sgt Andrews back at work…

I bet the chief constable of Wiltshire police is gutted… back/holiday pay too… lol


But what a time he must have had…

And what a damning indictment of our own police SMT…



9 responses to “sgt Andrews back at work…

  1. Linky?

  2. Old hat now. They wanted blood & thought they had it, but now there’s no mileage.

  3. 10 miserable years to go

    So his conviction is quashed and the judge tells the job that it can’t have two bites at the cherry and discipline him but the chief constable still won’t accept he was wrong to sack him. Tosser. I hope he sues them then tells them to poke it.

  4. That this Sergeant was ever placed in this situation was disgraceful enough. That he should then have to fight to redeem his rightful place is all the more so…

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