wouldn’t happen anywhere else in the world…

A Police officer is facing a dangerous drive for crashing into a traffic island…during a pursuit…

He is at court waiting to see if he is going to prison, loose pension, home etc…

for what?

Trying to catch a suspected stolen car…

That will teach him…

When will officers learn? It’s just not worth it… I never speed or blue it unless it’s a officer calling for backup…or a child in distress… anything else just is not worth my family’s future…

If it goes well you will be the belle of the ball but …if goes wrong you’re going to jail…



19 responses to “wouldn’t happen anywhere else in the world…

  1. Well….I don’t know the full details but, well, let’s be honest, it doesn’t look very good, does it? Hmmm.Was he really chasing somebody?

  2. You answer my questions and I will answer yours

  3. Don’t know facts,so can’t really comment.
    On personal note, won’t chase anyone anymore unless life or limb and will then quite happily goto ramming speed.
    Not interested in risking my safety ,the public and other motorists to arrest some muppet who will get slap on wrists, points on a licence they don’t have and upping the insurance they can’t/wont take out.

    crimes falling anyway, have’nt you noticed?

  4. The PC involved is the same who got caught doing 159 on the M54 “training” several years back.
    The main point about not putting yourself on offer is valid but this chap needs a long sojourn from driving police cars at the least.

  5. Pick your battles Shij,there’s plenty of police bashing going on out there but this story……………well i’m not so sure……………

  6. This PC must be ready for Shropshire’s first 911 GT3. Reaching 100mph in just under five seconds, he is the one to send for the fast food even if the return cannot be guaranteed.

  7. It’s rare that I will use my lights and sirens these days. I will only do so if someone’s life is in danger. I don’t care if a suspect is making off from a scene I will get there in my own time. I’m not going to put my safety or the safety of other people at risk especially because I know if I were to crash I’d be hung out to dry.

    As for pursuing vehicles I haven’t done so for many years and I never will. We are not allowed to do so and I’m not going against policy. If I did and someone got injured then I would be prosecuted and I would lose my job. As far as I’m concerned the criminals can drive off and we can only hope to identify them at a later date.

  8. I’m sure its no coincidce this is the same officer who “tested” his car at almost 160mph. That said, it just isn’t worth risking your job on a blues and twos drive any more until there is some protection. I believe in Western Australia the law has been amended to offer police drivers MORE protection and failing to stop gets you an automatic prison sentence. What a novel concept that would be to HM Govt, ACPOO and SMT…

  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-21987343

    I don’t know whether to laugh cry be supportive or angry.

    suffice to say in my humble opinion ,the job and this country are ####ed.

  10. Furor Teutonicus

    XX A Police officer is facing a dangerous drive for crashing into a traffic island…during a pursuit…XX

    Fucking unbelievable…. if you will forgive my Sachsisch! (Anglo-Sachsen)

    Passed it on to our traffic lads, and they just can not believe it either…. NOT that it is not true… But you know what I mean…..

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