Whistle-blowers…take note…

…nobody will help you and you face arrest…

Two police workers have been arrested after an elected crime commissioner’s £700 nights out with his wife in a chauffeur-driven limousine were leaked. A 47-year-old man and 50-year-old woman were held after documents detailing the expenses of Tory Richard Rhodes’ expenses were revealed.

Cumbria Police say the pair have been arrested on suspicion of data protection offences and misconduct in a public office following the revelations about their Tory police and crime commissioner. The two police civilian workers, have been suspended from work and bailed until next month. A third, a 59-year-old man, has been interviewed and suspended. He was not arrested.

The arrests come after details were leaked about Mr Rhodes’ use of a chauffeur-driven Mercedes to take him to two evening engagements.

Documents revealed his office was charged £313 to take him and his wife  on a round-trip from their home in the south of the county to Rydal Hall at Ambleside, in January. Another bill of £385 was for a trip from home and back to The Pheasant Inn at Bassenthwaite Lake, in February.

On both occasions, a firm marketing itself as a provider of executive vehicles was used. It provided an E-Class Mercedes saloon.

So…I wonder why they leaked the details and to whom?

Interersting… I loved the excuse used why he had a paid driver… ‘he worked long hours and personal safety reasons’… he should try driving home after a 10-hour night shift when you’ve been up since 0730hrs the previous day…

Perhaps I should try claiming for one too…nahh… just joking DPS… I don’t get expenses…

He could have got the train… but…nahh they don’t do that, though do they though?

Whistle-blowers take note…you won’t be thanked no matter how much money they people you are grassing on have wasted…they [SMT] will find you and sack you …

BTW… any bets on if the PCC will face any admonishment for his £700 night outs with wifey? Answers on a postcard please to:

You’re havin’ a Steffi

PO Box 999

No chance in the multi-verse,

Air strip one…


19 responses to “Whistle-blowers…take note…

  1. Brief Encounter

    Surely what is needed here is common sense. There must be official ways in which to report such concerns.

  2. The joys of quaffing at the trough.
    Why pay for a taxi out of your own pocket, or drink orange juice all night, when you can get pissed, eat for free and sleep enroute home.
    It must be so taxing going from one meeting to another luncheon in a chauffeur driven merc.

    I’m just surprised that no PCC has insisted on blue lights and two tones yet.

    How many of us, have almost nodded off enroute home at stupid o clock after a busy shift or been taken out by a commuter/drink driver in the early hours?
    I can’t even get mileage for journeys I have to make when moved stations, let alone a cab-coz I’m tired and the natives might be restless

    Pcc’s,How did we ever get by before them?
    Oh that’s right , we lived in the real world.

  3. They hate her because she won

    As Waveydavey says this was an expensive night out on the piss. He has repaid the money now, probably because he got caught.
    The staff won’t get away with whistleblowing as they should have reported it to a senior manager. If their senior manager is the PCC then they should have gone to the Crime Panel.
    It is disgusting that these staff got arrested. PSD’s all over the country are now routinely arresting officers and staff for misconduct in public office. The offence is being completely abused by them. It is about time the Fed or Unison took a test case to court for unlawful arrest. These bastards need their wings clipped.

  4. So what’s all the fuss about.
    The money has been repaid.
    Mr Rhodes has given a plausable explanation.
    He has decided that in future chauffer driven cars will not be hired in to convey him to evening engagements.
    And those rotters who breached security have been duly arrested and will be judged later.
    So it was all a misunderstanding and of course even without whistles being tooted, Mr Rhodes would have repaid the money and dealt with the transport arrangements.
    Meanwhile might I as a student of crime prevention comend to your attention dear reader, Mr. Rhodes Crime Plan for Cumbria. The main hooks upon which he hangs his policies appear to involve Misuse of Alcohol and Anti Social Behaviour. Of the rest, there is the usual re hashed information and comment which one can usually find in all ACPO Reports and Home Office missives.
    I do not reside in Cumbria, but were I to do so, I might question whether I was receiving value for money.
    Hey Ho.

    • I wonder if he would have refunded if the suspended and likely to be sacked plebs didn’t blow their whistles?

      As to future engagements…I wonder if he will just get a police officer to drive eh?

      • Shijuro, just to placate me. could you type in’ Richard Rhodes Cumbria Crime Plan’ and then spend a little time casting your expert eye over the man’s plan for the future of policing in Cumbria. Then explain to me why I do not appear to see where he makes any improvements or world shattering revelations. I assume like the rest he is on around a hundred thousand per annum, should i expect more for the money?

        • Love it… the plan is, in a nutshell, police the area…


          and make up a couple of new posts: Office of Public Engagement-(looks like an empire build to me…); Office of Victim Services… looks like victim support- but it’s an empire build…

          Where does the money come from for the two new offices? mmmm…

          Frontline police?

          What these herberts fail to (or don’t care…) see is that such offices can only work IF THERE ARE POLICE TO FIX THE PROBLEMS IN THE FIRST PLACE~~~~

  5. http://tiny.cc/brvqvw
    Here’s a tune for Mr Rhodes to show him he is not the only one who finds the wheels are comming off.


  6. our PCC has never been seen by anyone o/s of head office.
    The only tangible change and expense I have noted are all the PCC letterheads on everything and the nice giveaway bags,pens,folders etc with PCC all over them, that all our partner agencies and helpers have, care off our policing budget.
    Money well spent.

    • I wonder if we are in the same farce…

      Our PCC had a number of similar ‘goody bags’ delivered to one of our growing civilianised office environs, which (as luck would have it) happens to ‘host’ a few of our more specialised (police officer) case investigators. All cheap and nasty rubbish, except for some useable black biros. Everything but the biros were quickly scooped up and placed into ‘file 13’, and the biros reallocated to the bare stationery cupboard at a report writing room at one of our remaining nicks.

  7. PCC Changes? Our Station Front Office Rubber Stamp has changed! But…..The old one had a ‘perpertual’ date, still worked, It wasn’t broke but they fixed it anyway.

  8. I do live in Cumbria so it is my money being wasted.At least he paid it back.I cannot see why Public officials like PCCs do not publish their expenses on a regular basis so that everyone can see where their money is going.It is time that elected people like MPs and Councillors realised that they are there to SERVE the public.

  9. He will have a frontline PC drive him next time. On a late notice duty change or a cancelled RD probably.

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