DARWIN would be proud…

So a Billy burglar died in a chimney… hey ho… how ironic…



26 responses to “DARWIN would be proud…

  1. typical solicitors they take ages doing anything !!!

  2. Brief Encounter

    Glad I don’t work for a Moody firm.

  3. Brief Encounter

    I caused utter consternation at a certain crown court last week.. My client pleaded at the last minute and copped a very reasonable custodial sentence. Impressed with the prompt action of ordinary local cops in putting together a little operation my client got nicked. It was a really good bit of policing. The OIC seemed really confused when I congratulated him.

  4. BE, you are a beacon of hope!

  5. Brief Encounter

    Thank you.

    • scarletpimple

      Have you been failing to take your prescribed medication again Rumpole.
      If you keep on getiing mellow and avuncular like this, it can only end in an identity crisis of enormous proportions. May I suggest that She who must be obeyed, give her my kind regards by the way, and your good self, get in the old Austin Seven, and take a trip down to Brighton for the day. Roll up the legs of your flannels, tie knots in your hankie to make a sunhat and take a paddle in the briny. Finish off with a bag of winkles as you stroll along the prom. Then in the afternoon go for a good browse around the antique emporiums finshing in the evening with dinner at The Grand. Then off back to ‘The Garden of England’ as the sun sets on another perfect day.
      Now you must feel better, no more of this consorting with the prosecution, remember the Penge Bungalow Murders.
      By the way have you noticed that Fortnums have increased the price of Stinking Bishop, if they keep on raising prices I shall have to resort to Waitrose!
      Me? I’ll be fishing with Dog again this weekend. probably pitch my wits against a few Carp.
      Toodle Pip Old bean.

      • scarletpimple

        By the way………
        Still no sign of so many ‘Old Gadgeteers’ all apparently MIA.
        When you get old like me you don’t take kindly to change, and I miss my friends, only a few have made it to Sijuro’s.
        Zig was last last heard of sipping coffee outside his favourite Levant Cafe.
        Reacher off boarding in the ‘islands’.
        Buzz polishing the bright bits on his bike.
        Ted in Greece ( I hope the financial problems have not caused him ill).
        Dibbs, now joined the ranks of the regulars.
        Mrs Doughnut, I hope she is winning her fight..
        And so many others. (Dare I even mention F…. no I had better not,
        some names are best left in Limbo.)

      • Brief Encounter

        I blame the Sky Atlantic programme Blue Bloods just that somehow I don’t think that Tom will suffer me at the family meals.

  6. “Police are treating the death as unexplained and not suspicious.”

    I’d say that if it’s not being treated as sus, then no further explanation is really needed!

  7. May I indulge by going off topic…?

    Operation ALICE – New Scotland Yard investigation led by a Deputy Assistant Commissioner no less, and utilising 30 detectives into what was (or wasn’t) said by Tory Chief Whip. Andrew Mitchell MP to 2 police officers at Downing Street in September last year. File handed to CPS in March. Interestingly, investigation concentrated on ‘how The Sun and The Daily Telegraph obtained information about the confrontation, and if it came from police’. Not so much into what Mitchell DID or didn’t do, then.

    740 statements, 44 of which have been described as “key”, as well as seven police officers interviewed and one member of the public under caution. In total, 133 exhibits and 93 documents reviewed by prosecutors. Bail backs are in May – I wonder who will be seen to have been lying, and crucially, who hasn’t.

    I know who my money’s on…

    • Not quiet a full enquiry into Mitchell’s offence, I think I saw one exhibit on Ebay, bicycle with basket of front.

    • I find the whole situation incomprehensible… disgraceful if he called them plebs… disgraceful swearing… disgraceful if officers have lied….but I agree…I know who I would trust…

  8. Brief Encounter

    I guess that your and my former colleagues from London Fire Brigade will have been saddened to read in today’s Times that their one time Assembly Member has been convicted of assault.

  9. I spotted MrsD on Dan’s blog a few days ago, if you’re ex-IG you’ll know who I mean 😉

    And she seems to be in good spirits, despite all that’s going on.

  10. I always read Gadget but posted rarely.
    I also always read Shijuro I am sure there are many more now following this blog who previously followed IG..
    Off topic, would Ms Witherspoon have committed an offence in the UK or would she now be making a claim for unlawful arrest?

  11. He was practicing for Christmas.
    I await the family blaming the cops.

  12. Well.
    No loss to society , I fear.

    On a different note, I see Imelda thinks there’s nothing to worry about after the shoeing the Tories got at the council elections.
    Who would have thought that by alienating all of the public sector, police,army,teachers,disabled etc etc that they might get less votes???

    Still I’m sure the TWUNK tanks are spinning ideas already to salvage the situation.
    The biscuit is totally taken by William Hague who says, ‘The Tories won’t change course.’
    Truer words were never said i.e they won’t change , off course.

    In touch with the average man on the St, so long as that St is in Chipping Norton.

    Soon be xmas

  13. Brief Encounter

    I was trying to visualise what traditional Tory support looked like. I can’t see that many of them would approve of what is happening now. Many might approve of the notion of reducing the legal aid bill until one looks at some of the issues. I now know of two disputed custody cases where the father cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. Some and I know that this is close to home have had to stop paying a lawyer and are doing it themselves but not everyone has the skills to be able to do that.

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