Police’s primary role is not to catch criminals…

…says uncle Tom…

(takes pistol from mouth…life CAN get better, it can…I know it can…)

On a day when a victims czar earning £10,000 for a three day MONTH…it was almost too much…

Tom seems to think that the reason we just can’t get on top of acquisitive crime is that we don’t have Blackberry phones…

No tom…it’s not.

It’s the savage cuts your buddies in the home office have hammered us with…that and a criminal justice system that doesn’t seem to put persistent offenders away…

Police boxes and blackberries are not much help to me when I am on my own with three drunks on the sea front… A taser and a partner would but…that’s just a person with 23 years experience…Toms zero years experience obviously trumps that…

I see kittens has shouted at the PCCs…for being naughty with expenses….ignoring the irony of an MP doing that for the moment, it just shows you how little they really care for the truth eh?


17 responses to “Police’s primary role is not to catch criminals…

  1. Couple of sunny days to enjoy, and they are back like athlete foot. TW and the Pants Exchange.
    Better get ready in case I meet them. cross, stake, garlic; check.

  2. So the speccy twunt has finally come out of hiding and continues to tell those that can, how to do their job. Obviously calling on his vast experience of policing and dealing with real members of the public and criminals.
    I’m pretty certain ,I used to sit up on known villains or patrol known venues actively looking for crime etc etc, but then the target culture came in and I was told that doing this was not a policing priority.
    I remember using discretion and common sense, but again was told that at domestics, positive action must be taken and for SMT positive action = arrest, or that little jimmy being in a little bit of bother in playground or on st, required arresting, interviewing, referring to a youth panel and social services, or that all mickey mouse drunks/idiots on a Saturday night needed arresting, because it’s what the SMT need to get the figures up/public expect and to get my 5 arrests a week or i’d be placed on an action plan….I have witnessed all this make the public hate us.
    Cops now are too scared to use common sense/discretion as will be judged by 20/20 hindsight and ipcc enquiry should something go wrong and if a detection is missed will face wrath of SMT who even though Chief says ‘no more targets’ are measured on TARGETS.
    Winsor is the worst kind of twunt, he is a twunt with power,influence and a self inflated ego who thinks that by having completely destroyed policing and police morale he can reinvent it by letting us do what we did, before politics got involved in police business.
    The question that should be asked, is that if crime is falling, why do we need to do any of this…..
    could it be that him ,his political masters and acpoo are a bunch of untrustworthy twunts.

    Mr Winsor, lead by example, get your reflective and top hat on, go out single manned and experience the delights in any city/town anywhere in UK.
    I’ll even take the assault report when your wheeled out of A&E in the morning.


  3. Brief Encounter

    Stop it or I’ll send SP’s dog!

  4. I wonder if the irony was lost on spiteful May-lecturing PCC’s on expenses.I would have laughed out loud had this been me.Just like ethics committees being chaired by Keith Vaz!!!
    Which PC will find the first vandalised police phone box? Oh yes,all of us….

  5. when this house of cards implodes, hopefully you’ll get the service you deserve from the likes of g4s etc.,,,if you can afford the call out charge.
    Good luck getting any comeback against a private security firm with no legal aid.
    If you have a grievance you can always use the new police boxes/urinals when they get deployed.

    now, you can truly jog on, precious.

  6. kill me

    do it quickly


  7. We’re not perfect, but we’re not life on Mars.
    Lawrence,Hillsborough etc are failings of leaderhip and senior management, not ground floor.
    Yet, even now those who make mistakes ,above the rank of inspector are promoted sideways or upwards.
    My own farce have had 2 supt’s in past month given slaps on wrist for offences that would see a Pc loose their job,

    Yet at least they had some knowledge of what it was like on the coal face.
    I await the first class A clusterfuck by a direct entry to the rank.

    no doubt ‘lessons will be learnt’
    Hopefully someone else will get to explain that to the next of kin.
    oh yes the job is foooooooooked.

  8. Robert Pangborn

    I thought Tom Windsor came across as sensible, polite, articulate and he did have a point…………….

    Like I have a point on a large and sharp spear that needs to be imbedded in his chest. just an opinion though…

  9. Why are you people so negative?
    Here we have a sensible and far reaching statement made by a man who has obviously given much time and thought to what he is saying. he advocates certain actions, which to be fair, have not been voiced by you even though you purport to be experts in your field. No you have been too busy complaining and whinging to work out solutions to the problems as he has.
    Which of you for instance has understood the need to concentrate on crime prevention, who among you has realised the abysmal state of the equipment issued by forty three forces all pulling in different directions.
    Who, if any of you, has realised the need for public awareness, who has attempted to note the problems of mental illness in the population. Who calls for updated technology and better High Viz uniforms and do not even mention police boxes.
    It’s time you fat, lazy sods got off your arses and got out there among the public and began to earn your over generous salaries.
    Already the situation is improving under the great leadership of Mrs May , this is proved by the decrease in crime currently being reported which must be true as we all know every crime is recorded by all victiums.
    Put me down, I don’t want to go back in that place!
    You can’t lock me away, I’m as sane as any of you.
    I’ll complain to my MP
    I’ll go to the IPCC
    Let me gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


    • Oh, hello Doctor.
      You see I have been having these headaches, and pains whenever I begin thinking about my job. And I have these terrible nightmares where I am haunted by this female wearing a rictus grin and bright ruby-red five inch stilletto heeled shoes. Then there’s this ‘Hobbit’ like ginger haired bespectacled creature that is just standing there watching my every move.
      And I’m in constant fear of enclosed spaces such as police boxes. Not only that, but I’m watched everywhere I go by closed circuit cameras operated by mad tea drinking poets.
      And then there are these photographs of The Great Leader, they stare down at me from every vanatge point, they adorn the back of every lavatory cubicle door, they stare down from every police box wall, they are closing in on me…………………………….


    • I’m in cell 101 see you at lunch…

  10. Brief Encounter

    Trust him he is a lawyer.

  11. One Time Special

    I found one thing to be said in favour of He-whose-name-shall-not-be-mentioned………..at least he did not have the gall to weear a uniform when speaking to BBC.. That said, his languid, all-slouched-about-the-place-in-a-suit look was not worthy of his position. The old drill sergeants from Hendon would make mincemeat of him.
    Does anyone think it worthwhlile to send him a wall poster with Peel’s principles writ large?

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