We can’t have people seeing the truth..

….can we? No… Can’t have people seeing a town has bad people in it?

Blackpool police have pulled out of the popular 999-emergency TV program…because it was ‘making the area look bad’…


It’s bad or it’s not…

Do now we only have fire and ambo on 999…

Funny we don’t see the MSM going mad over this freedom of speech/curtailing of the truth…



5 responses to “We can’t have people seeing the truth..

  1. Brief Encounter

    But it’s so boring. I’d rather see the real men of the Fire Service sliding down their poles, into their rubber onesies and struggling to aim those jets of water at fire.

  2. Or is it the fact that on National TV you see 3 police officers looking after 1 MH person for hours because no one else can be bothered. Or the vans lined up at custody or all the wrong messages given out.

    Can’t have the public knowing the truth.

  3. 10 miserable years to go

    Or the fact that the police spend 90% of their time dealing with underclass fuckwits, dole scroungers, gear heads and piss heads. Only to deal with the same people the following week.

  4. I visited blackpool once
    it was frankly a bit shite
    all sorts of estate yobs pissed and drugged up looking for a fight
    and the bloody george formby museum had been nicked by that jackson kid !!
    it does seem to attract the rubbish and needs to re invent itself badly
    raise the prices reduce the number of small hotels and B and Bs and jump on the crap element so they go elsewhere some where like Chemnitz
    I see our local cop show is not the Southern Irish police force
    they have a stunning WPC on it, my wife says she cant get any sense out of me when its on
    and the male coppers are all farm hands
    plus the Magistrates back them up with massive fines
    if only that would happen here

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