Freedom of speech…

With the very public tweets a certain sergeant is now toast and has knocked our already low public opinion factor down to that of an ant’s knackers.
What he said was: crass, stupid and unpleasant. Whatever your opinion of thatch she was a mother and gran… She worked extremely hard to get to the top job…and I believe she gave her all for what she believed was right. Tbh, I hated her government and pretty much every policy they put in..but…she was a human being that deserved respect…she certainly wasn’t Stalin…

My only question is: what did our grand parents actually fight for? The right to free speech our the right to free speech as long as it don’t upset people?

Because that’s what it looks like these days…we are especially vulnerable…we have an incredibly hostile media that pounce on every piece of news that puts us in a bad light…

Public figures expect to be trolled…I know it’s not right but… Didn’t thatch herself commit our boys to fight for freedom?

I won’t what she would make of this media frenzy?

She would have laughed and said “idiots..PR me a whiskey Dennis”…


102 responses to “Freedom of speech…

  1. Two words: professional standards

    And do we want someone this vicious, brutish and, yes, stupid in the force?

  2. I am a great believer in free speech,but there is a time and place for everything.What he did was stupid, but he has done the decent thing now by resigning.

  3. Facefreak and twatter, always ends badly
    as the iron ladies passing:

  4. free speech is only allowed in the cops, if you toe the lie/line.

  5. When you make your oath as a Police officer you understand that you do not take an active part in politics – same as in the military – because you owe your allegiance to the Crown and not some political twonk who, hopefully, won’t be there in 5 years time. Scott was a Sgt and so, presumably, had an element of intelligence about him. As a supervisor/manager/mentor or whatever the buzzword is these days, he would have known this. The fact that he was so stupid and crass in his insults to the memory of an 87 year old lady does neither him nor his profession any good. In resigning, he showed that he was capable of doing something right, even though it was probably so he could retain his pension. The Police force is better without him and people like him. If you’re a copper, keep your political views to yourself and only show them when you put a cross on a ballot paper. The alternative is handing in your uniform and then you can scream and shout as much as you wish. I hope Scott’s mother is in good health but want to know when she isn’t, as I have a bottle of bubbly on ice.

  6. What he said.

    This is the danger of forums like Twitter and, of course, the career damaging problem of engaging with your anonymous followers, before engaging your brain…

  7. Furor Teutonicus

    Sorry, seem to have missed something here. Being in court for 10 hours per day and making “enquiries” for another two for the last two and a half weeks. What exactly has “gone on”?

    • Brief Encounter

      You must live in a court building!

      • Furor Teutonicus

        Sometimes I get that feeling.

        (Hauptgericht Moabit, Berlin)

        HOWEVER(!!!) Next month I am finally FREE!!

        I start as “Demenz Begleiter” …. Hmmm, in English…. O.K. A sort of (male) nurse for people with alzheimers.

        I must be mad…. and you are NOT obliged to answer that! 🙂

  8. I have not commented on the death of Lady Thatcher until now.
    I agreed with some of her policies and disagreed with others, like all of us, I suspect. I have opinions on current politicians in a similar way. What has disgusted me is the blind hatred and hateful comments which have been made on her death. We have had screaming teenaged people brandishing placards of hate in public, many of them were not alive when she was in power. Similarly we have Corby residents shouting about the closure of the steel works by Thatcher when in truth the closures were planned and laid out I believe by Labour albeit they were then brought in by Thatcher’s government.’Poll Tax’, ‘School Milk’ and the ‘ Coal Mines’ all screetched at us by persons with little knowledge of the background or the true complexities behind all these actions. One could ask if we all really wanted to be governed by people who blindly followed Scargill? Many miners wanted to return to work and were villified by those on strike. And wasn’t the strike unofficial. We can all twist and turn facts to suit our own conceptions. Then of course there was The Falklands, as ex regular forces I had strong opinions, but never doubted the woman was a leader and a patriot, not a wishy washee tub thumping trotsky.
    ‘Hey Ho The Wich is Dead’ has reached the top of pop charts, that says it all I think. It demonstrates complete ignorance by those who proclaim it.
    So disagree with her policies by all means, but do it in a rational and measured way, not screaming abuse.
    Now for the Sergeant, he held the same rank as I did so I can speak, he should have made his point without displaying just how ignorant and petty he is. I would have no place for such a man serving beside me. He in common with the rabble screaming venom, might spare a thought for the Thatcher family, who at lkeast should expect the normal respect extended to the dead.


  9. I see it’s only the police that get forced out for gaffs though…

    Others just apologise and business as usual…

    One rule for one…

  10. I do not get your point.
    The fact that others, other than police, are guilty of ignorant ,oafish and ill mannered comment and behaviour, is in no way excusing any police officer who is stupid enough to join the rabble. I was expected as a police officer to treat all with respect, even if I disagreed with them.
    You can have differing views to others by all means, but it does not support or give truth to your opinion if you shout and scream and resort to insult.
    I wish no person dead, nor do I hope they suffer any hurt, no matter what I might think of their views.
    At times like these, the rabble in all walks of life shows itself and sticks it’s
    head above the parapet and sensing safety in numbers, feels free to show it’s true colours.
    I always had hope that this country was above such things, times change it seems, and the louder you shout and spit venom, the more you are heard.
    So this is what we are coming to.


    • Enough of the rabble and those who rouse them, I’m off to wage war on my resident mole who has played havoc with what’s left of my lawn. I even respect him in a way. I shall trap him and release him away from my garden,
      in a nearby wood, even he deserves a chance.

      • There’s only one way to get rid of a mole… blow its bloody head off…

      • One Time Special

        SP …………….Good morning to you, good to see you again, hope you are keeping well.

        I’m with you on this one. The dead, who ever they are, and their families, deserve the minimum courtesy of a reasonable interval for grief, mourning etc beofre the brickbats fly. When they do fly they should be lobbed in civil, tho’ tough if necessary, language, not in the obscene terms which I have seen as quoted from this officer. If one can think of nothing good to say of the deceased, then keep quiet.

        The “parties,” grave dancing etc we have seen are tasteless at best and speak only to the character of the party goers.

        • Yup…I went to such a demo yesterday …most were nice people, well read and intelligent… there were a few knob heads of course…

        • Just realised OTS I didn’t acknowledge your greeting. Bloody remiss of me and not intended. Getting absent minded, which isn’t helped by the fact that someone keeps hiding my car keys, found them in the fridge yesterday along with my second pair of specs and a left handed glove.
          Management is threatening to buy me one of those key rings that bleep when you whistle. She should talk, a couple of days ago I was sitting in the car outside Morrisons, when she returned, walked across, and got into a similar car to ours parked nearby. She sat there for a while next to a very perplexed man. As the car did not drive off, she looked across at her companion, only then realising it was a stranger. First time in a long while that she was lost for words, and of course it left me with an advantage which I shall use the next time my keys go missing, always assuming I remember it.
          Cheers Mate.

          • One Time Special

            ROFL!!! Yes, a considerable, almost strategic, advantage conceded there – enjoy!

            I too had keys in fridge problem – food shopping in work fridge for afternoon, went home without it – friends coming for meal – food still at work – Doh! Thereafter whenever food went in fridge, keys went too. Cue the old boy who did ht epost running round office with keys fingding out whose they were. Happened every time – he never remembered it was done on purpose!

    • Furor Teutonicus

      XX I wish no person dead, nor do I hope they suffer any hurt, no matter what I might think of their views.XX If we did, we may as well go off and join the bloody Bandidos, or the Hells Angels, or something.

      I was and AM there to uphold justice, and to protect those who can, or even WILL not, protect themselves.

      The WILL nots annoy me. But I will still stand up and protect them. In whichever way is relevant.

  11. “White people love playing “divide and rule”. We should not play their game.”
    Right Hon Diane Abbott twitter post, 4th Jan 2012.

    Apology accepted.

    We’re rightly held to a certain standard but so should other public sector workers, particularly MPs. The officer in question’s comments were indeed stupid and crass, to put it lightly, and he would/should have known the probable outcome of publishing them.

    To JuliaM, Plodnomore, I’m not in disagreement with you but I’d also agree with Shijuro and others that it’s the double-standards that’s starting to grate – police officers seem on their own when it comes to having to bare the consequences of actions like this.

    And as for having to remain impartial where politics are concerned – all well and good but not so easy when you’re in a very political firing line.

    • Ed me old luv.
      It’s because these very high standards are expected of you as police, that you are in a way compensated by receiving Top Rate Salaries, Gold Plated Pensions, support and backing from SMT and the undying respect of HM Government (irrespective of who’s in power). Why else are you treated so much better than others.
      ( S.P.grabs coat, hat, wellie boots and mole trap…….. exits in haste to avoid
      the various sling back sandals, five inch heeled shoes and miscellaneous handbags thrown at his reteating figure……………………..)

      Phew !


    • I thought Diane Abott when I heard about this story. She tweeted ( I think that’s the right phrase) racist comments. She was allowed to apologise, say her comments were taken out of context and allowed to carry on.

      What this Sergeant said/did was unacceptable and stupid and I agree that the stupidity alone does not justify himself being in the job. However is it right that he is forced out of his role when an MP, who should also maintain very high, professional standards is allowed to carry on.

      Further to this are we not constantly being told told that we are not special cases, that our jobs are no more demanding or dangerous than other sections of the public and private sector and that we deserve to be treated as everyone else when it comes to our pay and conditions.

      • I completely agree with your last paragraph Taff.The govt want it both ways.We are not a special case unless it suits them.
        My guess is that this Sergeant had his 30 years in and left before he was suspended to protect his pension.Whatever you think of what he did it gave the Daily Mail an open goal so I can’t forgive him for that.

    • The difference may be that the Black Abbot was referring to a generic racial characteristic when she made derogatory remarks. I do agree that she should have been treated more severely and can only imagine her comments if a white MP had made similar remarks about black people, but Parliament operates under different rules, where thieves, philanderers, adulterers, and liars are accepted as being amongst their peers. If Abbot had been more severely dealt with, it would have opened the floodgates and the green benches (on both sides) would have almost empty. Scott made his comments about specific people (Thatcher, May, Cameron) and his comments could give the intimation he wished harm upon May and Cameron. Under those circumstances, there is no way he could have continued as an impartial officer of the law. Similarly, the Cretinous Councillor who wanted a smiley face flag on the town hall, who is ’employed’, if that is the correct term, by those who elected him and only they can sack him, presumably at the next local election. Of course, if he had any moral fibre or conscience, he would stand down, but we are talking about politicians here. Whether local or central, there seems to be a plethora of single-minded, tunnel-visioned, self-serving, tossers who find themselves in positions where they have no moral right to be. Let’s hope that the upcoming local elections show what the councillor’s ward constituents think of his remarks. Of course, if it’s a staunch socialist ward, he will probably end up as Mayor! I’m now going to take a tablet, lie down, dream of escaping moles, and hope the world returns to normal when I wake up!

    • “…I’m not in disagreement with you but I’d also agree with Shijuro and others that it’s the double-standards that’s starting to grate – police officers seem on their own when it comes to having to bare the consequences of actions like this.”

      But they aren’t! Plenty of councillors have had to resign for Twitter idiocy, and just the other week we had the sorry tale of Paris Brown.

      • Point accepted re Paris Brown, although she decided not to take up her post DESPITE PCC Ann Barnes very public backing and support and glossing over her racist, violent and homophobic tweets by describing her stepping down as a “very sad day”.

        I haven’t noticed plenty of councillors having to resign over twitter comments to be honest. A quick Google of “MP twitter rant” gives us the likes of Diane Abbott, Barry Sheerman, Kerry McCarthy, Andy Platt, Julian Swainson, John Fareham, Sue Anderson, Collin Brewer, Linda Hobson apologising (sometimes) and continuing in their posts and David Potts and Gareth Compton going. Not my idea of plenty.

        • Brief Encounter

          That young woman has been treated appallingly, she should not have been appointed in the first place but look what has happened to her. Roundly vilified, I only hope that she will somehow be able to build on the media exposure and carve out a career in politics or public relations.

          Even Boris hasn’t treated himself to a bus with Boris Force 1 on it.

          • It wasn’t a pretty sight, but I can’t seem to muster much sympathy for her.

            Ann Barnes’ statement on the matter includes such gems as:

            “Hindsight is a great gift.”
            “The blame culture seldom achieves anything.”
            “It’s a very sad world that Paris is now held hostage to those comments she made. I do not condone them at all. But I do feel that they should not shape her future. Everyone makes mistakes.”

            Can’t imagine the Met Commissioner will be coming out with such supportive pearls of wisdom for Jeremy Scott, and nor would I expect or want him to.

            • Two dads would be in the queue sharpening the knife as he thought I his speech to the trash that we call media these days…

            • Met Police terse comment is to the media is: (Commander Allan Gibson): “This officer’s behaviour was completely unacceptable and it is right that he has resigned.”

              Can’t and won’t argue with that but I still maintain that there there appears to be one rule for the police and another for politicians.

      • A media storm created over tweets from when she was 13…by…the media..

  12. His pension was not in jeopardy unless he was charged with a criminal offence. Fortunately misconduct procedures do not impact on pension.
    It would be difficult to even justify suspension in accordance with the guidelines whilst awaiting a conduct enquiry.
    Personally I thought it was appropriate to resign, however not knowing if there were any background circumstances behind his illjudged comments I would not leap to judgement.
    It is true that the Police are the regulated profession with the highest formal coded system of ethics, it would be nice to see a similiar code imposed on lawyers and MP’s. Their standardsof ethics seem to be rather more theoretical than actual.

    • Considering that more than 2/3rds of the government and mps have had to refund expenses they claimed FRAUDULANTLY…

      It would seem you are right… I would be sacked…in fact me having this blog is career threatening…

  13. Criminal Justice is a Farce

    Shij, trying to wrap up the stupid sergeants comments in some sort of freedom of speech defence doesn’t cut it. His comments were crass, stupid beyond belief and not those of anyone I would ever want to work with or be associated with.
    I suspect this idiot had his 30 years in and decided this might be his swansong. If he didn’t have his 30 years in he is even more stupid than I thought.
    Police officers, on or off duty are expected to behave in a decent and civilised way and not stoop to that sort of bile on a public forum. His comments may amount to a criminal offence. No officer should put themselves in a position where their behaviour might amount to an offence. Good ridance.

  14. Furor Teutonicus

    XX can’t be arsed to do their homework XX

    MOST of the people here are beyond that. But you just go off and watch sponge Bob, then the dinner lady MAY let you into the playground for half an hour, before your “after dinner napp”.

    Who knows… you MAY finally get your hands on the lego set! 🙂

  15. Brief Encounter

    He Shij this must count as one of your most answered blogs. Carry on like this and you will be up thee wih IG.

  16. In the unlikely event that any of you might wish to have an update…..
    At 1510 today, a trap was successfully sprung and Mr. Tiggywinkel was
    transferred to custody. After being suitably cautioned, he was transported to the top wood where he was released. A suitable ban has been placed on his return to my garden.
    Live and let live!

    • Brief Encounter

      What is great about me and you old mate uis that we bimble on with our own lives. I however am very interested that you locked up a Hedgehog, your first arrest for some years I guess. But maybe you should have imposed a conditional caution or put him before the court to get a restraining order. He’ll be back. He is probably back out there now.

      Incidentally since moving from the rural idyl to suburbia albeit by the coast, our garden is sealed as far as such critters is concerned, the fences are all mounted on concrete gravel panels. I plan to import some frog spawn but I’ll be condemning them to a life in my garden only. Later when they make the big time they’ll refer to life at my place as the swamp years.

      Now what were the bloggers on about?

      • Hey BE.
        I passed your old ‘Gaff’ yesterday, no ‘ Picasso’ parked outside, then I realsied there wouldn’t be because you had moved on to the ‘Garden of England’ concrete gravel boards and all. Pleased to hear you intend to provide a wild life pond for the frogs but worried you might replace the surburban lawn with a hard surface.We had a skipper once who was very proud of his landscaped front garden which as a centre piece, had a large plinth surmounted by a bird bath with scupltured stone birds and a stone heron, it was a sight to behold! One night duty we acquired a discarded white lavatory pan complete with cistern and plumbing. Whilst he slumbered dreaming of his architectural masterpiece, we removed it and mounted the lavatory in it’s place. Have you ever seen a seventeen stone six feet two hairy arsed police sergeant cry?
        Take care,

        • Brief Encounter

          My front garden is pebbles, many local folk have had block paving laid, I benefitted in that I got a load of hard core from one of the jobs which was the left overs. No doubt the profits will go to a Big Fat Party round these parts. I am watching with interest for early signs of subsidence. I plan to restore part of the front to a formal lawn and rose bed. There is a fair bit of concrete going into the raised beds at the back but it will all be fairly green.

        • Brief Encounter

          Course the modern version of that is the wag who gets onto the autocorrect and changes things so that every time someone types ‘the’ it changes it to something else or puts in a picture of something.

  17. Off topic but has anyone seen the football violence on the news. I love how the media are portraying it as something unusual as though football violence is a thing of the past.
    Football hooliganism is alive and well in this country and always has been. The only reason it is not seen that often is because the police have developed more effective tactics to monitor and deal with it and brave men and women out themselves in harms way every weekend to prevent it happening.

  18. Brief Encounter

    Thats it, I have read all my papers for tomorrow, filled my head up with yet more facts that I must then rapidly forget to make way for yet more after that. Dull it isn’t!

    For absent friends who still haven’t joined us.

  20. I was stupid enough to care about the future. Fuck the lot of you. Enjoy.

  21. Brief Encounter

    I claim 100th!

  22. Brief Encounter

    Strange folk clients adamant about a trial so you get yourself all geared and what do they do? Yeap they plead. Entirely the right decision but in terms of credit he left it a bit late.

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