Just don’t do it…

Why do officers have such problems with social media?

With news that officers are in hot water over a Twitter feed was used to “make light” of our work…
I am left reflecting on why officers even do it? Not make jokey comments, because that’s quite normal for coppers, we use humour to get through the day, as do we all…

But…even agree to use the Twitter account. If a senior officer asked me to do a Twitter feed I would refuse point blank. It really is career Russian roulette… the first post that offends, or gives the perception of offender and…you would be in hot water. Also, more to the point, the msm watch the feeds looking for a screw up to hammer the police with.

We should just stop doing them and give the job to the press office…



6 responses to “Just don’t do it…

  1. Furor Teutonicus

    XX We should just stop doing them and give the job to the press office… XX

    Starting in 1979, all this Twatter/Facefuck/etc stuff is “new” to me.

    In the old days ( 😉 ) the rule was, “Any press/media ask you a question, refer them to a senior officer and/or the press office. None of this “Give it a go! We will see how it looks, then either promote, or sack you” stuff.

    They are offering you the opportunity to dig your own grave, as I see it.

  2. Brief Encounter

    Yes stop using this blog for police stuff. Me and SP have important gardening topics to discuss and besides we don’t understand what you are on about anyway.

  3. Brief Encounter

    SP beware RSPCA onto you about relocating a hedgehog.

  4. I can say hand on heart, that if any of the official tweeters in my farce, fell foul, the job would be better for it.
    You really do have to be some form of shallow narcissistic self promoting amoeba to want to twit/tweet police work.
    There’s a Supt, who having discovered a thesaurus, uses 3 or obscure words in what to all appears to be a vain attempt to prove their intellectual prowess over the minions. The concept of plain English having escaped them and thus further alienating themselves from the troops and reinforcing the pompous asshole image of the ACPOO aspiring rank.
    I swear, having read some of their recent internal emails all of which should come with an attached Roget’s thesaurus, I have had to stop myself from replying in latin or Chinese to make a point.
    You might look,sound and act like an asshole in person, but the beauty of the internet is that behind the keyboard you can at least be able to appear human………unless you tweet for the job,that is.

    • Brief Encounter

      Your Supt sounds like a Barrister they often use long words that no one understands. Look ma guy din do it!

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