The war on…..taser

Not able to get decent evidence that shows the world the cops evil use of taser in the uk the dm have run a story about POSSIBLE misuse in Australia! They really are trash. The irony of the story is lost on their editor of course as its next to this one: Two police officers have been injured after they were attacked by a man wielding a knife.They were taken to hospital following the alleged assault while answering a call last night about a row between neighbours in Old Trafford, Manchester.One of the officers is being treated for injuries to his head while the other was hurt on the shoulder when a man lunged at him with a blade inside the terraced house… Guess what? Neither officer was carrying a taser… Best wishes to those officers and their families, no doubt scared out of their wits… My wife has standing orders to sue the chief should I be killed or seriously injured as a result of not having a taser. I support the routine arming of all frontline officers. Two police officers rushed to hospital after man with knife attacks them while they are responding to a row between neighbours–shock-footage-Australia-shows-stop-misuse.html


8 responses to “The war on…..taser

  1. Brief Encounter

    Taser is a silly sop to what is really required – a revolver. Officers who say they dont want to be armed can do the other thing.

  2. It never fails to amaze me that these people are so happy to gloss over the fact that the UK is the only major country in the world
    without a routinely armed police force. Instead of saying thanks for that, we appreciate the risks you take etc they moan about the use of taser.
    Has anyone come up with a better option than taser? If they have what is it?
    These people are full of pie in the sky ideas, they go on about suspects rights but clearly couldn’t care about the lives of police officers or that of there families.
    Where are the Fed coming forward setting out the real facts, where are the PCCs? I’d hope that there would be at least one Cheif officer who would have the balls to appear on camera setting these liberal loonies right, taser isn’t perfect but it less leathal than being shot like they would in pretty much any other country in the world, its even less dangerous than being hit with a batton or spray.
    It really isn’t rocket science.

  3. Brief Encounter, you are right. Never mind a Taser, we should have a Glock.

    Blue Bob, we have heard nothing from senior officers, PCCs or the ever silent Fed because they are a bunch of gutless, useless, self serving do littles. They are, quite simply, not interested.

  4. Brief Encounter


  5. I had a roll around with a numpty over the weekend, 3 of us,were kicked,punched, bitten and spat at. Just as I was about to repeatedly and justifiably beat the living crap out of them with my asp, a colleague dry stunned them with a taser.
    handcuffed and taken to custody .No afters ( as contrary to some public perception ,I’m not a thug). seen by doctor-nothing but a bloody lip and a couple of bruises on them.
    There is a part of me, that wishes the taser wasn’t used/available.
    Whilst it worked a treat, I think some people will only learn from a lengthy stay in A&E and a few broken bones.
    It might stop them kicking off/assaulting another colleague.

    I somehow doubt the IPCC would see it the same way.

  6. If you google the NSW police omburdsman you could actually read the report and look at the 10+ videos from it.

    Funnily enough they have selected 2 of the videos that show usage found to be inappropriate rather than the ones where it saved somebody from being shot etc. They’ve also convinently forgotten that the report says over 90% of Taser usage was appropriate.

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