Hunger games…

The public seem horrified that we fed the youths that threw slates and bricks at us…

They just don’t know eh?

If anything had happened to those idiots as a result of our actions… the officers involved would have been arrested themselves…and depending on the injuries been charged with anything up to manslaughter…

Hence… the pussy-fied response…

Welcome to your police…

Of course the alternative view is that the situation was diffused without any injuries etc…  and that b no other force in the world would have done what we…didn’t…


23 responses to “Hunger games…

  1. hopefully you laced the food with laxative !!

  2. kfc, cheaper than a long stay in intensive care and a public enquiry.
    The daily mail and its readership would serve this country better by collectively walking into the sea.

  3. shaftedbluepleb

    I’ve stopped caring about shoite like that anymore. Feck em all. Do my 40hrs and then feel alive on rest days then back to the grind. Nearly finished.

    • That’s how I feel…like a gold miner: digging through a mountain of shite to get hold of a nugget…

    • A sad reflection on what effect the job is having on experienced officers. But I echo your sentiments 100%.

      And for the record I refuse to even glance at the front page of the Daily Wail these days, won’t even click on links to the Wail Online. There are only so many SHOCKED CAPITALS and indignant exclamation marks one can take…

      • shaftedbluepleb

        I don’t buy any newspapers anymore, at all. The odd copy of the ‘I’ if I’m stuck on a point somewhere maybe. But not daily. And no other paper as every one just takes the pi$$ now.

  4. Would be nice to see the CC of the local Commish out explaining things to the press, pointing out exactly what you’ve said.
    You would think at least one of these PCC would have the guts to fight our corner, god knows the FED won’t ( unless there’s a trip
    to a nice hotel and free meal involved, for them not the kids)

    • Perhaps I should have stood! Lol

      I would be great…

      First 10 minutes in the job… “hi chiefy… you have 6 months to get your own car…you can afford it…all the staff cars are toast… oh btw….you are on minimum manning too… so the accs are all A19’d… stop all building projects too… well…I’ve got 150 k to spend…”

      Then lightning tour around the force… no senior officers…only sgts and pcs…”What do you need…” then order the chief to do it…or he gets his orders… then on tv to set the record straight about such matters as the roof top McDonald’s job…

      My tack would be simple…”dear media… we did the right thing…But if you fancy a go with a water cannon etc…sign this form to say you accept full personal responsibility for any injury caused to the yoofs…no? Then shut up and let the pros deal…”

      I would be very unpopular with the media… I hope… 😉

    • This is a main part of the problem of negative press we get these days. It’s often just easy and lazy journalism to knock the police. No one from SMT answers back (no no, that might cost me my next promotion) and instead trot out the mantra of ‘lessons will be learnt’. They’re as scared of the press as our politicians are.

  5. Thing is, if the Police had just fecked off and theft them to it they’d have come down in about ten minutes. I often think that these incidents tend to escalate themselves by the Police attending. I know that once when some anarchists glued themselves to the door of a bank in the City of London the Police didn’t go, they just left them alone and it totally took the wind out of their sails. So what if those two chavs fell off the roof and died, that’s their lookout.

    • 10 miserable years to go

      ^^^ did they have a lookout then???
      I’m with you, leave them to it and they’ll soon get bored.
      As said further up, the smt are too shit scared that they’ll lose their next pip or crown to speak up for us plebs.

    • Apart from the bleeding hearts in the ‘Indy’ & the ‘Guardian’, I suspect the majority of the population would agree.

      I can’t find it in me to shed any tears for the Human Taser Fireball either…

  6. I recall a acting supt who called out a climbing team for demonstators on a 8ft garage roof;
    I don’t know who was more embarrassed us, the protestors or the home owner.
    No doubt secured their next rank by demonstrating leadership, HSE and above all disciplining the sgt, who climbed up and pushed 2 of the feckers off (dynamic risk assessed-adults- no injury-landed on grass/dogshit) home for tea. 🙂

  7. Sorry Shij but this was a cock up and we shouldn’t try and defend it. I was a police negotiator. You don’t give anything for nothing. Come down and you can have some food and drink. Stay up there throwing missiles and you get nothing.
    All the police negotiation appeared to do in this case was ensure that the protest continued longer than it should.

    • Have to agree here. While the hand wringers will argue that we have a duty of care, there is nothing that says we have to feed the f@ckwits. It would take some time before they starved to death. If you remember Glospol had the same thing a few years back with a guy who was involved in a pursuit and holed up on a roof. He also began chucking slates and was rewarded with a KFC. Made Glospol look stupid.

  8. Does the fact that police called upon a fast food outlet to provide sustenance for the two roof climbers, bring KFC into the category of a ‘Partner’ of police?
    I see the SMT report even now,
    ‘Superintendent Clooney said, that having taken robust action by politely requesting that they returned to ground level, only to be met with roof tiles thrown at his head; he finally decided, after consultation with the Salvation Army, The Boy Scouts , Gay Awareness, Womens Institute and the local representatives of The Roof Tilers Guild, to provide refreshments in the hope that assuaging their hunger might place them in a better frame of mind to accept his advice and climb down. To this end he despatched four blonde Support Officers and a volunteer from Cats Protection League, to the nearest take away to obtain suitable comestibles from our local Catering Partners. Arthur Pickerstaff, the local KFC Neighbourhood Team Leader, said ‘ I have added extra portions of our secret ingredient which should result in a hurried departure from the roof to the nearest sanitary facility’. ‘ Colonel Sanders himself used similar tactics at Gettysburgh with some success’.
    Could it be that future incidents of unrest amongst the great unwashed, might be dealt with by seeking the assistance of other Police Partners such as, Betty’s Tea Rooms, Bert’s Mobile Fish and Chips and in extreme circumstances The Meat Pie Stall behind Regents Park Barracks.
    Hey ho

    • Brief Encounter

      Unlikely SP as KFC may win a contract to supply defence services throughout the UK. New logo – these case papers are finger lickin good!

      • Crikey!
        Will this mean that in future your chicken thighs and fries will be dispensed wrapped in cartons supplied by The Law Stationery Society and maunufactured from imitation parchment and all tied and secured with pink tape?

        • Brief Encounter

          largely dying out is pink tape. All going digital. The case will be on a tablet, I think I may need more than one tablet.

  9. Brief Encounter

    Did nothing but prosecute last week, one potted!

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