The three men who steered HBoS to the brink of collapse today face calls for a lifetime ban on working in the City after their ‘catastrophic failures’ saddled taxpayers with a £28billion bill.

More than four years since the lender had to be rescued by Lloyds and a massive government bailout, the ‘reckless’ bankers at the top have been slated in an official report into the debacle.


that’s 823, 000 coppers…900,000 nurses…

That’s more than a thousand times more than the Brinks Mat bullion robbery-they got 25-years each…

What has happened to this lot?

Nothing. Zero… nada… zilch..

Money talks eh?


24 responses to “Hello? CPS? DOT? ANYONE?

  1. Meanwhile, in Fed la-la land…


    Seriously, WTF?!!

  2. IPCC Statement on ‘PLEBGATE’ Soon……. It will be definitive and “Not on camera”. BBC News 24.. Tune in now!

  3. Money talks eh?

    But I understand that it don’t sing and dance and it don’t walk. 😉

  4. future PCC’s . business experience, captains of industry(lol) etc etc.

    and has anyone seen the new conditional caution powers.
    can now impose conditions to leave UK
    can see lots of our eastern European cousins getting very upset re this.
    can see lots refusing to accept it,
    ah well, magistrates wanted more charged.

    • 10 miserable years to go

      Sod the cautions, we should be slinging most of them out anyway. Especially the romanians and bulgarians theiving bastards.

  5. Furor Teutonicus

    XX Money talks eh? XX
    Commy bastard!….. 🙂

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