Grannies, GPS and …chumorcracy…

I see people with dementia or old timers may be tagged so we can find them quickly when they go missing… having some personal knowledge of such matters (both outlaws have dementia and have gone missing-one for 6 hours) I think it’s probably a good practical idea. Human rights gurus are, predictably, aghast…but I guess they have not spent hours worrying if their 78 year old dad is lying in a ditch somewhere or signing up to buy a new car… they are also a MASSIVE drain on police resources… everything (quite rightly) has to stop until they are found…

On a lighter note I notice “call me Dave” has given his best friend a mega paid job…purely on his merits and drawn from an extensive recruitment process…that… was…

…ok…it was over dinner at Dave’s house.

I seem to remember certain chiefy that got the “tin tack” for something similar… and MPs have the nerve to question police officers credibility and honor?



6 responses to “Grannies, GPS and …chumorcracy…

  1. Brief Encounter

    Can I nominate SP to have one then when he doesnt post for a few days we can see where he is. In fact what you really need is one of those maps like Harry Potter had to see where everyone is unless of course they have an invisibility cloak or being a little cheeky more than two pips.

  2. If it’s after 5pm or a weekkend we know where everyone with more than 2 pips is…

  3. Brief Encounter

    super in latin means on top of.

  4. Furor Teutonicus

    XX I see people with dementia or old timers may be tagged so we can find them quickly when they go missing…XX

    HA! Here you need a court order to strap them in a wheel-chair, ot to put safety rails on the bed!

    And to get a court order, you need a letter from the Gods, just to be sure.

    “Tagging” would be a BRILLIANT idea, but…..

  5. I thought a nice touch was their ‘expert’ suggesting that could have even triggered it!

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