Ahh…something two-dads does care about…

…people driving whilst texting…

Oh he gets very upset about that…

I agree it’s a problem…but I bet taps were left running as the Titanic sank too…

A more perfect picture of a career copper there could not be… Chooses the safe ground of traffic regs and ignores officer safety (issue of tasers to all officers) ….

Roll on 2 years 202 days…



12 responses to “Ahh…something two-dads does care about…

  1. 10 miserable years to go

    Yeah I saw that as well. You’d think he’d have more important things to worry about like reduction in officer numbers, rock bottom moral, police officers with tattoos etc. Oh hang on…..he does discriminate against police officers with tattoos. Sorry, I meant worry not discriminate…

  2. Brief Encounter

    On the other hand numerous road traffic collisions occur some leading to deaths because otherwise law abiding people insist on placing communication above safety. I am sorry but I make hm right.

    We might also consider how we might go about the task of running the Met if we were handed that difficult job. Apart from the challenges of the task itself the Commissioner must also manage swingeing government cuts.

    It is very easy to criticise.

    • Yes…you have a point. But you are not seriously telling me that you are on two dads side her and we should feel sorry for him?

    • What would I do? First i might think on the fact he DOESNT run the met… We do… Anyway.. Err…ok I might think about raising the profile of the constable for a start… Instead of being the first person to land the shit end of the sick, I would make an effort to change practice to support us. Arm all of them with taser… Start challenging MSM about how we are represented…in the same way minority groups have done making them scared to say “black” anywhere near the word “offender”…it’s time to fight back…

  3. Brief Encounter

    No not feel sorry, not like even but it is a difficult job.

  4. Brief Encounter

    Nor mine. I wouldn’t want it. I wallow in a total lack of supervisory responsibility.

  5. 10 miserable years to go

    The first thing BHH should do is to stand up for his rank and file officers instead of treating us like something he trod in by mistake.

  6. How about BHH stand up to the government and tell them the cuts to policing are insane and should not be taking place. It’s becoming dangerous for officers and the public.

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