What happens if you mess with the police abroad…


This delightful example of an ‘englishman’ boarded a flight to the ol’ US of A drunk as the proverbial bastard…he then kicked off at the flight attendants…

Following a short diversion he kicked off at my American brothers (actually he attacked a WPC and threatened to kill her).

Unlike us pussies, American police don’t subscribe to the ‘police by consent’ model bullshit we do; won’t smile and say “move along sir there’s a good chap” when attacked or threatened; have the backing of their gaffers  and fought back…with batons, taser and a can of whoop-ass…

He is now in a jail…

Lol…love it…

If we were like that I can’t help but think we would have fewer problems..



26 responses to “What happens if you mess with the police abroad…

  1. Now had that happened over here and that vile yob made a complaint the complaints dept and maybe the IPCC would get involved and the officers would probably end up suspended.
    Certain sections of the public and certainly the media would start calling for the officers to be sacked and jailed.

  2. spot on.
    We would be in the crap,and he would get loads of compo and NO punishment.

  3. I role around custody most weekends with drunken violent thugs, knowing that all my actions are being recorded 27/4 with audio on the 100+ cameras ( no,I’m not exaggerating).
    I can be threatened, abused, with some of the most vile language under the son, kicked punched, bitten etc,but the moment I hit someone, I know the shit storm that follows.
    we don’t carry cs in custody- as its crap and unselective.
    my farce won’t issue pepper spray
    taser requires duty officer deployment.
    so we’re left with holds, wrist locks and talking tough.
    Whilst a smack in the gob, might look bad on camera, it does get the point across that I ain’t a punchbag for the public, but unfortunately before I can hit someone ONCE, I have to risk my safety and serious injury to them and me by using arm/wrist locks that only work on sober non drugged people.
    All I want is the support and confidence that I would be treated fairly should I floor someone. Alas, it isn’t forthcoming ,so me and my colleagues go home each weekend with sore/strained arms, knees and prisoners with hyper extension wrist injuries and dead arms and legs…….and we all await the inevitable psd investigations.
    A smack in the gob might offend, but it’s better than positional asphyxia.

    I can pretty much guarantee, that bloke in picture, will be all please and thank you’s in any future dealings with plod abroad. Unfortunately, I pity the poor Pc (racist/sexist/overpaid/illiterate thug) who says hello to him and smiles, whilst trying to stop him walking drunkenly into traffic on a Friday night.
    society is more fucked than the job

  4. 10 miserable years to go

    Yup, they certainly know to treat the underclass.
    Our bosses just don’t have any balls.

  5. Brief Encounter

    You guys do not police by consent that is utter crap. If the public do support you and incidentally I do, then all well and good. But you actually do what you do because it is enshrined in law.

  6. Just what happened in the early seventies when I joined and they never came back for more.It wasnt pretty but it worked just turn the clock back job sorted.

  7. Furor Teutonicus

    Amazing. Look at the comments on this, and other similar storys.

    “Yippee” Yahooo” “Give it to him!” type of things.

    Some drunk bastard trips over (You KNOW who I mean!) in front of British/German/French/Swedi…. you name it, police during a riot, and same news paper is all over us as if we were the bloody brownshirts, or something.

  8. I wouldn’t mind betting that if this person had kicked off in the UK and ended up looking like that after an encounter with British police the DM would be trying to identify the officers and ‘doorstep’ them as soon as they could whilst the commentards went on about how they live in a ‘fascist police state’ and ‘why does it need more than one officer’.

  9. British police use minimum force so they are respected at all times.

    There is no need to try to conjure up using excessive force in this country.


  10. British police use as much force as necessary.

    so if that means the yob ends up having a black eye, broken arm etc, it is for the officer to justify that proportionate response.
    However, it is always portrayed by media and victim as ott. because everyone’s an angel when the drink and drugs have worn off.
    The guilty till proven innocent approach when it comes to cops using force is what sucks in the UK.

    go troll somewhere else

      The above post is from is a known, attention-seeking troll who repeatedly hijacks and spoils police blogs with, at best self-indulgent and pity-seeking nonsense (e.g. pretending to ‘know things’ about other posters) and at worse relentless, petulant and foul-mouthed abuse, at times sinking to racism and homophobia. She will always have to have the last word, despite any sensible attempts to reason with her. It is feared that she likely suffers from drink and/or mental health-related issues. In her own best interests, and those of the blog, PLEASE starve her of the attention it craves and don’t get drawn in by posting any further reply, whatsoever. Your choice, of course, but it NEVER ends well.

  11. I was wandering around the fine city of Newport yesterday, and noticed the local coppers had an extra box on there uniform ?
    i hope its a camera, but a Tazer would be more use looking at some of the stupid drongoes I came across in the city centre
    thug above deserved everything he got
    I bet hes all bloody sweetness and light now
    wonde rif his local bobbies have had dealings with him
    just imagine the laughter in the canteen !

  12. Brief Encounter

    Yeah but it makes us feel at home. I think it is IG

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