It’s mental…

Once more I must say how the savage reduction in mental health provision in this country of ours has impacted on the Police.

I have read a few accounts of a reduction in around 80% or so over the last 10-years…it doesn’t shock me because I see the results first hand.

I listened with some concern to a report of a man eating his chips on the sea-front yesterday… ‘what’s wrong with that Shijuro?’ I hear you cry… Nothing, if he wasn’t eating the paper too…

‘Perhaps he needed the fibre?’, you may retort… mmm…ok…but then shouting at the top of your voice ‘ARRGGGHHH I’M THE MESSIAH!!!’ (ok…he’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!) over and over again to the amusement of those on buses and a nice distance away-and the horror and concern from those MOPS up close.

The cops arrive to see him laughing hysterically and the shouting and spitting at the officers making ‘first contact’. Resisting the urge to CS this poor bloke, he is detained under the mental health act and transported to the local ‘place of safety’. For us that’s miles away.

FOUR HOURS LATER, the doctors are still umming and arrring about sectioning him.

Why? Because he isn’t batty enough (technical term)? Nope … the staff say he is madder than ‘Mad Jack McMadd’ …no…it’s because:

a) they can’t make a decision …and (b) they haven’t got the beds…

So he is released… my mate was having it massive…as we say in the police…so I advised her to get the doc to explain the rationale and sign her pocket book…

“err…why?”, asks the good doctor (the others look on with interest)…

“because, Doc…if the ‘dark passenger’ speaks to this bloke tonight and he throws him self off the pier and drowns- you lot will be up in lights when the IPCC comes a calling…”

He didn’t like that… but…I guess, like us with his former patient, he will just have to deal with it.


5 responses to “It’s mental…

  1. I dealt with a def today who clearly had a screw loose, but who had slipped down the gap between the justice system and the NHS. For reasons I cannot discuss, she is out of jail tonight, because Holloway has nothing to offer her, and, besides, costs the best part of a grand a night, and the NHS has other fish to fry.

    • Brief Encounter

      The CJS became a repository for all the poor souls previously in large mental institutions when they were closed down.

  2. Just who’s idea was care in the community, when the community doesn’t care?
    Still with Dave’s ‘Big Society,’ police reforms and privatisation of the NHS,we’re in safe hands……

  3. Brief Encounter

    Saw a sort of Ambulance this afternoon, it had G4S working with the NHS on the side of it.

    • That would be ‘patient transport services’ or what the paramedics in the LAS call ‘The Granny Bus’. They basically pick up people from home, take them to appointments and move them from hospital to hospital. You don’t need a fully trained EMT/Paramedic or whatever to do that job. I am a bit concerned that round my way a private company is responding to 999 calls.
      BTW I did see a patient transport services bus with the DHL logo on the side.

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