Lol…police horse -1, football moron -0

The disgraceful behaviour of some Newcastle ‘fans’ (our more accurately..

.idiots wearing Newcastle shirts) …was a nice reminder that the spectre of football violence is never too far away. I remember when it was every weekend, but the cops got better at sorting it out…banning orders and the odd jail sentence seemed to work…(funny how a fair amount of the idiots worked…).
The oddly unique thing about the British copper is that, unlike Johnny foreigner, we don’t have entire departments for public order. Our riot control police are made up, for the most part by officers that could have been going to a domestic the day before…or a school to show the kids how nice we are…
The other thing is how nice we are to rioters here…other countries coppers would certainly have kicked the b’jesus out of anyone that attacked them… The only people that get injured by us trend to be by accident…
There are exceptions of course…Mr Thomlinson for example…
Here, the coppers have to be extra carefull not to hurt the people trying to kill or seriously injure them because it looks bad. Making SMT look bad results in you being put in a world of stress and worry about being sacked or imprisoned …that’s but good for your family too.
This is because police are seen as simply expendable items that aren’t really wanted by the government or as ladders to climb up the slippery pole of promotion with.
Anyway…back to work. I’m having fun today with the good people of my beat as they go about their business…one stopped me yesterday and said, “waste of time eh?” Mmm? “you lot walking around here…you are just a waste of taxpayers money” right…I asked if he worked he said he didn’t…I remarked that since he didn’t…he would not be eligible to pay tax anyway… He said something rude and walked off…
About 40 minutes later he was regressing his outburst somewhat when I was present in the custody block as the COA strip searched him…

I couldn’t resist a little smile… I wonder if he might keep his opinions to himself in future?


17 responses to “Lol…police horse -1, football moron -0

  1. It was in the sixties………….
    I was Station Officer at a well known North London Station, it was Saturday and the local team were playing their arch rivals at home. The final whistle had not been blown, the charge room was empty and I sat there awaiting the inevitable madness to come at match end. Suddenly the door burst open and in marched a lone Dog Handler with dog followed in line by thirty or so ‘Fans’ bringing up the rear was another Dog Handler and dog.
    The two officers plus dogs, it transpired, had marched the arrested fans from the local football ground where they had been arrested en bloc, to the nick, along the High Road, some quarter of a mile. There’s nothing like two sets of sharp teeth and proudly waving tails to instil a little discipline in the ungodly.

  2. I had to smile when I saw some silly woman on the news saying this was not hooliganism but anti social behaviour that escalated into violence. So violent behaviour at a football match, “fans” from each team trying to fight one another and having a go at the police. Sounds like football hooliganism to me.

    As I said in the last post football violence is alive and well it’s just that the police usually manage to keep a lid on it. I wonder what will happen as the cut backs continue and officers realise PSU duties are not worth it and leave or not sign up to it. Maybe the armchair generals could turn out to keep a lid on the football violence.

    • This is the consequence of doing officers for assault (Srg Smellie), having psd vans giving out “how to complain” leaflets at protests and generally being well and truly on the side of the mob instead of the people trying to stop them.

    • 10 miserable years to go

      Fuck “em. Let the underclass football scum kill each other. It will cut down on the benefits bill if nothing else.

      • Problem is the violence will affect other inicent parties such as children who end witnessing it or it will spread to areas where the public will be going about their daily business. I’d be all for letting the scum have at the scum but innocent, decent people will get caught up in it.
        I was PSU trained for many years but there’s no way I would want to carry out those duties again. I’m not willing to put myself into a violent situation where I may get injured or where I have to use force which means I get investigated. I don’t care about myself it’s my family I am more concerned about.

  3. Millwall don’t even need fans from another club or police, they are quite happy to start a fight among themselves! Was it a 5.30pm kick off that caused it to kick off?

  4. Swanseajock (Rtd.)

    I think the headline should be “Fat inadequate twat comes off second best to everyone and everything”

  5. Visiting schools the day before eh? You must mean neighbourhood teams. In my force, neighbourhood teams are no longer public order trained.

  6. A decent football match can often be a £100 day out, so it’s hardly an underclass thing.


    He’s sorry. He was under the influence of his medication (plus 5 pints) for his lung condition that has prevented him from working for 8 years, his scarf was over his face as he had toothache and he was scared so he punched the horse in self defence.
    I mean, come on. If you’re going to blub to the press you ought to really try to come up with a believable load of lies. Or just say sorry.
    What a complete buffoon.

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