What is their problem?

I see we are to “hold our breath” and wait for an “electrifying” attack on the police’s policy of not naming those that are arrested by Chamois Chippybutty…


I am at a loss to understand this stance by “liberty” … I could see why the DM would want us to name people, they get to dig up salacious crap about them to put in their “paper”… presumably because the great British public like that kind of thing…

How is it in any way right to name people before they are convicted?

‘Innocent until proven guilty’…I think I read that somewhere…

This is just another example of how pressure groups like liberty do more harm than good on occasion…they are so upset at this that they are pushing the government to change the law and force the police to name arrested persons…

This is simply wrong and should be resisted with every ounce of strength the police can muster (none at all then)…because it’s a fundamental tenant of English law we are dealing with…

We have safeguards in place for notifiable occupations, so no objections there…we need to protect arrested people’s right to anonymity…when they are convicted then we name and shame…

I suspect this is more about the media getting as bloody noise from Leveson than any high minded morality…Chippybutty should know better…

If she is REALLY upset about human rights I have a few countries she can rattle her sabre at…

China, Pakistan, Iran, UAE…so many…


10 responses to “What is their problem?

  1. Don’t be silly, human rights are well taken care of in those countries. The real bravery is challenging the fascist police right here in blighty with their brutal Human Rights Act, PACE and scary tins of condiment to fight off guns and knives.

  2. 10 miserable years to go

    She doesn’t bother with those countries because they’d just tell her to fuck off. Like we should……

    • In countries without human rights, suspects and ‘concerned’ liberty types just end up as landfill.
      Still, I’m sure the Daily Mail equivalents in those countries are really quick to have a pop at the police at every opportunity.

      Public safety concerns aside, the naming is just to sell papers on the back of others misfortune—-fuckem.

      we all have rights, even if some deserve to have them removed.
      The price you pay for living in a civilised society.

  3. Brief Encounter

    This is a really deep issue. If you keep someone’s name secret until the jury returns their verdict them you play into the hands of the secret court regime. If you name them earlier you place their continued employment and possibly well being in the community at risk. I don’t know the answer because like Aristotle the more I learn, the less I know.

  4. Brief Encounter

    Incidentally, either I have been radicalised by my change of career or Liberty has mellowed. I think that Ms Chakrabatti speaks very good sense in most things.

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