April fools day…

I looked at the DM this morning and I am struggling to see which one of their rather odd headlines is the April fools day…

We know Richard Littlebrain is the fool….but where is the story?


23 responses to “April fools day…

  1. You cannot deny Mr Littlejohn his language competence. ‘Their’ were no ‘lose’ mistakes of the shijuro type in his article and I particularly enjoyed the gaffe from one Susie Cooper/Copper of Kent:-

    “This is the future of policing when you start messing with pay and pensions!”
    1/4/2013 5:43 Click to rate Rating: Minus 1087

    • Well…your stay in the world of light and conversation was (predictably) short…

      Odious, self-serving just does not do it…no wonder Gadget banned you…vile.

      Still… nice to see you are still reading my blog… lol…

      PS… the comment you quote has a point…welcome to the future you and your type helped create…


      (one thing my tutor taught me about attending court was when the defence start nit-picking…you’ve won)

    • Pedantry over spelling – the last refuge of the bereft of argument and the witless.

    • God, your a tit.

  2. I refuse to sully my eyes by looking at The Wail, so you may have to give us a bit more info…

  3. Every days , april fools day in DM readers land.
    I can’t remember where I heard the quote, but
    “He’s not human, he’s a Daily Mail reader’ kind of sums it up.

    I saw lots of shiney new cops this weekend, all looked immaculate and pristine. I also saw and spoke to lots of colleagues partnered up with them, who looked overworked, tired and struggled to control the thuggish drunken prisoners they had arrested…..I got the distinct impression all they had been taught was how to smile and look good.
    I got rather upset when one left me struggling on the floor with their prisoner.
    You can give anyone a baton,handcuffs and cs. You can teach them PACE and rules of law.
    You can’t instill a sense of comradeship, teach common sense or grow them a backbone.

    another day closer to retirement/death

    • If a colleague stands by and watches you struggle with their prisoner that is a neglect of duty. I don’t care how much service they have, when I was new out of the box I never hesitated to get stuck in and assist colleagues. There is no room for cowardice in this job especially when you colleagues are struggling. Anyone who watches their colleague struggle deserves one on the chin and needs to reconsider their career options, maybe a social worker or candy floss seller would suit them.

  4. your speaking to the converted.
    When asked why they had handcuffed the prisoner to the front(side to side- a technique not even taught anymore), they replied sheepishly, he was alright a minute ago. When I pointed out, that if he was alright, why did they feel it necessary to handcuff them in the first place? it all went a bit quiet.
    A lesson learned ? doubt it, I expect the bullying grievance will be in my inbox by the end of the week.

  5. I never normally read the crap in the DM but your article inspired me to. I read Richard Littlejohn and, sadly, I agree with every word he said.
    Equality and a fitness test that has been reduced to a level that Kelly Jones can pass have resulted in this sort of quality recruit and their attitude.
    Years ago if she had put a claim in for tripping over her fat arse she would have been ridiculed by her collegaues. In todays world no-one dares say a word. To do so could end up with you being sacked or disciplined for bullying or sexism.
    We shouldn’t always try and defend officers behaviour or the organisations ridiculous politically correct stance on everything. This appalling behaviour makes us all a laughing stock.
    I only hope that all this publicity will achieve what her colleagues would have once done. A quick withdrawal of the claim and an apology for being so greedy and stupid. I suspect that she will continue to disgrace us all by holding out for an offer from the garage insurers though because, as we all know, and as all criminals are aware, there will be no negative consequences for her poor behaviour.

  6. 10 miserable years to go

    Couldn’t agree more, disgraceful.

  7. Brief Encounter

    Are you not under pinning the establishment’s view that you are worthless because you shouldnt be allowed to exercise the same rights as other citizens?

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