It simply kills them…

Following a routine traffic stop…officers smelt a rat and started the ball rolling that ended up with the successful prosecution of 6-men. Those 6 men would have killed who knows how many men, women and children. They would have murdered anyone that opposed them with knives and pipe bombs. How many police would have been seriously injured or killed trying to stop them?

Thanks to their professional, diligent instincts we will not have to find out.

My headline refers to how this story had been buried in the papers and how the BBC news described it as a “lucky” stop as the police “had no Intel” …

It must really gut them that a solid bit of police work done by officers that every day display a courage and dedication that they can only dream of, show them how it’s done…

For me I would like to say to those officers a simple thank you…


4 responses to “It simply kills them…

  1. They still got them though didn’t they! Insurance or whatever, the police stop check occurred and the car seized. The weapons were out of the extremists hands. Good result.

  2. Unfortunately, proactive stops like this are becoming rarer and rarer, what with the less amount of time we can spend doing them, not to mention the complete lack of backup from SMT when all the finger-pointing race mongers see is institutional racism in every stop we carry out.

    Note also a complete lack of any positivity in the MSM regarding the police officers actions, merely the facts of the case. Compare and contrast the glee in which the knife gets stuck in wherever possible.

    Good work fellas.

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