…not that a thief can run up 300 offences…Shameful enough I agree, but that a judge didn’t jail the idiot for more than 18 months… He needs 5 to 10… This is what bothers me most…idiot thieves are idiots. Judges should know better? They don’t though…when you see stories with judges that choose not to sentance a thief because ‘he might go too far’…. Or a judge that lets a child sex offender free because ‘he was sorry’ even though he obviously wasn’t… Now that thinking IS shameful…


6 responses to “Shameful….

  1. I’m surprised he’s the country’s most prolific thief. Only 342 offences? I wonder if he’ll get to 500 before he dies…

  2. Maximum sentence for breach of ASBO, 5 years. Surely after more than 10 breaches (if not alot earlier than that) the judge could justify giving out the maximum sentence. Two breaches = 10 years. That should sort him out for a while. Even if they ran concurrent a five year sentence would be better than 18 months! Incidentally I’ve never heard of an indefinate ASBO before. Wonder what led to that. Did he have a previous ASBO of a set time but then the time limit changed when he continued breaching? Does anyone have any background on that? It’s something that really interests me as I have my own reservations about ASBO’s and am always looking for facts, figures and examples to help me measure their effectiveness.

  3. I arrested a chap a few years ago who had 600 previous convictions.He wondered why he didn’t get bail!.He was an alcoholic from Glasgow and he was about 65.It took about 15 minutes for the printer to churn out his CRO.

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