well…that DOES take the buscuit…

Officers were so outraged that a tin of biscuits vanished from their police station that they reported it as an official crime.

Details of the theft are still unclear but it is thought a police officer could be responsible for an inside job at the station at Heavitree Road in Exeter, Devon.

The biscuits were last seen in the control room kitchen.

The audacious crime at Devon and Cornwall Police’s headquarters, right under officers’ noses, was logged on February 28, 2012 – and remains officially unsolved.

It wasn’t me…I remember some officers ARRESTED for ‘nicking’ public order gear and using it…things went well for dps right up to the moment CPS said ‘err where is the intention to permanently deprive the owner (the police) ? And since the officers are using it in the service of the crown…how is that appropriatimg?




17 responses to “well…that DOES take the buscuit…

  1. 10 miserable years to go

    Not only should this be another 1st for me, but theft is theft…..

    • Crackers… that’s what it is…

    • Brief Encounter

      Let me be the third to reply but the first to say that all property is theft. Personally I don’t see a wafer even a crumb of evidence to support this allegation. DPS to investigate why biscuits were allowed in the operational area at all.

      • Reference previous comments.
        The miscreant guilty of vandalising my lawn was in fact a Mole. (Since captured, cautioned and relocated to woodland a mile away). I may have inadvertantly misled Rumpole by referring to the creature as Tiggywinkel, which of course is one of the many alias used by the common hedge hog.
        I apologise for this mistake and can confirm without fear of contradiction, that Tiggywinkel was in no way responsible for the damage referred to.
        I would go further and state, that I have always found Tiggywinkel to be a most law abiding and sociable character, and indeed, rather than cause problems in the garden, he is a most useful ally in the constant fight against slugs and snails. He is therefore always welcome on my property.
        I trust this retraction by me, will result in the threatened action by the RSPCA being dropped.
        To be honest, I am not in a position at present to face any further litigation. I am already being subjected to much condemnation by one of my great grand daughters, who has accused me of banishing ‘Mole’ from his home and leaving Mrs Mole alone and uncared for. For a four year old, she shows leanings already to a future career as a defence lawyer.
        Sometimes there are days when I wished I’d stayed in bed.

  2. Furor Teutonicus

    Our biscuit tin was always kept in the safe in the Sergeants office….. uNTIL we discovered that the Seargeant was a cookie monster. Then we brought our own.

  3. Typical of non frontline personnel to report it as a theft……….

    They have the time to do this……..just saying.

  4. I have a suspect

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