Got him…

Well done to the Police and civvies of Boston…

Of course…if it was here… the officers would be suspended pending IPCC investigation and would be waiting for a year or so to see if they will face manslaughter or murder charges…

In the US of A, where police are valued and seen as keepers of the peace and are thanked for putting their lives on the line every day for other people to go about their business…they are rightly seen as heroes…

Lets not forget the officer that these things murdered…

Heroes: MIT campus police officer Sean Collier, 26, (left) was shot dead by the fleeing terror suspects. Officer Richard Donohue, 33, (right) was injured in the exchange of gunfire but is now in a stable condition in hospital

RIP Sean Collier, 26


27 responses to “Got him…

  1. Brief Encounter

    I am watching footage on Sky TV now with local people applauding police officers for the outcome. Looking at the above picture reinforces my gratitude to all police officers everywhere in the world. I suspect that people here want to express their gratitude for what British Police do but they are currently fed nothing but bad news. We need some police evangelism to spread the good news of policing. You are after all one of the most open and regulated police services in the world.

    • Never happen…no political millage…no reason to do it…

    • When they stop to think (assuming they ever do) just how easily a huge militarised police force brought their city to a halt, and imposed de-facto martial law, they might reconsider that applause.

      Or they’ll go back to watching the US ‘X Factor’ and yet more rights will slip away, unnoticed…

      • I thought you may say that…and you present the perfect example of the difference between the two mindsets…
        they were falling over themselves to help the police- opening up their houses to the police to search…here there would have been an outcry that made the Duggan riots look like a picnic…

        They value their police…because they know that police/fire etc go out EVERY DAY risk DEATH or INJURY to KEEP THEM SAFE… we see our police as an inconvenience…or oppressors…

        but I suspect you would be first in the other queue too…

        …the ‘why didnt they get him queue’?

        In any case… they caught him. What would have happened here?

        Well…in the face of such a well armed and murderous offender, we would have lots more dead police and mops…I know the police are expendable resources…(or they would protect us more)…but having an unarmed police is pretty much useless against such people… e.g. Derek Bird…Moat et al…

        When you ponder the heinous issue of rights Jules…you may wish to ponder the fact that you need to be alive to exercise them…

      • Brief Encounter

        I’m with you on that one.

        • Brief Encounter

          To clarify, I am with both of you I guess but Julia is correct because our rights are disappearing faster than the money in our pockets. These are universal rights so they affect police as well as civvies. A cynic might say that the reason for the lock down was to ensure that there were no witnesses. Here in this country a massive change to Magna Carta is sliding through almost unnoticed. Secret courts, okay I accept that some material is too hot to be aired in public but can we trust the authorities to limit such hearing to that sort of case?

      • Somehow Julia I don’t think the public in Boston wil stop to think about the huge militarised police presence and reconsider their applause because a pair of evil terrorists intent on causing death and destruction have been stopped. They (the public) accept that extreme measures need to be used in such circumstances. However in this country I’m guessing there would be a large number of muppets such as you who would be condemning such methods despite the threat to the wider population.

        • Just remind me, Taff, how the police militarised response helped find and apprehend him, when it was only AFTER the cordon was lifted that he was discovered by…a householder. Not a tooled-up cop. A man in his dressing gown.

          Who then got his garden and boat shot up by trigger-happy morons who are syill arguing over who inflicted the throat wound on the suspect…

      • Lovely and safe here behind this keyboard isn’t it? No shrapnel or bullets. No eviserated corpses or limbless wounded. No screaming colleagues or terrified children.
        Your words are just wind. It’s deeds that are the measure of a person and that huge militarised Police force have just saved an awful lot of people. But it wasn’t you and you didn’t know any of them so its okay to knock them.

        • They haven’t done anything of the kind, Jingo. Even with the eyes of the world’s media on them, they’ve managed to step on their own dicks.

          “He was armed and shot himself in the mouth!” “With what weapon?” “Umm…”

  2. I’m sorry, but I cannot help having the feeling that were the Boston circumstances to be reinacted here, the outcome, whilst eventually being the same in essence, might well have taken much longer to evolve. Why is it that in recent times we find ourselves tied hand and foot with petty nit-picking regulations and procedures? We find ourselves so busy crossing ‘T’s’ and dotting ‘I’s’ , justifying every move and action, that too often, time is spent wastefully pursuing the correct application of the system, rather than taking prompt action to reach an outcome.
    Hours and hours are spent by non combatant, desk jockeys first laying down rules of engagement, then further hours are spent applying those rules and discussing what applies and what does not. Paperwork is passed from one administration officer to another, finally the system creaks into action and an outcome is reached. Then of course later there is the ‘post mortem’ and the questions, endless questions on the why’s and wherefor’s.
    I know life now is complicated and that much of this complication in policing methods is in place in order to protect peoples rights. But I also know that in the pursuit of ensuring these rights for one, many more have their rights placed in jeopardy.
    I wouldn’t and couldn’t do the ‘job’ now, my approach is based on the Office of Constable and his independent actions and not on present methods of which I understand very little.
    I know if this had been ‘Boston Lincs’ rather than ‘Boston Mass’, there would now be several officers consigned to desk jobs or even suspension, whilst IPCC opened their protracted and labourious enquiry into who did what and why.

  3. Brief Encounter

    And changing subject, I note that someone from the Tax Payers Alliance is reported as moaning in the rhymes about a pc who go compo having been bitten by a flea in a station. Apparently the stn was infested with fleas. Sounds like a Health & Safety issue to me but why shouldn’t the officer be compensated?

  4. RIP Officer Collier (so young, too) and bravo to Boston Police for their effort. Absolutely true though, over here the press would be scratching out and apportioning any blame that they could to the police.

  5. It’s certainly good news that the ‘suspect’ has been captured and my thoughts go out to those injured and the families of those who were killed in this despicable act. I understand that Obama is now ordering a search for anyone who may have given, or offered, aid to the two ‘suspected bombers’. On a news channel, one Bostonian asked what sort of person would deliberately help someone who plants bombs and kills innocent people? I had this same thought in the 70’s when 2 coaches carrying wives, children and relatives of British Servicemen and women were blown up by the IRA. At least 2 of the gang made their way to the USA where they were sheltered and aided by the good people of………….Boston and New York. Both of these cities were at the forefront of financial and logisitic aid to the IRA and so it may be considered ironic that these two cities are the ones that have been targeted by terrorists. Of course there were innocent people, not Bostonians, who were killed in this latest blast just as there were non New Yorkers killed in the Twin Towers. Bombs and missiles do that. They are indiscriminate – just ask anyone in Warrington. I wonder if, tonight, there is at least one Bostonian reflecting on their own actions 30 odd years ago and wondering it fate really does have a habit of turning up, unannounced, and biting you on the bum, or butt?

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