News roundup…

A story caught my eye today… can you guess which one?

Not the shocking revelation that Mitchell is complaining to the IPCC…yawn… he is too posh to complain to the local Police… I wish he would just bore off…

I love the story about a copper that tripped over a curb (behind an un-lit garage during a shout for ‘persons on’…)  then suing the owner for £50K… heh… words fail me…

The robber that had some kind of heart attack when being pursued on foot by a ‘hue and cry’… interesting but…because we were only involved at the end-chances are we wont be blamed for a while…


It’s the Scottish Police merging! Yes!

Love the press on this how there are worries of redundancy and job loss…

The civilians I feel for…they deserve better.

The MSM were stating they were looking forward to seeing the English cops doing the same…

Fat chance…

Imagine all of those Chiefy-types, deps/acc types…that will be unemployed…

And…that is exactly why it will never happen…

Oh well…

Continue on with the nasty uniform then…


25 responses to “News roundup…

  1. I suspect it’s the power of the Pcc barons that would put the mockers on this, though acpo would oppose it too.
    As a long term money saving and efficiency exercise it makes sense, but so much else is wrong it would be a shuffling of deck chairs.
    And the uniform will still be crap national or not.

  2. Brief Encounter

    The Met was the first police force, oh yes it was you COL types. So that should be the standard design. Essex and Kent seem to have merged to some extent. Surely Norfolk and Suffolk go together but frankly why not have one standard force?

    • As an aside I see that fine example of our nation’s elite mr Joyce is in the Sunday Times blaming his recent arrest on bored “doormen” and playing the ” I’m just an ordinary bloke” routine.
      The official line on this will now be Police silencing free speech of politician as opposed to arresting a drunken, violent socially and intellectually inadequate fool.

  3. If all forces in England merged,would the frontline notice?

    one Pcc to rule them all.

    the ring of power.
    my precious

    It’ll never happen as too many trough feeders in and out of uniform

  4. That story involving the female police officer tripping on a kerb has me quite vexed.

    She should be required to resign under the draconian “undermining public confidence in the police” legislation then her claim thrown out, followed by a forced diet for her and her pikey looking husband.


    • Required to resign? For exercising her rights? The same rights that villains exercise when they sue the cops for poorly wrists from those nasty-wasty handcuffs?

      over to you…

      • It’s a nonsense. When people join the job they take on a level if risk. Risk if getting filled in, crashing a police car, or in the worse case being killed.

        This woman has made a mockery of police officers who understand this. By what I’ve seen of her (and no, I don’t know her personally) she’s clearly unfit and fitness breeds confidence, resilience, and pride in oneself. She is clearly bereft of the last virtue. I’ll happily put my head above the parapet here and guess that she’s a sub standard officer.

        Criminals and other ambulance trainers are as reprehensible as she is. No one shouldn’t be allowed to claim for injuries other than those that are clearly the fault of the other party, tripping over a kerb doesn’t count.

        I got paid out by the insurance company who had insured a stolen car that rammed my panda, at least my injury was as a result of a criminal act, not my own stupidity.

  5. Its up to her. Not what i would do but still…

  6. Unless it ended a career, of course. Then I might.

    • It’s odd because we normally sue the chief for injuries on duty… My wife has instructions that if I am killed because I don’t have a taser she will sure the chief and stick their name in every paper…naming names etc…

      • 10 miserable years to go

        Hmm yeah I like the idea of that, must amend my will accordingly. We cant even get bite-back to defend ourselves against pitt bulls so we have fuck all chance of getting a taser.

      • What if your killed by a stolen car?

  7. Brief Encounter

    Okay, I understand the gravitas of the argument but surely the issue here is whether or not the person who was responsible for the highway or foot way had maintained it adequately. If it was defective then anyone may have tripped on it. I cannot see why this officer ought not to be compensated if whilst discharging her duties she was injured as a result of an avoidable hazard. There are plenty of other officers who do not say, oh I was shoved or pushed during an arrest but hey it’s all part of the job lets not bother to charge the person. Though in fact I do not think that they should accept an assault as part of the job.

  8. Brief Encounter

    Also – the bad news of this government is starting to bite down on ordinary people. Many people will be paying more rent because they have a bedroom which according to the ruling class I.e. the ConDems is not needed but there aren’t sufficient smaller dwellings in the social housing stock for them to down size into. Nowhere else to go so they must pay. Who sold off loads of council homes? It seems to me that the best job in the world is that of MP.

  9. Brief Encounter

    And more ahem……

    Someone once suggested that I put barbed wire on my garden fence no said I what about the police who may be chasing burglars through the gardens, do I want that on my conscience. Thank you Mr Lamb for your views on the subject I didn’t know that you were an expert on precedents.

    Strange that this should make the news just now as the gov has made it more difficult for ordinary people to get redress in the courts, in fact it’s a double whammy bash the police and those who seek damages for wrongs all in the one story. Strange timing, Umh must be a coincidence.

  10. Brief Encounter

    Yeah I thought you’d say that.

    But I meant bashing them about the expenses scandal. It is our duty to challenge them when they run off at the mouth.

  11. Brief Encounter

    Yes but that wont help, we or rather you need to remain objective rather than attack them over the expenses issue.

  12. Furor Teutonicus

    XX ‘persons on’.XX Since when did “Intruders” become “Persons”???

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