Tripping yourself up…

Well, the officer that decided to sue a garage owner’s business after she fell over a raised curb in an unlit area at the rear of his premises has caused a storm…

Neither the beeb or the other papers that ran the story say if the WPC was badly injured, had any time off or indeed can work again.

Now the Chief has added his voice to the detractors…

For me personally, I am not in favour of suing people I have been sent to protect!

However, before we get too carried away…I must say the following:

If the rear was not lit, the curb is not painted or high lighted and the officer was in a hurry (trying to catch a baddie) its quite plausible to injure yourself.

Now- given we go onto half pay or even can be A20’d and kicked out under the new regs…

Given that we are now hated by the MSM, obviously set for destruction by this spiteful and vengeful government, is it any wonder make has reached such a low point officers are saying “why not sue?”…

So…I suspect there is a little more to this than is presented in the MSM…

I think the Chief would gain a bit more respect from his officers if he got all indignant about: his troops not having tasers; having body armour that actually stops bullets; having kit that keeps you warm in the winter…than what an officer does with their lawful right of legal redress…

Unless we are now expected to give that up too…

++++Stop press++++

The fed have confirmed she sued for loss of earnings indicating her injury was not as slight as we were led to believe…

She has also now dropped it…

So…the chief will be happy now eh?



65 responses to “Tripping yourself up…

  1. 10 miserable years to go

    Yeah but you’re forgetting that chief constables and comissioners don’t actually give a shit about rank and file officers. They’re always nice and warm in their officer or chauffeur driven cars and theyll never have to face a crackhead with a knife in a dark alley. Oh and their pensions are safe as well.

  2. Brief Encounter

    The CCs response was somewhat predictable but he has no right to prevent that officer from seeking redress in the courts. She could alternatively sue her own force and they may be joined anyway.

  3. I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer I gave earlier.

    ‘I never normally read the crap in the DM but your article inspired me to. I read Richard Littlejohn and, sadly, I agree with every word he said.
    Equality and a fitness test that has been reduced to a level that Kelly Jones can pass have resulted in this sort of quality recruit and their attitude.
    Years ago if she had put a claim in for tripping over her fat arse she would have been ridiculed by her collegaues. In todays world no-one dares say a word. To do so could end up with you being sacked or disciplined for bullying or sexism.
    We shouldn’t always try and defend officers behaviour or the organisations ridiculous politically correct stance on everything. This appalling behaviour makes us all a laughing stock.
    I only hope that all this publicity will achieve what her colleagues would have once done. A quick withdrawal of the claim and an apology for being so greedy and stupid. I suspect that she will continue to disgrace us all by holding out for an offer from the garage insurers though because, as we all know, and as all criminals are aware, there will be no negative consequences for her poor behaviour.’

    Shij, you should not try and defend the indefensible. Her behaviour and attitude are a disgrace to the police and damages the reputation of us all. What ifs don’t cut it.

    • While I agree that her suing the garage owner appears harsh I fairly sure that the papers may been less than completely honest about all the facts.
      The CC has spoken out on this against one of his officers and in true CC style is trying to portray himself as some man of the people but where was this outrage when Winsor and May effectively destroyed policing? Where was his voice then? Seem like all if ACPO he only speaks up when it’s to tow the party line and as everyone else has stated he couldn’t care less about the PCs, unless one dies then he can get his five minutes of TV time pretending he cared.

  4. I’m with Brontosaurus on this one. The CC has just been honest rather than keeping quiet about it and I applaud him for that. You may have a point regarding Taser etc but this is not one of the times he should be supporting his officer.

  5. ‘Government cuts have had no effect on front line policing’. Best or worst joke of the decade?

  6. 10 miserable years to go

    Hmm, I did post earlier but it seems to have vanished. A bit like police morale…..
    Anyhow, two things spring to mind here
    1. She should look where she’s going
    2. No chief constable or commissioner gives a shit about their rank and file officers.

    • 10 miserable years to go

      Yeah I guess you’re right. The underclass can’t wait to find that loose paving slab or that dodgy pot hole so why should we be any different. at least we’ve put into the system unlike most of the claimants.

  7. We can only go on what is published, but I presume that the CC would have investigated a bit before making his statement.
    I know that we like to defend our own, but this sounds like the indefensible: can we really be so blind to the storm of protest from the public this has generated, for an officer claiming from a victim whose crime she was investigating?

  8. Really am sick of hearing all this bollocks about fitness.
    We don’t chase crooks across rooftops and rives like you see on tv
    we don’t get training in ninja fighting and most of the people we deal with are not MMA champions
    But most importantly we don’t get any time to train/keep fit, hell I can’t even remember the last time I had a 45 min lunchbreak (circa 1999?).
    If the job wants me fighting fit,then set time aside tme for me to pound a treadmill whilst at work. NOT IN MY OWN TIME
    It only seems to be the supt etc who can disappear to the gym when he wants……….as thats where I usually find him when I need an extention

    As for this cop falling over:
    1. use torch provided
    2.look where your going
    3 shithappens

    Unless she sustained a career ending injury, it is a disgrace.
    But not as big a disgrace as FED solicitors pursuing the matter (bottomscumfeeders) when they fail to take on more worthy claims as they are usually in the all too difficult box.

    • I can’t agree with your stance on fitness.

      Fitness breeds self confidence and resilience. A fit officer also is less likely to get injured or sick, and is more likely to me able to look after themselves, the public, or their colleagues. Also no-one wants to see a pack of tellytubbies wandering around.

      But what I do agree with is that fitness should be important to the organization as well. The slow removal of gyms from most stations in my old force along with the ramshackle excuse for one at HQ was, quite frankly, appalling. Also, I can’t see why officers on a 12hr shift can’t be allotted an hour of that as for fitness as it also provides a welcome relief/break away from calls for those officers who wish to partake in it.

      Where I work now every nick has a well equipped and maintained gym and the facilities at HQ would put a health club to shame. There’s also a protocol to allow guys to take an hour out of their 12hr shift to train but, still, I don’t see that many taking advantage of this. Though the job is quite supportive of guys playing sport and are quite benelovant about letting people go in order to partake.

      • They shut all of ours…

        Now…I like the idea of having an hours to go to gym …if you are being assessed as part of work you should be able to train for it-in work…

        • Absolutely. But I still think the opportunities should be given even if there’s no test.

          It doesn’t take the brains of an archbishop to realize the benefits of health and fitness in reducing sickness and absenteeism. It’s a shame no one in ACPO appears to have the brains of father Jack, let alone an archbishop.

    • The public expects that if a criminal runs off you might catch him/her. Your colleagues expect you to be fit enough to help them deal with a violent prisoner, not rolling around on your back trying to get off your fat arse while they are left struggling.
      Officers who claim fitness doesn’t matter are often useless blobs. It is your responsibility to keep fit encouraged by the organisation. It is not their responsibility to keep you fit in their time and at their expense.

      • True… A soldier that couldn’t run wouldn’t be much use…

        …but soldiers have their fitness built in to their day…we don’t.

        If the job wants us to be as fit as they claim is useful- they need to build in some training time into the schedule…if not…it’s just another way of getting us too work for free…

        With all that is going on with the government and how they are raping the pension/hours/pay/conditions I want my out of work life to be spent with my kids…not in the gym…

        Besides…how can a 50-year old bloke like me ever really compete with a 20’s sort?

        This is just another smoke and mirrors to cull more officers… you will see.

        • But we are not soldiers Shij. Yes they are paid to run around and do assault courses Etc. And play at being soldiers so that when they have to go to Afghanistan Etc. they are ready for the job.
          We have a full time job and we don’t need to do all that. (Try telling that to the ex squaddies in the job though.) We just need some basic fitness. A bit of running, swimming, weights and keep your weight down to a normal level. That doesn’t need work time. It is what I and the public expect of you.
          I am 52 and I am fitter than 90% of the 20 year old crap recruits we now have.
          If you get culled because you cannot pass our current laughable fitness test then you are not fit for purpose.

  9. As much as I don’t agree with her taking legal action, this storm about it is ridiculous. Any member of the public using that garage could trip and make a claim. What is annoying is the “she’s claiming against those she is supposed to protect” furore. She is doing something that is within her rights and doing something that thousands do every day, driven by the chance of getting some money and by accident claims lawyers. Its only because the Daily Fail got hold of it but I wonder how many readers of that have seen £££s in their eyes at the first suggestion of compo. Quite a few, I suspect. Essentially it is another typical non story.

    • You make a good point. Especially when so many out there are willing to say that police officers and the general public need to be treated the same, that police officers are not a special case to be considered re pay and conditions despite the nature of our job. I personally wouldn’t have claimed but that officer is within her rights to do so. After all we should be treated the same as all members of the public, shouldn’t we?

      • My point was simply that the Home Office is now facing demands to ‘curb this kind of thing’… what do they mean by that? Prevent officers injured on duty claiming in a civil court? Removing ANOTHER right from the others we dont have?

        As much as I think she has the right to- she has now opened a massive can of MSM whoop-ass on us…

        …and given the Home Office ANOTHER stick to beat us with…and given them the opportunity to relieve us of another human right…making our lives that bit poorer…


      • You’ll be throwing yourself in front of taxis like Grunter next Taff? 😉

  10. My comment disappeared. So I’ll try again.

    Firstly If she wants to try and sue (as is her civil right) then so be it.
    Sadly disappointed that FED lawyers, saw fit to pursue this matter, but then again, where there’s blame, there’s a fat lawyer earning a fat paycheck. ( no offence B.E.). They are the only people who really benefit out of this crass litigation culture we have inherited from across the pond.

    More importantly, this continual assault on cops re fat, unfit etc, is pathetic.
    Amazing how it’s only now become an issue, not for the last century.
    Still in the lala land that these hacks, daily mail readers and politicians inhabit, it would seem that the average cop, is a graduate, Olympic athlete and trained by ninja’s, able to dodge bullets, jump over tall buildings etc.
    Iff we were these things, surprisingly enough, we wouldn’t still be cops
    The reality is we spend most of our weekends scrapping and rolling around in and with the shit&pissend of society, living on 3-4 hours sleep, coffee and grabbing a bite to eat between punch-ups.
    I cannot honestly remember the last time I had a lunchbreak when at work, except when I’m on a training day at force headquarters, where lunch and several dozen breaks are necessary to justify a 2hr input taking all day.

    If the job wants me to stay as fit as a 20yr old, then I should be allowed to train in job time, schedule it in, along with scheduled breaks etc. Provide healthy food at station, not stale flap jacs, choco bars and worcester sauce crisps, which tend to the only thing left in the food machines at 3am (should they be working),
    By the end of my shift, I’m too tired to pound a treadmill for an hour, and I want to see my kids before they forget who I am.
    I start my shift 30 min early and usually end up going over as it is, I don’t get paid for this clocking on/clocking off mentality (unlike winsor).
    The only people I see in the gym regularly are those working 9-5 or office based SMT. If I want a supt for an extention, it’s my first port of call.
    I never see these people rolling around with prisoners and I’ll never see their names in an injury on duty form, unless they fall out of their chair, whilst tucking into a waitrose salad at exactly 1230pm.

  11. scarletpimple

    On the subject of fat police.

    William Shakespeare – “Let me have men about me that are fat… Yond Cassius
    has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much: such men are dangerous.”

    So it was, policemen were large of girth, stood six feet or more and enjoyed suet pudding and fatty bacon. The ladies were Rubenesk, pink and soft skinned. Now it is the fashion for police to be narrow gutted and five feet six and the ladies to be flat chested and narrow shanked.
    It’s all in the eye of the beholder really. But I know what I prefer to cuddle up to on a cold night.

  12. Lost count on how many trips I had, not to mention fence climbing (and falling) antics. All very embarrasing but I never dared mutter this to teamates for fear of complete and utter p155 take.

    That said I was never injured and Shijuro you make a valid point on that. What if this officer has suffered a serious injury that threatens her career, what then ? Back office job, nope none left apparently. She’s toast in the current climate.

  13. It’d never normally even occur to me to make a claim for compensation in such a case as is being reported, BUT we’re “not a special case”, or so we keep being told.

    The public is slowly getting the police service it deserves, it seems.

    • scarletpimple

      Hi Ed. Where are those two back sliders Jack Reacher and Buzz Lightyear?
      I miss the ‘Pah’ the ‘Hah’ and the ‘Dammit’ not to mention Buzz’s occasional expletives. Thought you might have crossed their paths or run into them in some basement dive. And as for Zed, he obviously gone native.

  14. Brief Encounter

    Well Wavey me old fruitcake, I wonder how much you think us fat lawyers really make? But the system that existed up until Sunday was that ordinary people had a good chance of getting redress in the form of damages if they had been wronged. Now it looks as if it is going to be much more difficult. I dont do personal injury etc, I am a confirmed criminal defence hack. I am one of those important cheques and balances so prized in our constitution. You love me really, I know you do.

  15. In my old farce most of the girlies did their probation and immediately scurried off to the 9-5 world of child protection, control room, intelligence; basically anywhere except “frontline”. A very very rare sight a girlie on duty with more than 2 years in having a bundle near a night-time economy venue on a weekend. If that failed they got pregnant and then the rest of their career was “child friendly” hours. Maybe she was too useless for office work and too fat to get pregnant 😉
    By the way, I retired last year not last century!

  16. I seem to have slipped through a portal to life on mars.

    If blokes could get pregnant they would.

    I see now we’re dishing out too many cautions…ffs , left hand tells me don’t waste court time with trivial matters,nfa, right hand tells me secure a judicial disposal. common sense tells me given a caution.
    I give up.

    • Brief Encounter

      I used to have a Sgt, his stock phrase was, “I’m going to make you a mother boy”. Thankfully he never put this theory to the test.

  17. Brief Encounter

    I see that another member of London’s finest has been up to Southwark Crown Court, strange circumstances though.

  18. On the subject of the officer tripping and suing, maybe the full story should come out before judgements are made. It may be that she has permanent injuries meaning she might ( if Windsor gets his way) lose her job because of this. Typical of people to be judge and jury about anything to do with the Police before the full facts are known.
    On the subject of fitness, I keep fit for my own personal health reasons- not so I can chase after lowlife. Lets face it, the amount and weight of the kit we have to wear nowadays means we are already disadvantaged against a chav in a tracksuit. Howabout stopping spending on state of the art gyms in prisons – making the criminal fitter and more able to run away and instead spending on gyms or gym membership for cops to use to get fit ?

  19. if they gave you all one of mr edisons electric cattle prods, you would not have to waste time runnning
    so much more satisfying watching them writhe on the floor as you press the trigger
    call me right wing if you want, but it would save time improve morale and put some of the scum you deal with on a level footing
    its hard to swear and spit and fight with a gazzillion volts shooting through you
    I know !!

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