YES! You heard it here first! Murder no longer a serious crime!

A Polish woman who killed her husband by repeatedly stamping on his head cannot be deported from Britain because of EU rules, it emerged today.

A judge rejected the Home Office’s claim that Theresa Rafacz posed a danger to the public despite her admitting the ‘gratuitous’ attack.

Mr Justice Blake, the UK’s most senior immigration judge, ruled that she could stay because her crime did not cross a ‘seriousness threshold’ under European law.

EU citizens can only be ordered out of the country if they have committed crimes in ‘exceptional circumstances.’

Rafacz pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was jailed for two years after Belfast Crown Court was told how she ‘lost control’ when she came home from work to find her husband Piotr drunk while he was meant to be looking after their three-year-old son.

So many things wrong with this I’m not sure where to start!

TWO YEARS for killing someone by STAMPING ON HIS head???


Then a judge saying it was not serious enough for a deportation order?


I love the assessment of MEDIUM risk of reoffending too!!! Time bomb or what…




32 responses to “YES! You heard it here first! Murder no longer a serious crime!

  1. It brings to mind the Monty Python description:- “Lightly Killed……….”

  2. And there lies the problem. Even when there is justification to deport and all the bases are loaded we get some idiotic judge making decisions like this. Much the same as the high profile “hate preacher” cases.
    We are all doomed, doomed !

  3. What difference does it make. As an EU citizen she can come back here the next day and nobody would be any the wiser!

  4. I m surprised we are surprised.
    Thought they would make out her to be a victim and award compo !
    World has been raving mad because of out of touch judges and” politicians”(just go and wash my mouth and hands),for too long,this is why UKIP will soon be the biggest party as all the other are the same and human rights laws cannot be changed as party of Euro treaty that none of us wanted.
    Rant over.

    • Brief Encounter

      Yes but the law is created primarily by Parliament and our honourable judges apply it. When the Judges get it wrong, people like me try to put it right. You cannot criticise a Judge for following the law. If you don’t like the law then you have to get Parliament to change it. Simples.

  5. Furor Teutonicus

    Heard it HERE first…..Sorry, could not resist… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I too am surprised that you/we are surprised!

  7. Brief Encounter

    I was neither surprised nor particularly concerned once I had considered the details. The court must have been satisfied of a loss of control and look at the circumstances, drunk in charge of a child. She however was driven, it would appear by her maternal instincts. Less than a hundred years ago we would have hung her.

    • Sorry but that’s no excuse for what she did. What her husband done is wrong and would anger any parent but its not as if he was sexually or physically the child and she suddenly found out. you can not argue her maternal instincts took over to the point she repeatedly stamped on his head causing her footwear and jeans to be “plastered in blood”. She clearly has a temper and is unable to control that temper and that makes her dangerous.
      Imagine a reversal in the scenario and it was the husband who come home in those circs and acted like she did. He would be, rightfully so, vilified and screams of domestic abuse would echo.

      • This… Her risk should be minimal if its a one off? But her risk level is telling this ex PPU DC that she is a dangerous person…homicidal… This wasn’t a turn sorting and stab sort of attack…this was a sustained and brutal assault-have you any idea the level of sustained violencee required to stamp on sometimes head until their skull fractures, their brain swells and tears causing death? Its considerable…I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near this woman when she went pop?

      • Furor Teutonicus

        XX What her husband done is XX

        Past tense of “Do” is… “DID”, NOT “done”.

        Why does a German have to start teaching English around here?

        • You are, of course, free to fuck off… ๐Ÿ™‚

          Sorry…bit tired… Long night… Bit cs’d…

        • I do apologise for being completely thick and for a German to correct me on my grammatical errors is clearly unforgivable. Still over the many years I have been doing this job it’s never been an issue and I’ve never had a not guilty verdict in magistrates or crown. I’ve locked up many villains but I guess my poor use of the Ehglush language makes me a shit copper. In future I will endeavour to maintain the standards you expect.

          You’d probably have a shit fit if you heard my wenglish when I use phrases such as “where to is that then” and “I’ll be there now in a minute”.

        • Ah, pedantry over typos/spelling – “the last refuge of the bereft of argument and the witless”

      • Brief Encounter

        Nah that’s just spatter stop grand standing.

  8. Off topic but just seen the news mention this little brat who’s been made a youth commissioner! Wtf is a youth commissioner and what is the actual point in it. It’s complete bollocks. I’m sick and tired of hearing how we need to “engage” and “build bridges” with the youth of today. No we don’t, none of us had it easy growing up and it can be difficult being a teenager but I would never have behaved like some of the feral bastards do. The problem with the youth of today is the lack of respect for society in general.

    The reason I refer to this girl as a brat is due to some of the comments posted on Twitter. If I posted such nonsense I would rightfully be sacked.

  9. Brief Encounter

    Taff Taff, you need to stay in mor and read the paper, that was announced last week. But that adapt is probably one of the more sensible ones. Soon enough there will be others looking after the interests of retired police officers, budding Germanic English language teachers and maybe even lawyers. Anything in fact to avoid spending any money on policing.

  10. Brief Encounter

    Typos: adapt = appt and mor = more. If you see any others work them out yourselves.

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