OMG (sniff) this is soooooo unfair!

Just watched a hilarious interview with the yoof PCC… It sounded more like a naughty kid in the head masters office than a Mm political interview…

“all of my comments have been taken out of context!”, moaned Paris… “I am mature enough”, she wailed, “I am a teenager and I say stupid things! But I am up to being the youth commissioner”

She then started crying… She went on to say that she didn’t mean anything she said and was really sorry about the comments ranging from how she was going to get slaughtered to how she hated being horny after a night out to how “faggots” keep annoying her by playing knock door run.

I thought the best bit was when she said that it wasn’t fair to compare her behaviour with older people because they haven’t grown up with twitter so they didn’t say stupid things!

You couldn’t make it up…love it…more to come too…will she last the week?

Yup… The PCC won’t bin her just yet…but I could hear her sharpening the knife behind her back….

Couple of months before she moves on to do ‘other things…’

+++++stop press+++++
Now the cops are investigating her tweets following complaints from the public!

Got to be a first…

Resignation within the week anyone?

+++++ stop-stop press! +++++
She has gone!


16 responses to “OMG (sniff) this is soooooo unfair!

  1. I don’t blame the girl at all, the blame lies with the daft PCC that thought it a good idea to have a paid youth PCC. It was bound to fail, either the young person is “sensible”, like William Hague at that Tory conference, and so has no credibility with any other kids, or, she does what I fully expect young people to do !! That is, be passionate, talk nonsense, get drunk, have enthusiasm, be silly, learn difficult lessons.
    Slightly silly girl, very very silly PCC.

  2. Furor Teutonicus


    You mean Hilton, or some other bimbo with plastic tits and teeth?

  3. Furor Teutonicus

    Thinking about it, I would LOVE to have a “one to one” in the interview room, with your…. or ANY “diversity officer”…. ESPECIIALLY if it is female, with red hair, green eyes and BIG tits”, Or have I just failed the job interview?

  4. God, we’re a laughing stock. The usual suspects won’t differentiate between this girl on £16k pa and a newly hired probationer on £19k pa. It’s all the police as far as they’re concerned.

  5. I can’t get over how on earth the stupid mare that is the PCC thinks that this waste of space is worth any form of salary. Whilst it is probably right and proper that the PCC (and therefore the Police) engage with the yoof of today, it is not fair that public money is spent in such a way on this engagement. Then again, give young enough people the “engagement” and wages and in a couple of years these same people will vote you back in as PCC.

  6. 10 miserable years to go

    Now that she works for the police shouldn’t she be suspended whilst every possible resource is used to incriminate, sorry I meant to say investigate, what she has done. She should then be dragged before a discipline board even if there is no criminal case to answer, sacked and lose her pension. Oh silly me, its only police officers that get treated like that.

  7. Prime example of one rule for “them” and another for “us”…. if as a pleb I were to post a homophobic comment I can expect to be finding a new job quite sharpish…

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