Take them away…

The public seem horrified that we fed the youths that threw slates and bricks at us…

They just don’t know eh?

If anything had happened to those idiots as a result of our actions… the officers involved would have been arrested themselves…and depending on the injuries been charged with anything up to manslaughter…

Hence… the pussy-fied response…

Welcome to your police…

Of course the alternative view is that the situation was diffused without any injuries etc…  and that b no other force in the world would have done what we…didn’t…



3 responses to “Take them away…

  1. Brief Encounter

    In this particular reversed Orwelian society in which we live, there really was no alternative. The country has gone mad so why be surprised?

  2. Furor Teutonicus

    They want to be up there? KEEP them up there until they come whinging for Mummy.

    Same with prison roof protests. “HEJ! You wanna sleep on the roof, go right ahead laddie!”

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