Today’s diary…

It was a lovely day on the front. People seemed to be genuinely happy to be alive…amazing how a few rays of the golden type G2 star can make you (temporarily at least) that we are going to get headaches from the onslaught about the council elections etc… forget that we are living in a country that seems to be quite unable to produce anything like an honest competent politician or economists that can get us out of this self induced poo hole of negative growth…

I dealt with the usual nutcases: a man that wanted to tell me how he was upset over his tv signal (a problem where we are) a woman that could not seem to understand I had no idea where she could buy a shopping trolley from…not a granny pull-a-long…a supermarket one…
Then came the gold nugget…a lady that just came up to me and said, “what a lovely day officer!” I replied, “yes miss…it certainly is… she smiled and said, “I’ve just got a job offer! It’s the same money but a brilliant job…I’m really looking forward to it…” I smiled and said, “good for you…” she walked off smiling…

It really made me think… there can’t be many police in the world where people comfortable with to share such a great bit of news with? I felt a tiny bit privileged to have been there and that she chose me to tell…she must have been so happy she would have burst if she hadn’t said anything…

Nice day… almost makes me sad to think I won’t be doing the job in a couple of years…


11 responses to “Today’s diary…

  1. I reckon you’ll have complaints against you from each and every one of them by tomorrow. Signal Man and Trolley Woman: you never solved their problems to their satisfaction and as for Job Lady, she probably took your, “Good for you” as a patronising dismissive. Incivility carries gross misconduct weight these days, donchaknow? And what were you doing on the sea front anyway? Wouldn’t these taxpayers be better served if you’d been in the residential areas catching burglars, or something? Tsk tsk.

  2. Brief Encounter

    Ah so the front was not in fact a throw back to LD’s front line but a place probably in Suffolk where the tide regularly ebbs and flows twice in the 24 hours?

    • scarletpimple

      Had a hiccup there fans, but I think the repeat has been successful………….
      so on with the day……………………………………

  3. Brief Encounter

    Got your tag on yet? Can we GPS you at will?

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