The myths surrounding single manning…

So, this week…we have had:

A man arrested for a sexual assault that kicked off and attacked the officer arresting…he had to be batoned… the male escaped and was caught shortly after…

A man with a knife known to be violent arrested only because the officer had the common sense to pop handcuffs on him as he awoke from a crack filled haze…

A domestic where both attacked the officer…

What links them all?

Yes… all were ‘single manned’…

The officers are all ok…but they were lucky…

My gaffer has asked the super…but she is saying its from the chief and its here to stay…

It needs a couple of officers to die … as per normal its the only way things get talked about…


19 responses to “The myths surrounding single manning…

  1. Police officers in America always seem to be single-crewed as a matter of course in those fly-on-the-wall TV programs like ‘Cops’. They don’t seem to complain about it.

  2. They have.45acp pistols…we have nothing…

  3. Brief Encounter

    Body sets are what you need as well as arming with a gun not a vibrator.

  4. No deaths of police officers will change anything! Just compare the efforts to bring the scum that killed Stephen Lawrence to the scum that killed Pc Keith Blakelock! We are expendable and an unwanted necessity

  5. Regurgitation of the same ideas from ‘senior’ officers, our leadership is devoid of ideas or a spinal column. This is mainly because they are too interested on climbing the slippery pole up to the next rank……

    The fact is these people are…sorry were….incompetent on the streets when they were there and because they now drive a computer or a desk single crewed then it is alright for us to drive a car single crewed. They use the get out ‘clause’ that we should wait for back up if we are deployed to a violent incident, unfortunately I am of the era where you don’t hide around the corner and wait. The other thing is that our Control Room are so damned incompetent in that they are so keen to despatch the jobs they rarely look beyond the cad message……I have had 5 or 6 incidents in the last 6 months where I have ended up getting through it by the seat of my pants such as turning up at a violent domestic where the offender was still in the address and hiding after the other party was too scared to say after he gave her a beating…..

    Whilst on a rant I also despise how patronising it is when I see a Chief Inspector or above out on patrol as it is virtually always on a day shift and invariably they go out for the 2 or 3 hour period when very little happens. They also always have an officer to look after them…just in case it becomes too difficult!! Whenever they try and justify the single crewing policy they quote their experiences albeit very very limited!! I would rather they just F*CK off at 4pm as normal, stay in their air conditioned office and let the policing get done without their interference!

  6. Brief Encounter

    I cant comment on that.

  7. whne PC Blakelock was killed, for many of us the general public life seemed to stop,it really was an utter shock as if life as we knew it had changed radically for the worst,
    I could not understand how scum like that were allowed to take over the area and run wild like animals, I am sure that if the police officers had been armed,or had armed officers with them, the perpetrators would have backed down, most likely complaining of police brutality or racism or something, but we live in a democratic society where everybody any race creed or colour has the chance to succeed in life
    the last little disorder caused countles thousands of pounds of losses, peoples lives to be destroyed,and yet they were not crushed instantly
    in the 70s I went to the largest schoool in London 2500 boys and it was becoming out of control, too many soft liberal left wing teachers and heads
    the biggest mouths soon took over and it was bloody scary,I recall one young man stabbed to death in the playground and his stomach opening wide, to this day I cannot have knives left on the table or worktops
    eventually I left and went to another school were discipline was strict, but I lost a great deal of my education thanks to scum running the school
    evntually they brought in a hard as nails head, who kicked out useless teachers made them smarten up and show the boys who was the boss
    my father always said find something for boys to do before they get into trouble
    its the same with so many of these young men, no fathers about, they have kids by several differnt women then go off and leave them, the boys looks for a father figure and its usually the pack leader
    nice words, mission statements, and a weak judicial system do not work
    for these members of society you need to hit them hard and fast, make them suffer and deter the next generation from joining in
    prisons full up ?
    build more on remote islands cure for unemployment all round
    not everything in the old days was good, even the police service had its problems, laggards, liars, cheats, and imbeciles, but with decent pay and working conditions and setting high standards you will get the best and weed out the rubbish
    oh and backup when its needed, eventually members of the public will exact their own retribution rather than calling the police as they know you cannot cope
    not all of the general public are stupid
    single crewed coppers are an accident waiting to happen
    as is being unarmed
    no way would I do your job, I have met some of the scum, grown up around them
    a 9mm Sig Saur helps to define the first meeting and set a standard

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