Another nail in the coffin of the Police…

There is an crass old saying: “women are the niggers of the world”…and it appears we are fast approaching this status ourselves…

Imelda and the home office goons she commands must have rubbed their hands together with glee when they saw the MSM reports of that wpc claiming compo for tripping over… She is now promising a review into police civil claims suggesting she is looking to stop claims by officer on duty.

This means..with our no right to silence, we have now slipped beneath even immigrants and foreign nationals in citizen status…we will be lower than criminals, illegals and well…everyone.

This is a really serious step by the government if they do it (and lets face it…they hate us enough) …think about it for a moment…we have had the right of legal redress since the Doomsday book…even King John didn’t remove that!

And…where are the fed?

At war with themselves…seemingly impotent to address anything…

PCSOs with arrest powers…this is the future of law enforcement …

There has never been a worse time to be in the job…


18 responses to “Another nail in the coffin of the Police…

  1. I don’t see how she can hope to do this. She will be ignoring our rights while at the same time saying ” get injured and your sacked” all that would happen will be officers saying ” sorry but I’m not doing that/ going in there/ arresting him, iv got a family to look after and mortgage to pay. I can’t risk getting injured”.
    She’s a fool and clearly advised by fools.
    As for the fed they are done, last I heard the constables branch withdrew funding and I hope that’s still the case I have had enough of paying for fancy hotels and meals for the national board while my wages are stolen.

  2. Brief Encounter

    The Home Secretary is not a fool, far from it. She and Mr Grayling and Mr Winsor are in fact very clever, which is why you guys need someone equally clever to represent you a a national level. Sadly there does not appear to be anyone at the moment.

    In terms of your legal rights you must fight to keep these, having them taken away will mean that you are indeed less important than other employees.

    Unlike you I have to pay my subs to my professional body otherwise I would be unable to practice. When payment for something is optional I want to see value for money.

    • The thing is…we now has less rights than ordinary citizens…no right to silence…and soon no right to legal redress…
      I see a situation where I could be injured through force negligence, A20d out of the job and have no legal redress…

      What a way to treat people that risk their lives to keep you safe…

      With the MSM hammering us…nobody will care either…

  3. Furor Teutonicus

    So…. How long will it be, before a soldiers family can sue, because “he was put in danger”?

    What is with “Acceptable risk”?

    You want life easy?

    Join the fucking girl guides!

    And NO! That is NOT “anti police”, it is what you “join up for”.

    At least, it was in “My day”.

  4. Both sides of this argument have merit.
    What is changing is the goalposts.
    I wouldn’t sue for tripping over a kerb, I would sue if I was placed in danger by leadership/victim who kept equipment/information from me that led to serious injury. in my present day, that’s common sense/self preservation and keeping my kids in clothes and food on the table.

    I see the £85K a year Kent PCC trough was too shallow, so Ms BARNES doshed out for a YOOF advisor.
    Unfortunately, hasn’t quite worked out, still with all coppers being racist,homophobic thugs, she should fit in well.

    Politics/police/kids, what could possibly go right.
    Just need religion in the mix and by YAHWEH, all our problems will be solved

    On a positive note, Kudos to Ms BARNES for part-funding PARIS’s adventure into public trough feeding by paying part of her wage from her own pocket(sorry public wage of £85K). I’m sure it’s a substantial contribution, not a pittance, expense or tax deductible.

    Policing, why would you?

  5. as for the N word in any context on a police blog.

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