The funnies…

What liberty want…

The future state of play…

The reality of our system…


How it used to be…


15 responses to “The funnies…

  1. Brief Encounter

    Dull it isn’t!

    • “With a firm future” it isn’t, either.

      • Brief Encounter

        It is or rather was the best job in the world.

        • Although…I still love the job. I believe it’s a vocation…you can’t do it for very long if it’s not…

          • scarletpimple

            I retired from it thirtyfive years ago, but still I miss it like hell. Which of course either means it was something very special, or I ought to be locked away under close supervision. Mind you I have the same feelings about having taken the Kings Shilling. I’m a sucker for a parade and still get goose pimples when a band strikes up with a regimental march. There is a worrying aspect to all this, with the passage of time I can now look benevolently at the actions of some I knew, who at the time I could have willingly strangled; now their actions assume a funnier side, which means that time effects ones past perceptions. It’s the old ‘Rose Tinted Spectacles syndrome I suppose.
            Yeah, on thinking about it honestly, I do need locking up!
            And the job’s still fucked.

  2. Yes you too can benefit from
    a starting salary on par with Mcdonalds
    the prospect of working long unsociable hours, with the first 1/2 hour of any overtime stolen from you- should you be paid any.
    The prospect of trying to book leave to spend time with family to find it is rejected, due to party conference or other such private function.
    The knowledge that your senior leadership wlil all be tucked up in bed at the weekend or public holiday or any time after 5pm, but will still use the ‘royal we’ when waxing lyrical, but the YOU/Pc when ‘lessons will be learned’ time arises.
    The prospect of having any decision you make or action you took, dissected and examined in minute detail,with the the benefit of hindsight and 20/20 vision and the real prospect of you being hauled over the coals publicly and prosecuted on a lower burden of proof or disciplined for failing to dot all the i;s whilst trying to avoid having your head caved in by a care in the community escapee who you should have been able to disarm and placate with strong words and not the taser (you don’t have) or the baton that you caved his skull in with as you were shit scared of being throttled to death, whilst waiting 20 minutes for backup to arrive, due to you being single manned.
    (all in the last week)

    yes the futures…………….fucked.

  3. scarletpimple

    Some months have passed since Gadget strutted his stuff across the blogsphere. A few of us are still here, but what of the rest. How is it that so many have decided to put away their swords? One could almost believe that the whole ‘Gadget Blog’ was the invention of several likeminded people who set out to produce an organised vehicle to convey their message.
    It’s not beyond possibility when you think about it. An organised group, each responsible for several main contributing characters, each using their several identities to comment and develop a theme chosen to be aired at any one time. This, would encourage comment from others not privy to the ‘committee’s ‘ chosen course.
    Then comes the time to end it, which would account for why so many contributors just stopped blogging. And what’s left? just a few such as us,
    left stranded with the outgoing tide.
    That would mean Gadget was a ‘Committee’.
    Nah! that’s just me letting my mind wander again, but it is a theory after all………………………………


  4. Sp,- run for PCC ,if there’s a next time. 🙂
    Anyone else get the nice little email from the FED chairman telling us how hard they are all working and how this years conference/pissup would be challenging……….. I had to stop myself from putting my keyboard through the screen.

    ……..I can’t wait to see how they further embarrass themselves and this organisation.
    My kids could organise a more coherent defence of our pay and conditions than this bunch of clowns.
    Still why rock the boad,when your on mileage, paid a rank above everyone else ,eat gourmet meals and work 9-5.
    I’m alright Jack,springs to mind
    The FED is pretty much past it’s sell by date in it’s present form

    • scarletpimple

      Hey Wavey, now there’s a thought, trouble is I’m too old to stand upright let alone stand for PCC and I doubt there will be a next time for me.
      No , I’ll just stick to a little blogging, a little fishing and a lot of George Gershwin, Cole Porter, and Irving Berlin played by a good piano, drums and bass combo. Then maybe a dash of Blues and Soul, by which time, holding a large glass of Single malt, I’ll be too far gone to care about ‘The Fed’ and their self indulgent meanderings.

      • Sp.

        With the likes of Windsor and Emelda, watching over me, night and day (forgive me- couldn’t resist) , I can but envy you

  5. Robert Pangborn

    Still, look on the bright side. The wheel is forever turning and at the rate this current shower in government is cutting my pay and benefits, my wages WILL be the salary mentioned in the advert. All I need then is a large collared car coat and a V8 P6 Rover. “Guv’nor”

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