Mmm…vaguely familiar….

I see surrey have scrapped SIREN…

For you, gentle reader, SIREN is a police Intel system… And no that’s not an oxymoron. 😉

It follows the same track that most, if not all, police IT systems follow:

Some HQ pip sees a need for a computer system; sees a potential to build an empire and make him/herself ‘street proof’ for a few years…

They then put out for tender…this is usually accompanied by trips to see working systems-sometimes in other countries…at your expense of course…

When they get back, no matter how good the systems they have seen are, they buy the cheapest…well, that costs lowest INITIALLY…

They then put their empire into place and sit back to await promotion or medal…it doesn’t matter that it don’t work THEY DON’T USE IT…

Then it requires upgrades, new kit, training….

Eventually though, it gets ‘bubbled’ and someone makes a decision to put it out of our misery.

But…the pip that started it had moved on or retired so there’s no millage in flogging them.

Besides…they’ve all done it eh?

So another waste of money £14,000,000 …it’s not like we are short eh? Or laying people off..or not recruiting…

Of course at the sharp end, we don’t have mobile PNC, Intel…etc… I expected more from the computer systems of the 21St century….


8 responses to “Mmm…vaguely familiar….

  1. GMP yesterday attemped and failed to implement an update to their custody computer system, that would implement a massively OTT risk assessment procedure..
    As is the norm , it has been developed without any real consultation with the practitioners and with no thought or input from those who will have to use it.
    a 60+ page update has been dropped on the toes of the custody sgt’s this week and 1/2 of them will not even have a chance to read it before the system goes live.
    The Supt and Ch Insp ‘who have a buzz of excitement about the update’ and have built a mini empire out of the centralisation of custody in GMP, will all be off this weekend when the chaos /confusion kicks in.
    It will now take longer than most people spend with their GP or a professional consultant, just to get past the risk assessment part of the custody process.
    (conservative estimates put the initial risk assessment taking 10-30minutes depending on the detainee).
    This process will also have to revisited after every interview/consultation/doctors review/extension etc etc.
    Peter Fahy, was not that long ago waxing on about the risk averseness of modern policing, whilst a good risk assessment of a detainess is a must, the introduction of an inflexible/time consuming and ill thought out system, just shows how out of touch leadership is with the frontline.
    Streamlining the judicial process. my arse

  2. Criminal Justice is a Farce

    I am well aware of this project. Suffice to say, all those involved in it have moved on up the greasy pole. There is no one left, who was involved in the critical decisions, to take responsibility for this fiasco.

    • My previouys farce had a system bought from Canada. Obviously, there were “fact finding” trips to Canada for the so called experts, ie. Supt. and above who in their yoof owned a ZX Spectrum. Canadian officers who actually used the system said it was sh1te but they still went ahead and bought it. It was tweaked for our use but still …………………….how can I put this politely…………………..wasSH1TE.
      I’m in the wrong job. Maybe I’m still honest and have a consience?

      • Brief Encounter

        The alternative to buying an existing system and tweaking it is to build it yourself. Few forces would have that facility or the necessary resources.

        The way ahead is to amalgamate all forces and to have universal systems.

        Never thought of ‘police’ and ‘intelligence’ being an oxymoron. ‘ Intelligent’ though that is different, after all the lack of A levels and too much ink says it all!

  3. GMP yesterday attempted and failed (in allotted time) to implement an update to it’s custody computer system.
    This was a massive overhaul and introduction of a new risk assessment process, which in the words of the Ch Insp and Supt of the custody branch, was creating ‘a great excitement and buzz’.
    These muppets will obviously be off if and when it starts working this weekend and will miss the real shock/horror and frustration experienced by custody staff in attempting to implement it. The mere fact that only 1/2 the staff will have time to read the 60+ page briefing guide prior to it’s implementation (as was only sent out Tuesday) should be worrying enough. But , no , the risk assessment process developed with little/no input from end users shows just how out of touch management is from the frontline.
    Whilst a thorough risk assessment process is paramount, it should not be to the detriment of the judicial process and should not overshadow it.
    The initial risk assessment will take between 10 and 30 minutes to complete, that’s if you push all the right keys and the detainee is compliant.
    It doesn’t end there though, the risk assessment has to be revisited after every interview/consultation/medical examination/arrest/charge etc and then upon release or transfer.
    It is a sledgehammer to break a nut approach to fixing a recommendation by those with hindsight and 20/20 rearview arsecovering vision.
    An empire has been built in custody centralisation in GMP, it was sold to everyone as a panacea and has over the past 2 years been tweaked, prodded, and staff pushed from pillar to post to make it work. It has a staff management unit that now won’t/can’t even do the rota’s for it’s own staff???
    The workload between the various sites is skewed. On a daily basis, the same 4-5 sites will be run ragged whilst the others will be slack.
    There are 10 custody inspectors, who are hardly ever there, most reviews are done via phone which is not best practice and short of signing off overtime claims for staff, serve no useful purpose.
    As for the SMT, no one really knows what they look like as all correspondence is via email and no interest or concern is shown for concerns raised or issues encountered. Morale is non existent.
    It is a perfect example of SMT bullying.

    Peter FAHY waxed lyrical recently about risk averseness in the cops.
    I guess the irony is lost upon him.

    Once this update has been implemented, the SMT are looking to close one/possibly 2 more custody suites ( in the name of efficiency- nothing to do with money/staffing costs etc ….lalalalalala) thereby increasing further the workload on staff.
    Still from their office at force headquarters, or from working at home , I’m sure the SMT for custody in GMP have a firm figure on the pulse of what’s going on and the best interests of it’s staff and clientele at heart.


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