It’s not what you have done…it’s who you know…

I see Chris Hum-illiated and wifey have been released from fat-club after serving a whole 2-months of their 8-month sentences…

So…just to remind you gentle reader…Chris was an MP. A person voted to lead. A person trusted to make the most difficult decisions imaginable…do we go to war? Do we have abortion limits changed? Do we bring back the death penalty?

He made a simple mistake (I’ve done it…) he was caught speeding… It wasn’t a lot…just over and he was up for an FP.

However, he CHOSE to pervert the course of justice. He CHOSE to call the Police liars. His wifey chose to do the same…

They should pay the price…

They won’t though…and neither will she… Wifey has a book deal already…having kept a ‘diary’ of her ‘shocking experiences’…I bet.

Before you can say ‘Good Morning’ she will be telling Phil and Willabooby how ‘perfectly ghastly’ it all was; how there are a lot of ‘lost souls’ in stir and… how she was only being a good wife…

Hum-illiated will lie low for a bit and return in some form or another…

Like Jeff…

Like Mandy… (sacked how many times? At least 3…)



6 responses to “It’s not what you have done…it’s who you know…

  1. Richard Littlejohn of the DM seems shocked they are out already! I’m not.

  2. Brief Encounter

    No different to anyone else on for the same offence I’ll wager.

  3. Brief Encounter

    If you had not committed a violence offence and had no previous for bail act offences or breaches of court orders then the Prison Governor would very likely exercise his discretion and release you up to 135 days before the completion of the custodial part of your sentence. If he did not and assuming that the right of Judicial Review had not by that time like so many other hard fought for civil rights, been destroyed then I would bed drafting an argument in support of a JR.

    What do you mean a straight face? Is that a homophobic reference to my boat race?

  4. Pryce is writing a book. It’s a crime thriller. It will be a Huhnedunnit. Chris won’t see the point.

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