PCC shock…(they are no different from ACPO-just more expensive)

The shock is partly from the DM actually doing an investigation as much as the ‘shock results…’

The row over the cost of police commissioners erupted again last night after a Mail on Sunday investigation found that at least eight are creating well-paid senior adviser jobs – with some going to friends and political allies.

A fifth of the newly created crime tsars are appointing staff to help them develop and implement policies.

In the most extreme case, Tory Matthew Ellis, the PCC for Staffordshire, has advertised for a ‘dynamic thinking team’ including a Head of Policy, Performance and Communications and a Head of Commissioning and Partnerships, each on salaries up to £73,500 a year.

Olly Martins, Bedfordshire’s Labour PCC, appointed Simon Bullock, a former Home Office civil servant, as assistant on £55,000 a year. The role was not advertised.

Last night the PCCs, elected in a £75 million poll in a bid to make police forces more accountable, were advised to devote more time to cutting crime and saving money than to employing their friends.


Blimey… I never saw that coming eh?

PS…all of these forces have stopped recruiting Police (you know…the people that actually do the work) and are looking forward to the ‘challenge’ of another 20% cut in budget…



40 responses to “PCC shock…(they are no different from ACPO-just more expensive)

  1. Brief Encounter

    If you have a PCCS you don’t need a CC and vice versa.

  2. The PCC role is a complete joke and anyone with an ounce of common sense knew this was going to happen.

  3. shaftedbluepleb

    First? Does it count?.

  4. 10 miserable years to go

    The whole thing stinks. They’re all a bunch of self serving crooks out for what they can make for themselves.

    • Brief Encounter

      I was first!

      Not that it will mean anything when the old crew eventually arrive here. Where is that overweight health care professional?

  5. Surely the biggest surprise is that people may have been surprised by this?
    I did chuckle when I saw the picture of the West Mids bunch which included the token ginger among the other BMEs and non-BMEs. That’s really diversity in action.

  6. Pcc’s were invented so politicians/councillors who loose seat would have another trough to feed from.
    another aspirational/all in it together waste of money by a government who don’t want a police service independent of thought and political bias.

    If they all got binned tomorrow ,no one would notice, and they’d be more parking at HQ.


  7. our local PCC has asked for some one to work alongside him for a substantial wage, to attend meetings on his behalf and further his cause
    mmm get of yer overpaid as and do the job would be my thought on the subject, especially as he is already in possesion of a very good pension from the Police
    jobs for the boys !!

  8. shaftedbluepleb

    Might you be in Wilts perchance?

  9. Would it be churlish of me to point out that, “We told you so”?

  10. 10 miserable years to go

    Thankfully we don’t have a pcc and most people like Boris, after all he got rid of that idiot Ian Blair. Hopefully he’ll do the same with bully-boy 2 dads.
    Oh and when I posted I was defiantly 1st…damn that moderation delay.

  11. The Flagship policy of PCCs, is going as well as expected.
    A mixture of local politicians on a relitavily harmeless committee, with some JPs to keep them honest, that was the old Police Authority. Replaced by a, not what you would call elected, local dictatorship.
    How long before somebody in a Think Tank moots the return of Police Authorities? To clean up the corruption, and enhance the reputation of police governance. I don’t even want £50k for suggesting it.
    Hi, to all the gageteers!

  12. Empire building… outrageous!

  13. It is not even the salary, it is the add-ons, pension, car, office costs etc etc etc. So in reality 65 or 75K becomes 150 or more. The gravy train/trough is never ending for these sort of folks

  14. And so the ship of state sails on…………………….
    We, or what’s left of we, must have discussed time and time again over the past two years at the very least, what would happen when PCC’s were appointed.
    We, said they would empire build and line their own pockets and those of their cronies. We described who they would be and what they would do.
    The whole system is a farce and without a doubt is now with us for the forseeable future. If it wasn’t PCC’s it would be some other equally idiotic scheme. Those who decide our fate, think up these schemes and tinker with our rights and traditions, merely to give the impression that they are taking positive actions. They confuse re arranging systems, changing logo’s, altering the wording on letterheads and revolving signs. Introducing slightly changed uniforms, changing the names by which a department is identified,
    closing police stations, opening police boxes and counters, removing a rank or adding an extra rank , calling meetings and discussion groups, opening a Police College, all this they call progress. Whilst in truth, tried and tested systems are cast aside simply because some fool wants to show that he is doing something to justify his one hundred and fifty thousant pound salary for two days activity each week.
    They will be bringing back all the old favourites in the coming weeks,
    rehashed shift systems, teams, hubs, sectors,squads, partners, robust action,
    riding pedal cycles, lightweight motor cycles, Panda Cars, Home Beats,
    classroom training, on the job training, and on and on.
    There is little really new in the great scheme of things, just methods for con artists to milk the system.

  15. Same here. Thing is, if the ‘Elected’ PCC conks it, the unelected but appointed by my pal Deputy steps in until the next PCC election. Now that is democracy in action.

  16. The only benefit from PCC is that they have stopped some of the more toadie chiefs from grovelling to the wicked witch of the West for their Knighthoods and QPMS,and it does seems pointless having a powerless Chief!

  17. 10 miserable years to go

    Copy and paste into tour browser.

  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tees-21931774

    Dear oh dear. Chief & deputy both sacked for gross misconduct within 6 months. At least it’s not one rule for one in Cleveland, though I doubt a humble PC or sergeant would have avoided the inside of a prison cell for what Mr Bonnard has been sacked for…

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