PSE, Goths and the cops…

Well…its seems some residents of a well know Surrey ‘beauty’ spot are upset at the doggers…for the uninitiated dogging is the practice of meeting outdoors for group sex…(some people have the strangest hobbies-but I guess Morris dancing looks pretty odd too-gets complaints as well!) The local dog walkers are fed up of being a accosted as they spread kilos of dog poos for people to walk in…(ok, ok, ok most are nice and collect it etc…)

They seem to be stunned as to why the cops seem to avoid doing anything about it…

She inadvertently hits the nail on the head as to why we don’t…following he call to HQ to report it… “Perhaps”, she says,  “the police fear that if these people are confronted they will go to the European Court of Human Rights to uphold their right to sexual fulfilment.There is certainly, according to those officers I have talked to, a concern that gay cruisers should not be confronted too robustly for fear the police will be deemed homophobic. Indeed, when I called Surrey Police to ask them to explain their policy about sex in outdoor spaces, I was told that I would need to speak to their ‘diversity officer’ and also to LAGLO. ‘What is that?’ I asked. ‘It’s our Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officer,’ he said. In fact, the person who called me back with a response to my queries was a Press officer at Surrey Police headquarters, but his response will fill any right-minded person with utter despair…”

Police too miss…police too… Fact is the heads at HQ are scared to death of us upsetting minority groups…so scared they issue ‘guidance’ that results in a ‘Shitagram’ signed by a DCI or above inviting you for interview without coffee should you ignore it…

The gay lobbyists have managed to successfully argue and convince MPs that cottaging and cruising is a party of their culture…so…by us stopping them we are the state oppressing a minority…quite apart from stopping ordinary people being upset at being confronted by such things…but as you know gentle reader ordinary people are not really cared about…because they don’t get on TV to ram their points down our throats… (oops…oerr matron)…

We are now saying goths are a minority group now to be included in the category of hate crimes…

So…if you are a black, pregnant, lesbian, transgender goth, that is an MP and into outdoor sex…I reckon you are pretty much immune from prosecution in this country…



32 responses to “PSE, Goths and the cops…

  1. 10 miserable years to go

    The possibility of a 1st !!!

    As they say, it only takes a small minority to spoil it for everyone else.

  2. Furor Teutonicus

    HEY! What about bikers pal!!??

    We had this shit for YEARS, and NO bastard was interested!

    (“Jews; Niggers, Snakes, Irishmen, and “Bikers” not allowed!”

    Remember those days?

    Only snakes and bikers have NOT recieved “protection”.

    Although it is PROBABLY easier to import a snake, than it is a biker.

  3. Does it now mean that an exclamation of “I hate the ‘flipping’ Police” should be classed as a Hate Crime?

    After all we are a visible minority grouping who dress oddly and are the subject of oppression from the Government?

    Just a thought…………………….

  4. another office job in the offing for the Goth liason officer, but will probably have to work nights.

    • I should add, I support this.
      It isn’t big, it isn’t cleaver, it’s sensible. I mean a death occurred in 2007 and it’s now 2012, that’s fast for GMP.
      Maybe by 2020 they’ll do something more constructive than recording figures differentely and getting in press with another NON STORY

      • WD .I can taste the sarcasm.

        Still, no doubt someone got a promotion out of it. Another box to tick.
        await the outcry from the marginalised punks and emo’s….if they can be meh.

        It was a sad event in 2007, a tragedy. But ticking a box isn’t going to stop it happening again, feral youth will always be feral.
        It isn’t the job of police to sort out societies failings and shortfalls, not when we’re all about crime, 20% down and our agenda is dictated by a PCC.
        Still no doubt Fahey will spin a yarn about engaging with those we serve and his deputy(I like) will wax on/wax off to get the next rank.

        will anything change………….no
        will anyone care by this time next week after another cop bashing story beaks ………no

      • Perhaps we should have a criminal liaison officer…

  5. This reminds of an early great post by gadget (hallowed be his name) where he recounted a meeting with chipping cleghorn-on-the-wold Women’s Institute or some such and found that according to our indoctrination he probably should have been locking them up for public order, so unfashionable were their views. He said “don’t they realise all this (the political correctness) is done in their name”. We sometimes forget that our policies are driven by a vocal minority and most ordinary folk (including the underclass as it happens) do not believe in or want it.

  6. I have just applied for a newly established post of Vampire,Werewolf and Zombie Liason officer……Night Shift only, and attracts Anti Social hours allowance. Garlic spray, Sharpened Stakes but no Firearms with Silver Bullets will be provided …….There are currently no other applicants.

  7. So being rude to prople who wear black and look miserable is a hate crime. Thats the police covered. Now if I stop an emo self harmring am I interfering with its culture?

    • Yup… I am gutted none of my kids are earning 15k relatin to da yuttt…

    • My spellings are bad, does that make me a minority, of Dark Wizard.

      • Yes…have some money and a mission officer…

        • 10 miserable years to go

          Just go add that this crime was absolutely horrific and deserved the full investigation it received. also nobody deserves to be picked on/bullied because of the way they look etc. and I truly feel sorry for the friends and family of this poor girl. The people that carried out this attack are the scum of humanity and I hope that they suffer every day of the rest of their miserable lives.
          however, is this any more horrific than when some random mop gets murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong

        • Brief Encounter

          I’m on the dark side now.

  8. So who defines a subculture that can be appropriate to consider as possible victims for a hate crime? I don’t follow the legal basis for this.

  9. There is not,or shouldn’t be, any such thing as a ‘Hate Crime’. Crime is Crime is Crime is……………….! There is also no such thing as ‘Love Crime’ or indeed ‘Can barely be Arxxd to do it Crime’.

    • Brief Encounter

      I agree there should be no need for recognition of special victim groups everyone in society should be treated to the same high standard and how insulting to categorise someone as being a member of a sub culture.

  10. I believe decent hardworking people are a sub class.
    Can I have a medal?
    Anyone know if I.G. is Ok?

  11. I was told during my training that, if in a public place, it doesn’t scare the horses or old ladies, it’s not an offence. A more modern outlook would be, if it doesn’t cause harrassment, alarm or distress, it’s not an offence. A Police force not that far from where I used to work have told their troops not to visit certain areas during the hours of darkness after complaints of harrassment. Now I know where to take that nicked motor and burn it out (if I was so inclined) as I know there will be no Police to nick me – there may be several middle aged blokes with saggy bellies and just as many elderly ladies with saggy boobs but I doubt if they would be willing to attend court and give evidence. A criminals charter if ever I saw one.

  12. I understand the legislation for sex/race disc…as you cannot easily change them…but because you wear massive boots, have screwed up hair and like Anne Rice books?


  13. Brief Encounter

    I used to like Anne Rice books but some of them gave me serious bad dreams and Memnoch the Devil is a challenging read for any Christian. Those Roman soldiers!

    • Try the ‘Beauty’ series under her other name of Anne Roquelaire. Makes 50 Shades of Grey read like the Famous Five. Alternately, ‘Exit to Eden’ under her real name. She really had a thing for domination (allegedly)

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