Police killers…

“…are evil and must die in prison”, says Imelda…

Presumably, killers of non-police persons are not and won’t?

I am not sure what to think about this…after all, why should the police be treated different from MOPS? They shouldn’t IMHO… we should bring the standards together and murderers of all should die in prison…

Of course, there is a lot more to this than meets the eye… First, Imelda’s track record with courts, especially the ECHR, doesn’t fill one with confidence when you see how terrorists hate preachers are dealt with…and the extraordinary lengths she went to save her career …I mean, deal with him…

Also…this is a slap in the face for the families of murdered daughters/sons etc… that see the murderers of their loved ones walking free after 3/5/7 etc years and having a home/money provided for etc… it’s quite sickening…

She is avoiding the real issue-the reason most officers are murdered in our country is simply that they are not armed… criminals would think long and hard about attacking an officer with a knife or a gun if that officer can fire back…

I see this on a daily basis… the TASER crews rarely need to draw or use their £25 each TASER cartridge (the real reason we don’t have them of course) because the villains know how nasty TASER is…

Ask any gobshite on a Saturday night why they wouldn’t go off to a Spanish/French/American/Polish well…everywhere cop and you get the same answer: “What? Nahhhh… those geezers don’t fuck about and thez got guns innit?”

Reversing the logic- they do with us because we haven’t…

The two female officer Fee and Nicky that were murdered by that scum Creggan were chosen BECAUSE they were unarmed-he knew armed officers were looking for him…he could have chosen them?

No…this is just another cynical ploy by the most hated government since the Romans…

…and… it’s another clear signal that some more poo is coming our way.


++++++++stop press+++++++++++

I see the scum that raped and murdered little Tia Sharp has got 38-years…  Is my life as a copper worth more than hers?

Not in my book.

I notice that the beeb are not running the conference … it’s on the site…but not the telly…


30 responses to “Police killers…

  1. Swanseajock (Rtd.)

    Couldn’t agree more. She is looking to the future leadership of her party and playing to the media and the right-wing of her party. I was disappointed that some applauded at the end, but the silence was golden during he speach

  2. Furor Teutonicus

    Now. If every single one of you decided to all, at the same time, “take a sicky” one month, say July. And told the bastards to look after themselves……

  3. Agree on your arming point, but I do believe that a full life tariff should be applied to a number of murderers, including those who kill police officers. Let’s not forget that (while we remain so) unarmed officers are sent in and are required to face offenders, some of whom will have weapons, I don’t think that it’s unreasonable for there to be an ultimate deterrent to those who harbour thoughts of killing those whose duty it is to protect the rest of society, personally.

    Doesn’t mean that I don’t think that many sentences for other murders (and other serious crimes) are also far too lenient.

  4. Brief Encounter

    I’d bring back the death penalty.

  5. One Time Special

    Back in the days of capital punishment, one of the ?6 types of murder for which you could be executed was precisely that of prison and police officers in the execution of their duty; plus murder by explosion (and shooting?); murder on second or subsequent occasion, etc can’t remember the rest. The reasoning for the police and prison officers was precisely that, an attack on them was an attack on society as a whole, an attack on those who undertake to stand up and be counted………..still sound reasoning to me.
    I’d have no problem with a whole life tariff also for anyone convicted of child murder whether sexually motivated or not, or for the murder of an elderly person, ie the vulnerable

  6. Murder is murder. Life should mean exactly that. When anyone is murdered I would expect the sentence to be the same.

    Now what I would like her to say is that any one assaulting an officer will definately go to prison for a minimum period say 6 months and tarfiifs set for aggravating circs. That would get my respect because it happens everyday and no one gives a toss especially the courts. Of course assaults wouldn’t happen or at least would be less frequent if we were properly equipped.

    Do the math Imelda, don’t try to court favour we know your game.

    • There’s a world of difference though between a ‘slow burn provocation’ murder e.g, and those perpetrated by the likes of Dale Cregan – one sentence can’t fit all.

      Completely agree that stiffer sentencing for assaulting police are needed. We’re undermined daily by the lack of consequence of assaulting police officers.

  7. I just don’t trust the woman.
    She is as useful and supportive as my SMT.
    Will say /do anything to get a headline, but happily walk over you to get the next rank or secure their little empire.
    It is rare for a convicted police killer to be paroled- does anyone know of any?
    yet more hot air/smoke mirrors and a stab in the back coming from the ex law and order party..

    • scarletpimple

      Beware of Greeks baring gifts……………………………..
      Imelda seldom if ever, has introduced any policy which supported police, I would view anything she says as suspect. She has only one intent and that is to feed her own ambitions. It’s simple really, Life should be Life and all sentences should be served in full without reductions for good behaviour.
      If for example a crime is thought to warrant five years, then let that be the time served. Any reductions from the maximum allowed sentence, should be assessed at the time of sentencing based on the degree of offending.
      As far as special conditions for police, I would find it extemely difficult to
      accept this in the face of a child victim, and who could face the families of innocent victims and justify why the killer of their relative is released early and a killer of an officer serves a full term.
      In any event, these kind of rules were applied and practiced for some time after the death penalty was abolished (in part) and were then dropped (were they not?).
      No, Imelda has another motive for her statement, and I guarantee it has nothing to do with supporting police.

  8. Brief Encounter

    I was about to say that the problem with that policy would be that no one would plead guilty to anything. They’d give it a run. What stopped me was the spectre of more trials as that would not be a problem for me as a trial advocate BUT it w old be for society. The other problem is that Prison Officers would bear the brunt of lags who would have little to lose from being downright awkward. If you take away the privileges which they now have, Governors will have little in the way of sanctions to impose. There is no easy answer to this, many great brains (now including SPs) have pondered the best course. The colonies provided the ultimate displacement solution. I hear that the moon may soon be available?

    • I don’t agree with that thinking…I agree it’s a problem…but that alone should not stop the policy. However, since its never going to happen in a billion years the argument is somewhat academic… ECHR will need a department just for us…and Imelda had no real intention of doing it.

      • Brief Encounter

        Ah but good news is just around the corner. Tom is in charge a significant number of officers have been convicted and all is well in British Policing. The red tops are looking for positive stories and however incompetent a chief officer is their job will be safe.

  9. Why was this dreadful woman given house room at the conference? As she walked in everyone should have walked out leaving her speaking to an empty room.She wants to destroy the police and the Fed don’t seem to be doing anything to stop her.

    • That’ll be because, the FED are happy to collect subs and get pissed on them at conference.
      Representing rank and file……….my arse
      all we get is a shitty diary-in the age of smartphones????
      and they want a effin contribution for that as well.

      time for meds

  10. I agree we should ALL have Taser, and all response should have sidearms.
    Death penalty for murder of anyone.
    Life should mean life not a couple of years in an open prison then tag!

  11. shaftedbluepleb

    I’ve stopped following any news to do with the fed. There is simply no point. I’ve just had a complaint against me which I have countered without even letting them know about it.

  12. I’ve cancelled my subs. When I heard they were applauding Winsor and May, that did it for me.

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