Rigg had cause to be restrained, pray tell?

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