Caution! Cautions…

The DM are in shock and rage about the amount of cautions the cops give out-even for rape!

Ignoring for the moment the fact we don’t actually decide on the majority of cases…that’s CPS…

What isn’t explained in this cutting edge journalism is why…

Here’s one for you MOPS that read I and I that may be (justifiably) concerned…

Male A rapes female B… She reports it, evidence is gathered, Male A is arrested and…admits the crime on interview… CPS recommend charge.

Two weeks later…she changes her mind…retracts with a statement…

Now… what to do? Do we continue with the prosecution and call a traumatised victim as a hostile witness? One that may even say…”it didn’t happen!” and end up in chokey herself…

Just forget about it… write the whole thing off as a mistake and de-crime it? Allowing Mr A to go about his business with nothing on his record -despite the cough to rape?


Caution… he gets a PNC entry… she doesn’t go to court…as an victim or accused…

It’s not perfect but…it’s the only way to solve certain problems…


20 responses to “Caution! Cautions…

  1. Now Shij, what have we discussed about reading the Daily Wail?

  2. I make a point of not cautioning anyone, I suspect is a Daily Mail reader.
    ……………might as well see how exactly their money is spent on things other than my wages.

  3. Brief Encounter

    Cautions are not good for profit. That isn’t but ought to be one of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.

  4. 10 miserable years to go

    I dont know what’s shocked me less, people cautioned for rape and gbh or Essex being caught out fiddling the figures…
    But let’s be honest, they’re all fiddling the stats, its just that Essex got caught.

  5. Furor Teutonicus

    XX Two weeks later…she changes her mind…retracts with a statement…
    Now… what to do? Do we continue with the prosecution and call a traumatised victim as a hostile witness? XX

    That is exactly how it works for the more serious crimes here. You report a robbery, and later withdraw the complaint, the police and our equivalent of the State Attorneys office (Staatsanwalt), are obliged to carry through the prosecution.

    Once reported the STATE becomes the complainant.

    • Ahh but here the ip is in charge…

    • scarletpimple

      Ere, ‘ang abaht !
      All the above quoted technical facts are far above my level of knowledge.
      I was just a simple copper, paid in cash weekly, doing the bidding of my betters, maintaining the status quo, patrolling the dingy streets on me pedal cycle. I was alright seeing old ladies across the road, doing the School Crossing, directing a bit of traffic and dealing with lost dogs and moving on street traders. At a pinch I would even arrest the occasional drunk or lady of the night, but ‘Male A’ and ‘Femail B’ , Cautions and Proscecutions involving CPS. now you are getting too technical for me. My answer would have been………………………
      I’m off to chase a Street Bookies’ Runner or clip an ear or two, or kick a few backsides. I could murder a pint!
      Evening All .

  6. Furor Teutonicus – interesting point.

    I just want to run this up the proverbial flag pole – but surely an appropriate approach (and no doubt many would disagree) would be to prosecute female B for perverting the course of justice, insofar as retracting her statement allowed male A to commit a further offense.

    A large part of the problem is the lack of consequences for behaviour.

    • I repeat: the IP is in charge…and victims groups everywhere (esp. If the case was a rape) would be camping on the doorstep of their mp and reminding them how many voters would be pissed off should a rape victim be done…

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