Sponsored by…

(Sound of a front door bell) “ahh that’ll be the police darling…”
“Come in officer”
“Hello, I’m PC Shijuro, brought to you today by Thompson’s teeth: the teeth so strong you can eat other teeth with them!”
“Err…ok. we’ve had our car stolen…I saw it last night outside our house it’s a…”
“have you thought about a Ford?”
“Err…not really. We would quite like our car back.”
“A Ford would be better. How about a Ka? Very cheap… and ”
“Too small…”
“how about a focus? Great for a growing family…Good on fuel too…”
“look…aren’t you supposed to be, I don’t know, doing door to door enquiries or something?”
“All in good time sir…mmm… what about a Fiesta might be a good compromise between price and size…“
“OK…Come on…why are you going on about Ford cars?”
“Well, err.. they’re one of our sponsors…if we get an referral or a sales enquiry we get a bonus…”
“Right… I see…I’m not going to buy a news car ok? Now, shall we continue with my car theft?…”
“Of course sir (pulls out a form)… so… is it insured?”
“Yes…it’s with Total insurance…”
“Very. Nice people too”
“I bet our insurance partner could beat your premium…shall I get one of our reps to call you and give you a quote?”
“Oh God….”


2 responses to “Sponsored by…

  1. Give it ten years and this scenario could be a reality!!

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