Good cop…not so bad cop…

Last night my partner and I ended up in a tussle with a gentleman from the parachute regiment…

To say he was strong and tough as nails is doing a disservice to nails! He kicked off because his mate got thumped by another drunk…his mate is a paramedic!

We tried, of course, to explain to all of them that since we had not witnessed who hit who etc…we could deal in one of two ways: all get arrested for affray or all go away wiser and with their notifiable occupations intact…

Drink interceded however and following a CS makeover, the para was handcuffed and conveyed to our station…

My mate (a former infantry soldier too) and I were both uncomfortable with the ideas of screwing his career and him being PTd to death by the RMP…

The custody officer was also of a like mind so we arrested him for a beach of the peace instead… Booked him a taxi…his paramedic mate was likewise released without a record…

I wonder how long we can continue to give this kind of justice?


14 responses to “Good cop…not so bad cop…

  1. We always did our best to look after soldiers when they stepped out of line. Probably get disciplined now.

  2. Well played Shijuro!
    I don’t think our new boss would be that sensible………….

  3. Furor Teutonicus

    XX and him being PTd to death by the RMP… XX

    🙂 🙂

    Military Provost staff corp…. bye the way… Same “branch”, but….

    Bloody Paras! Where are they when you need them?? 😉

    • 10 miserable years to go

      Don’t let anyone of rank know what you did. Common sense isn’t allowed as it doesn’t get them promotion.
      Good on ya fella.

    • Para Reg..When you need them?…Probably already to your front!

  4. Brief Encounter

    and this is something that you would offer any professional is it?

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