Cautionary tales?

I see the gov is to conduct a review into cautioning… presumably because they think we are taking the piss…

Last year more than 200,000 people who committed crimes were cautioned.

The vast majority of those received a formal warning from police about their conduct, following an admission of guilt.

However, it’s being suggested that we are using the caution as a way of avoiding work…

Damo says cautions are worrying him ‘cos they are being given to repeat offenders…

As Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley once remarked: “did IQ’s suddenly drop sharply whilst I was away?”

Damo…we don’t decide on cautions: we have protocols…both set by government.

As usual, they are content to sit back and let us take the blame and then attempts to ride in on his white steed…etc…

The chair-person of the Magistrates wotsit hits the nail though- it’s about saving money…that and the CPS not wanting to upset their conviction figures by taking anyone to court that has a less than 80% chance of winning…

Now we are left with poo loads of villains that just laugh at us following the calm down from arrest- they know they are walking within the half-day…

The MOJ say its looking into:

  • Existing guidance and practice relating to cautions-
  • (that’s their policy…)
  • Whether there are offences where use of cautions would be “inappropriate” – and if so, what should be used instead
  • (err… that may lead to all sorts of issues- sex offenders avoiding registration because the IP backs out…)
  • Reasons why multiple cautions are given to some criminals
  • (CPS tell us to…)
  • The difference in their use by different police forces – and whether increased scrutiny is needed to ensure they are used consistently
  • (we need one force-but no chief constable will support that one!)
  • The impact on individuals of accepting a caution, including how it might affect future employment
  • (HA HA HA HA HA …. god…these people live in fairyland…

Oh…BTW we had a couple more ‘isolated incidents’ involving the use of firearms …one where a man threatened to shoot a copper and walked down the road carrying a gun… (imagine what may happen in any other country of the world…BANG!)

…and a chap that let loose a shotgun into a couple of blokes in Gloucester!

Any of my colleagues bumping into either of those-would as like be dead…

Still… I’m sure the chief would give a moving speech about serving the community…

My wife has a standing order to name names and shame the SMT of my force-should anything happen to me…none of that ‘family prefer to be left alone ‘ crap…my missus will let fly with the evidence of requests for taser training etc…

I support the routine arming of  UK Police …


13 responses to “Cautionary tales?

  1. Kenneth Noisewater

    Why even bother with cautions in the first place. Commit a less serious first offence of say, criminal damage or battery, result is you get fined £100 and pay compo to the IP. After that, court.

    People only really care when it’s their wallet that’s gets hit.

    Fail to pay the fine, court, 1 weeks porridge. I know this is simplistic etc etc but cautions are a nonsense most of the time.

    • oh like Mr TEVEZ
      2’nd criminal conviction and gets a £1000 fine, 1/250th of his WEEKLY salary. Yes I’s sure that really hurt him
      Guess the £1000’s in court and police time etc was money well spent.

      He should have been fined proportionately to his wage or given a custodial sentence for the disqual driving. Even better could have been cautioned, fined and fpn’ed for no insurance. 30 min of paperwork, no court. same result.
      Instead you have a circus at court, public gets poorer,lawyers get richer and no one feels that justice has been served.

      Still it is going to get worse, what with politics is in bed and royally shafting police.
      Cautions for friends of pcc or those of a certain social class and above? pony for the rest.
      good times ahead.not

  2. Some people genuinely can’t pay
    other cases it’s trivial but an offence
    at times a caution is best medicine rather than protracted and costly court hearing which may have negative or disproportionate effect on victim/offender or both.
    Or it may be that this is what victim wants and offence warrants.
    Previous offending history,whilst a consideration,should not be the know all end all when it comes to determining if a caution is appropriate.
    For me its about doing right by victim and offender(as stupid as that may sound)
    For gov’t/cps/smt etc it’s about money/figures
    They don’t have to make that decision, I do.

    I don’t support the routine arming of cops
    I would support the routine castration of MP’s/MEP’s

  3. Brief Encounter

    The issue of future employment can be overcome by the courts imposing a conditional discharge that is not classed as a conviction for employment disclosure although if the question was have you ever been arrested that wiould be different.

    I also support the routine arming of Police Officers and PCSOs, on the continent even the parking wardens appear to have pistols.

    I was surprised when adult cautions were introduced. I thought the idea was that when you reach majority you are no longer a child and you know the difference between right and wrong.

    I do not support the grotesque suggestion put forward by copout besides what balls?!!!!

  4. Brief Encounter

    On the day of the last general erection, I was at court and there was this female running around the public area pleadings with all like clad individuals to go and vote cos the tories were going to take away their benefits. Well that did it for me – I voted Tory and now despite being pretty useless at other things they do seem to be doing what she said they’d do on benefits.

    • Oohhh hark at you and your erections……….
      I agree with some but not all of the welfare reforms, but no scummy Tory will never ever receive my vote again because they are ‘reforming’ only for reasons which will line their own pockets, either directly or indirectly, not from an ideological zeal.

      • Brief Encounter

        Well i regretted it cos we are getting a shafting as well. But its the yellow party which I despise more because they have sold their souls just to get a taste of the action. Yeah i thought that mispelling would cause an engorement of comment.

  5. Cautions like TICs have their place. and the less police force there is to go round the more these cheaper options get used to fill the gaps. Forgive me, but I thought CPS decided if there was enough evidence to charge or not; and ‘he is a bit guilty so offer a caution’ was not a feature of English law.

    • If they have it, of course…if they don’t…they walk usually…

      • 10 miserable years to go

        The only good thing the Tory tossers have done is to cut the cash to the dole spongers. Shame they don’t cut a bit more off. If you don’t like it simple answer is get off your fat lazy arse and get a job. Whilst the baby in her belly and his bad back pay for everything these leeches will always be creaming the system. But you can bet they’ll still find the money for fags and stella regardless.

  6. I support the routine arming of police,Guns as well as Tasers.
    Roll on 2015,vote UKIP !

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