Fury as police revealed to be alive…

They was fury across the country earlier ago, when police officers were found to be alive and as such needed food, water and shelter.

“I saw one just queuing up to buy a sandwich and a hot drink!”, said a Mr S Panner of Torbay…”I mean its such a shock to realise they need food…I always thought they was robots like in that film Blade Runner. It’s just not right…”


I was well up for a hot coco yesterday as I walked through from the seafront…it was ‘bracing’ I think is the word… As I stood in the McHorse I felt a pair of eyes on me… “you ok sir?” “well…it’s just such a surprise…you buying a drink”
“well we can’t have them for free…”
“no, that’s not what I mean…it’s you drinking…it’s just you don’t expect police to do that do you?”
I looked around as if I was checking who was looking and leant towards him conspiratorially…”don’t tell everyone…but I eat, sleep and fornicate too..”

His face was a picture..


9 responses to “Fury as police revealed to be alive…

  1. Furor Teutonicus

    Nun… Tja.In MY day, it was not unusual to have a smoke (Pipe/Cigar…. but not both at once) “in full view”!, so to speak.

    What is the policy on smoking on duty now days?

  2. My favourite reply to people who ask me whether I am allowed to eat while on duty is usually “if you don’t eat you’ll die!”…

  3. “I was well up for a hot Coco yesterday….”

    Part-time circus groupie?

  4. Alas, I don’t have time for lunch, unlike the twunts with shiny shoes,crisp white shirts and immaculate trousers, who occupy the only canteen in the force when not finding new ways to enhance their portfolios by reinventing the policing wheel

  5. Brief Encounter

    Hope you all have your receipts.

  6. The comments or looks from people when I’m seen to buy food on duty does amaze me. Do they really think that I can or should work a 10+ hour shift without eating?
    Some shifts I don’t get the chance to eat but try working a full set like that.

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