Do you want to know more?

Watching the beeb’s coverage of Baroness Thatchers funeral this morning they have a Paul Verhoven type insert called “how Margaret Thatcher changed my life”… there was a business type on, you know the type…”when I came to this city I only had ten….million pounds in my pocket…and look at me now…”…then they had one of the greenham common wimmin on…she was equally deluded…
My son asked me if Margaret Thatcher changed my life too… “yes son… she nearly made me homeless three or four times and taught me a very valuable lesson about politicians…they are lying, self-serving scum…” …

So I guess she did help me…

Nice to see the met boys in their tunics…we don’t have them of course…heh….4000 officers… that’s more than my force!



28 responses to “Do you want to know more?

  1. I made my comment on the previous thread, I will not repeat it in full for fear of giving Shijuro apoplexy. My point is simple really, and MT as always is a convienient scapegoat. A bit like police really, someone who is easy to blame and unable to to defend themselves due to the noise created by the accusers.
    Mornin’ All.

    • lol… dont be daft… debate is always enlightening…

      I was pointing that simple truth to my colleagues t’other day…Maggie did nothing on her own…the whole lot of them were in it…

      • They hate her because she won

        You make it sound like she did something wrong? Stop believing all the immature socialist lies being spouted. The best one I read the other day was that she engineered the Falklands War just to get re-elected.
        She was actually quite liberal and held back from doing many things she could have done such as privatisation of the NHS, re-introducing grammar schools and privatising British Rail. She cut defence and continued subsidising shipbuilding in this country. It was her Government that started the bureaucratic nightmare in the police by way of The Police and Criminal Evidence Act and the Introduction of the CPS.
        She did a great job in all the circumstances but she was actually quite caring and moderate. Leftie morons who portray her as this ogre and witch are ill informed and have no understanding of what a real right winger might have done.

        • What? You don’t think politicians are lying self serving blighters?

          She wasn’t the devil…but I think I have already said I have some admiration for her?

          Funny you mention the Falklands…it absurd to think she engineered it, of course. Mind you…good job it happened when it did-6 months later a wouldn’t have had much of a navy to send…

    • Brief Encounter

      I rate her, she transfers from science to law, gets called to the Bar then when in power she creates the legislation which gave us solicitors rights of audience the same as Barristers. Hail to the Chief.

  2. Furor Teutonicus

    XX Nice to see the met boys in their tunics…we don’t have them of course XX Not enough tourists to impress?

    But, seriously…. You are not issued?

    • No, tunics are not generally issued these days. I have been in the job long enough to have been issued one, but the smartest piece of uniform many of us have these days is a fleece top. It was a crying shame to see colleagues of Constables Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone having to bear the indignity of lining their funeral route in nothing better than fleeces in Manchester last year. “They know the cost of everything and the value of nothing”

      At least you Polizei are issued rather practical looking leather jackets, and I’d swap my tunic for one of your (also very practical) firearms any day!

      • Furor Teutonicus

        Ahhh… MOMENT! We are having a massive argument at present, about “winter kit”. We HAVE none! We have the same “rain jackets” in January, as we have in June (And YES! It DOES rain in June on regular occassion!). “WARM” or “COLD” does not appear in the equation.

        We have to use issue gloves, which are not much thicker than a “Right! bend OVER laddie!” glove. We have no “Issue” jumpers” even!!! We have to go to the local “Barracks” shop, (You can buy kit from any local army barracks. Ours is in Spandau) and buy them there. ( You can also buy Over internet, where you have to send a copy of your warrant card!!!! THAT is illegal! But we “have” to do it any way.)

        And so on.

        I have spoken with French, Swedish, Dutch, etc collegues that have EXACTLY the same experience.

        The French Police, for example, buy, at “own cost”, from “camping shops, and take the item to the local tailor/Printer to “get badged”.

        ALL on that list are similar.

        As to the German case, I WILL try and find the link, BUT it is in German…. I CAN translate, but, really….. with all this E-Mail crap we get on the internet from the “bosses”, you do not get much time.

        (SEE!? I TOLD you it was similar! AND THOSE LEATHER JACKETS ARE NOT “WARM”! Especially once they are wet) 😉 🙂 )

        • Brief Encounter

          One evening whilst patrolling with my raincoat on, I met a Capt RN. He asked me a truly remarkable question and I have never forgotten it. “Do those coats keep you warm”.

        • Some of our kit is not so bad, for example our force issues a reasonably water resistant (not ‘proof’) jacket with a removable inner liner but we also often resort to buying items of kit such as thermal underwear, snoods, radio earpieces (that actually work) and of course we have to buy our own boots. Our issue gloves, like yours, are next to useless and I too have bought my own.

          • our firearms chaps (and chapess’) have VERY nice good quality 3/4 gortex jackets with removable fleece liners…


            they are too expensive…for the plebs…

            WELL… not really…a couple of staff cars would do it…but that’s never going to happen is it?

          • Furor Teutonicus

            XX of course we have to buy our own boots.XX

            I presume they did away with the “boot allowance” then!?

            If I remember rightly, we were even TAXED on it!

        • Furor Teutonicus

          Sorry. I forgot the “ballistic armour”…. Probably because I was laughing hystericaly at the fact, that such a description could be attached to the …..”thickened” shirts” that are issued.

          You would be VERY lucky if they could stop a strongly thrusted butter knife.

    • Money…

      same reason we don’t have taser… the almighty dollar…

      remember: we only have CS and armour because of people suing the job for not having the kit to protect themselves…that and the growing officer assault figures making the smt look bad…

      no other reason…they would have us with nothing if they could.

  3. Any politics aside, didn’t really rate the spectacle of the joke cracking, grinning and waving at their friends/crowds of many of the so-called ‘guests’ playing to the cameras on Sky news at St Paul’s. It’s a funeral, people, not a PR opportunity. Show some class.

  4. Brief Encounter

    I’ve nearly lost mine a few times but somehow through the alcoholic mist I have recognised the odd landmark.

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