Red handed…

Just watched a catch up of Doms Red handed…good but depressing…

None of the people caught in stings were imprisoned…

Community sentences…



9 responses to “Red handed…

  1. Brief Encounter


  2. Brief Encounter

    Bring back painful punishments, home detention curfews, no tv, no curry.

  3. I liked the bit where the carer who admitted stealing eleven hundred in cash and pleaded guilty, was ordered to pay back twohundred and fifty and serve a community sentence. I worked it out this meant the eight hundred and fifty she was left with, ended paying her for her community hours at a rate higher than minimum wage.

  4. Brief Encounter

    It’s madness. I try and get people off but if people are guilty ie convicted then they should suffer.

  5. Just been watching a programme about the garda they nick a geezer for no licence. Fake road test. He gets a fine of 3.5K Euro plus a ban another geezer driving without documents 1200 eoro fine 7 year ban maybe we need some of there justices over here !!!

  6. Brief Encounter

    I agree but our slags won’t pay so where do we go from there?

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