I went to crown court the other day…bit of a fave for my sarge…she needed to supply two bobbies to keep an eye on some rowdy friends and family off a chap up for a manslaughter…

I was present when he summed up… it was a pleasure to hear someone speak with such authority, knowledge and compassion.

For a moment…I almost felt a glimmer of hope that our legal system had some amazing people in it…



5 responses to “Judge…

  1. Wonder what’ll happen to your glimmer of hope when the sentence is passed.

  2. I know quite a few judges and they are nearly all very impressive and erudite. They work to the same guidelines as the rest of us, so don’t blame the messenger, if you dislike the message….

  3. Brief Encounter

    The wisdom of Solomon.

    • I sat there with my mouth open…and not without a little shame…I had fell into the trap of forgetting that up and down the country judges, lawyers and barristers, clerks and ushers work hard, make good decisions…and never get a mention…only the crazy decisions get to press…

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